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100 thoughts on “Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)

  1. Excelent video..there's so much confusion between colitus and Crohn's Disease amoung family and friends.

  2. Excellent video, to Me, being married to a Chronie, I know how the disease affects the life of the people who suffers from IBD's and their families.

  3. IT affects life alot, I would know, I had it so siverly They had to remove my colon. I got IBD at age 3, and I'm 11 now 🙁

  4. I don't have anything physically wrong with e that I know about but I like the videos good work man keep it up

  5. ive got Crohn's disease over 3 years and this video helped me alot to understand the Disease and alot of things here are true. btw im 16 years old. from israel 😉

  6. THANK YOU for the greatest video I found so far about IBD!
    It was FUN to watch this I can say.

    None of my GIs (I have seen 5 at least) explained my disease like this.

  7. I have crohns disease. Started when I was 15 and needed tons of pills, injections of medication, and surgery.

  8. I have uc and diet is important for me no coffee, alcohol, and the hardest one no canola oil. That one took me forever to figure out.

  9. This is great. i've had UC for 12 years and I still learned something! BUT I think it's important to remember that diagnoses are not always set it stone. Sometimes what presents at UC at first may evolve into something more systemic, like Crohn's or manifest in allergic reactions.

  10. I have an IBD but no real diagnose on weather it's CD or UC, but I think it's the latter. And I'm being treated with cortisone.

  11. Im 13 and have UC, i qas diagnosed in 2012. I now have something to direct my friends to who want to learn more. Thank you!

  12. this video is F'ING AMAZING!!! SERIOUSLY!! SO exciting and im not bored woo hoo and has all the relevant overview details… can you please make a detailed video about the causes/ genetics etc

  13. 'We are not sure what causes this' and 'there is no cure'… wow.. actually we are sure what causes this and there is a cure, let me enlighten you 🙂 

    Gluten in all forms is harmful to all people (not just gluten sensitive people). Gluten is a type of protein that cannot be broken down by our stomach acids into individual amino acids and because of this will over time damage your villi (celiac), your stomach lining and can even produce holes (leaky gut) and when that happens food particles, bacteria, toxins you name it will end up in your blood stream and when your immune cells see this stuff arriving it treats it as an enemy. Now the thing is normal bodily functioning cells will also enter your blood stream like this and your immune cells will tag these as an enemy so over time your body will essentially be attacking itself.. hence 'inflammation' and auto immune disorders.. 

    ALL GRAINS have gluten in it. When you pick up a 'gluten free' product it is only referring to one specific type of gluten that has been rigorously tested over the years, but there are thousands of different types of gluten all of which are found in grain that have not been properly studied, some not even at all.. If you are gluten intolerant you need to avoid ALL grains and not just the products that say gluten free.  Its a hard choice to make and fact to swallow but its the truth. People should in general not eat any form of grain because gluten will harm your body. 

    80-90% of your immune system is in your gut and when that gets compromised it causes an endless list of conditions. Gut problems are the root cause of all other forms of degenerate conditions. Now take what i said and add this, if your having problems with gluten then dairy becomes just as dangerous to your body as gluten which literally will create holes in your gut. And take all that and add the fact that people eat way too much sugar which will cause an over growth of candida and just adds to the problem which in itself can also cause damage to your gut and when candida leaves your gut and becomes a fungus conditions will spread like branches of a tree. And all of this will leave your body in a very acidic state which is stew of your bodies problems to come.. You will hear people say 'all in moderation' but im sorry it doesn't quiet work like that, you cant put poison in your body and think its ok in moderation, its all an accumulative effect..

    How do you cure this? Its a simple answer but a hard choice because people are so addicted to the bad foods. Stop eating processed foods. take sugar completely out of your diet (the refined bad stuff and anything that ends with 'ose' like sucrose,Fructose, Glucose ect ect.. take all dairy out of your diet and grains out of your diet. Eat healthy living foods. Freshly leafy greens, MICRO NUTRIENTS, seeds, veg, fruit all organic and from farmers markets when all possible. Keep your body in a good balanced PH, drink plenty of water, plenty of non acidic type food (alkaline). Intake good prebiotics, Glutamine and gut promoting foods,. Most importantly do plenty of research and dont believe there is no cure, your body totally regenerates itself in a few years. 
    Everything you put in your body has an affect on it so look to natural and use your common sense. Wake up 🙂 

  14. im having IBD now and its Chrons..and i live in asia whic IBD is rare…not only steroids can cure IBD chrons a special milk , modulearn , is heling me to cure my IBD yea 🙂

  15. Congratulations, absolutley brilliant.  Have shared with other people i know who too have IBD.  All GP's need to watch this.

