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Depression and Heart Disease


Do you know anything about mental health or mental illness? Individuals with mental illness or mental disorder feel they are in a dark room without any help. Therefore, helping them becomes more important. But helping them does not mean the same as treating them unequally or controlling them in the mental institutions simply. In the modern world, there are so many factors that can cause mental illness or mental disorder. From my research, stress and emotional change are the most common reasons that may cause mental illness. Individuals with mental illness are suffering every day. They are not only suffering from mentally pain, but sometimes physical also. They are hopeless and they are seeking for help. They need our help and they also need health care professionals to pay more attention to them. With the help and caring from others, individuals with mental illness can feel much better. However, there are so many misunderstanding of helping individuals with mental illness. Some people think individuals with mental illness are a threat to the society So they need to be controlled in the mental institutions. Actually, individuals with mental illness are never a threat. They are hopeless and helpless. This society and health care professionals or even everyone should help them. But individuals with mental illness also have their freedom. They should never be controlled in the mental institutions without any real help. With all my research It shows that individuals with mental illness are a group of people who really need help. They should not be treated differently or unequally. They should get more caring from this society. With more help and care from others Individuals with mental illness or mental disorder can become hopeful. And they can live a better life for their future.

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