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Infectious Diseases Physician Patrick Jackson, MD

Hi, I’m Patrick Jackson. I’m an infectious diseases physician. My primary clinical role is to see people
living with HIV in our UVA Ryan White Clinic. I also attend on the general infectious diseases
consult service in the hospital, and I’m the physician lead for infection control and antibiotic
stewardship at Culpeper Medical Center. When I was an undergraduate at Wake Forest
University, I had the opportunity to go to South Africa to work on a project related
to HIV in one of the townships outside of Cape Town, and ever since then HIV has really
been my passion. I really care a lot about treating folks with
HIV. It’s a really rewarding part of our job. We have fantastic treatment so we can do a
great deal of good for people who often come in to see us not really knowing how much we
can do for them. When we see new patients in our Ryan White
clinic, we get people integrated into the clinic as a whole. We have a constellation of folks who are there
to help you out. Not only physicians, but also our nurses,
our social workers, our case managers, and really our goal is to identify what needs
you have, both medically and kind of in your daily life so that you can be successful with
adhering to therapy, and make sure that we get those resources for you. I think UVA combines academic rigor and clinical
excellence, and people who really passionately care about our patients. All the folks that I’ve worked with really
put our patients first. And we also have the ability to kind of take
advantage of cutting-edge treatments, and kind of bring new things from the literature
to the bedside as rapidly as possible.

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