  16. I think I have this . My gut swells up and digestion at times is beyond slow and I'll have blood in my stools sometimes. I'll have the urge to go but nothing will happen. I hate this .

  17. I love the fact that you've been really informative. Unfortunately most videos to do with IBD involve "miracle cures", or "new cause – stop eating this now!" Which borders on pushiness and masochism to me!

    Also in crohn's disease diet can be a factor – during flares liquid nutrition has been shown to not stress the gut and improve the outcome. I know that if I have a flare I have to eat a diet low in non-soluble fibre to avoid pain in my gut – presumably due to not having as much food rubbing up against the inflamed parts of the colon.

  18. This video reminded me of when learning was amazing and fun and rewarding, instead of boring and tiresome and dreary, which is what it became in high school.

  19. As someone who has suffered from severe Crohns disease from the age of ten i truly appreciate the fine and well laid out facts in this video, i will be using it from now on to help explain my illness to others and hopefully help a few others by passing on the knowledge 🙂

  20. As someone who has suffered from severe Crohns disease from the age of ten i truly appreciate the fine and well laid out facts in this video, i will be using it from now on to help explain my illness to others and hopefully help a few others by passing on the knowledge 🙂

  21. Sir…this video is very helpful for me….very respect for u…thnk u so much….n keep uploading this type of videos…

  22. I suffer every fucking day from this desease and it affects my school results when i dont study i sleep all day long cauz its the only way to get away from the pain 😭😭😖😱

  23. Ask your Doctor about Xifixan I couldn't afford it an It took awhile but insurance finally paid a portion an from saving over a period of 4 months I could get an it helped the most of all the things I have tried.. Good luck to all who are suffering from this

  24. I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease at age 18 but my Mom said I had symptoms from age 3 on…I'm 48 now. When I was diagnosed the stats for Canada showed approx 200,000 Canadians had CD. I am appalled to see how much it has spread in 30 years. Thank you for this informative video Dr. Mike. I wish it had of been around when I was diagnosed because I think it would have taken the fear out my diagnosis. And for those who are suffering and haven't heard yet there is a vaccine going into human trials December 2016 in the UK…I truly believe we are just a few years away from a cure for Crohn's!!

  25. My stomach swells up a lot like I'm pregnant, my butthole gets real itchy and I have lots of pain on the left side of my tummy. Do I have this? I've had these symptoms for years..

  26. I'm 11 and have been diagnosed with severe UC ( pan colitis ) I had to stay in hospital for 2weeks I'm still on steroids now because I keep having flair ups and nothing seems to be working I'm the only one in my family with it but this video helped me understand it a bit more .thank you


    Please support the Crohn's MAP Vaccine, currently in
    phase 1 trial in the UK, by adding one of these brilliant temporary profile
    pictures for #WorldIBDDay.
    Choose your relative – or 'Everyone' – from the alphabetical list, download and
    use for Facebook 🙂

    Thank you! Together we will beat Crohn's.

  28. Sounds about what I've been dealing with for the past two years. I can't fucking do it anymore. I had a endoscopy done in December everything was fine. I'm scheduled in a week for a colonoscopy.. after starting a new job. It has completely taken over my life. The flare ups and night sweats and feeling like death on the toilet at night is the worst for me.. I'll keep posted. Idk man but this time I hope I get answers. This is just getting ridiculous and unbearable 😭😖

  29. very admire the doctor's skill of drawing and talent of elucidating diseases in a simple way. The video is so great.

  30. Who want to cure his IBD look for doctors like Pamela popper and john mcdougalls. There is a cure people if you want to change your diet. contact this kind of dokters.

  31. what does a person do about Bile Acid Malabsorption that shows up after having their gall bladder removed? and the cholysteramine doesn't help?

  32. Some of these symptoms I have there a lot things I can’t have every night I’m always hot there a lot of drinks I can’t have

  33. Was Diagnosed with IBS about 7 years a go ,but done a test for Crohn's last week , waiting for the results.If I have not got this I will be surprised and I will cry because then I won't be anywhere near finding out whats going on with me! I use to be slim up till 5 years a go,never bloated either ,but been having pain since I was 24 (10 years a go) and it's just getting worse .I do eat because otherwise I get dizzy ,but after eating I'm either on the toliet ,break out in rashes,throw up or start having pain in my arms and legs ,finger tips! Or I start shaking and fall asleep for a bit (feel drained)
    My belly is swollen 24/7 ,I wake up looking 6 months pregnant and once I have anything other then water I look 9 months pregnant.
    I am really getting fed up and I'm not enjoying life anymore! Use to be so happy and energetic and loved sports , now any activity I feel sick or I'm in severe pain all over my body

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