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Is Vaping Safe? | A Doctor Talks e-Cigarettes & Lung Disease

Listen guys, everyone’s
asking me about vaping. Bro, I get it, vaping is dope. It kinda tastes good. Like, if you used to smoke cigarettes, a lot of people have quit by vaping and they feel like it’s a safer thing ‘cuz burning a cigarette is like, we know you’re gonna get cancer or emphysema eventually,
the longer you do it. And so vaping has really
kind of supplanted this, a lot of young kids, though, are vaping as the only thing they do and becoming hooked on
nicotine-containing products, so that’s a downside. But then the bigger downside
that’s all over the news now is people are apparently dying. And I’m hearing this from
friends that are physicians. They’re seeing this lung disease, severe, severe illness
and a few deaths already from people who’ve been vaping. Now, we don’t know
exactly what’s going on. It seems to be associated
with CBD-containing products, some kind of additive or adulterant. Whether it’s a Vitamin E acetate, whether it’s some spiking of a synthetic marijuana
derivative in these products. The bottom line is, the reason
I am telling people right now don’t vape until we figure this out, is because we just don’t know. And the regulatory environment behind this is so behind the innovation
in these products, that now they’re everywhere
but nobody really knows how to regulate or test
them or do anything. And it took us a long time to figure out that cigarettes would slowly kill you. And the question is,
is it going to take us a long time to figure out that vaping is either gonna slowly kill
you or kill you instantly, depending on what adulterant
is in the vape juice? So I think the safest thing to do is, just smoke cigarettes because
they’re totally natural. I mean, American Spirits, right, right? You guys giving me money, American Spirit? I’m kidding! The best thing to do is
try to quit all of that. Don’t start if you don’t already smoke and wait until we learn more. We need to study it and honestly, I’m not a big fan of regulation but we need to regulate the hell out of it because it can potentially
injure people if you don’t! So, here’s the call to action. Share this thing if you vape now and you’ve quit smoking and you’re vaping, try to stick with products
that are kind of mainstream. Don’t go into that weird CBD non- By the way guys, let’s be honest. The CBD stuff is placebo! Unless it has a little
THC adultered in it, which often is the case. In which case, you’re a little high! That’s the reason you’re less anxious or you have these affects
that you think you have, or it’s placebo. The studies on CBD so
far are inconclusive. So, stop listening to your bros, maybe meditate, do some deep breathing. There’s a million ways to chill that don’t involve
putting your life at risk immediately with something
we don’t understand yet. And look, maybe I sound like an old man. It’s ‘cuz I am an old man. I mean, look at me, I’m in front of white. Who does that anymore? All right, Z Dogg out. By the way, become a Supporter. Subscribe, hit the little bell. We love you, we need you, it’s a Tribe. Health 3.0, we out.

100 thoughts on “Is Vaping Safe? | A Doctor Talks e-Cigarettes & Lung Disease

  1. Two main culprits to the vaping illness, both of which were found in illicit THC cartridges:
    1. Vitamin E acetate, coats the lungs in oil and causes pneumonia
    2. A pesticide called myclobutanil, concentrated alongside the THC. When heated, turns into hydrogen cyanide

    So these people dying of lung illness from vaping are actually suffocating from cyanide ingestion, while unable to breath normally. The hydrogen cyanide is the reason why it's so difficult to keep someone alive after they've contracted this illness.

    I personally think this is the media's fault. The warning signs have been there for months now, but because the media refuses to tell the consumers the truth, people don't know the real cause. The government and the FDA is trying to shut down businesses and ban flavoured vapes. This could lead to two different paths, either everyone switches back to smoking cigarettes and there's a huge rise in smoking related illnesses and death, or the demand for vapes will rise to the point where everyone will buy from the black market and vaping related illness will have a huge rise. So the media needs to get their heads out their asses and tell everyone the truth.

    I love vaping, but because of everything that's happening, I've decided to quit vaping. NOT because I'm worried I'll get sick, but because I don't want to go to cigarettes if vaping gets banned.

  2. Vaping has become popular in this country partly because states like New York have raised taxes on cigarettes to the point that they now cost $11.00 or $12.00 dollars a pack. Alcohol has caused just as many, if not more deaths and misery in this country than cigarettes, yet a 6 pack of Budweiser doesn't cost $12.00. It's the cigarette taxes that are driving people to vaping, but no one wants to talk about that. Changing people's behavior that is legal, but that some people don't like, by raising taxes on it, is fundamentally un-American. Lower cigarette taxes and you'll lower vaping deaths.

  3. @zdoggMD, being an MD myself, I support the message no vaping is better then vaping, logically.. But my experience as a researcher ( PhD/doctorate), with publications in Q1 journals, both clinical as well as fundamental/cellular studies, I somewhat question the sudden attack on vaping in general: there is zero evidence that vaping with legal products by responsible adult consumers causes this mysterious lung disease. On the contrary, data show a clear demographic ( age and geo location) combined with usage of illegal liquids ( like 90% proven, and maybe 10% unknown). Does this prove that it is safe while using normal liquids? No, and research must be initiated in order to understand mechanisms, thus causality. Its not even correct to make this assumption at the moment.. The correlation is based on minimal numbers, without knowing mechanism. Its a bit like the evidence the 'Anti-vax' used. Problem is, the media fuels this fire, commercial business play it safe, and politicians are no scientists, and have own incentives.

    However, including me, I quit smoking, and now vape instead, with lowering nicotine contents and usage sinds I switched 6m ago. We must also take public health beneficiary effect, of people that do not smoke anymore, because they vape, into account. Furthermore, an active ban by the government would be ludicrous, people have there own 'sins' and allowing alcohol, tobacco and fast food should then also be addressed. Alcohol and 'engineered to be addictive' fast foods, have a sig. more negative impact on public health. Finally, banning vaping is likely to increase tabasco smoking again, next to use of illegal vape liquids.

    Concluding, I agree that not vaping/smoking at all is favourable, but current hysteria against vaping needs to be placed in the right context, and should be a evidence based discussion, not one of making statements that induce fear and have no scientific merit.

  4. Apparently vaping can help when it is monitored to help smokers who want less nicotine, like decreasing the quantity of nicotine but unfortunately younger people are being drawn into the neat tasting flavours, that it may look fun to do, this person is correct research is still pending about how vaping damages a persons lungs. Basic science is when you change a liquid into a gas, heat is needed, it goes deeper into the lung than tobacco cigarettes and affects our children causing more addiction, carcinogens from the chemical changes of the initial harmless liquid ingredients, when they are burned they change to something dangerous. So sad to see people getting ill from this thing that looked like it may work.

  5. All these hand to mouth behaviors vaping , smoking , overeating . It’s just sucking on your mamas tittie ! Stop suckling & be peaceful , stop hanging around stressful people quit creating drama get off Fakebook .Chill out people , naturally . Get in touch with nature read a good book do art , play music . So many more things in life.

  6. Not much is known about vaping. So it might be far better or worse than traditional cigarettes.
    I can't wait to find out which one is it.

    If they die,they die. If they live they live.

  7. "I'm not a bug fan of regulation, but we need to regulate the hell out of it". End of that sentence makes you a fan of regulation.

  8. You're a scumbag lmfao
    holy shit this video was worse than i could have imagined.

    Zdog; You're viewer base is presumably the fraction of "boomers" born in the late 70's that are also the anti Vacciners.

    Uk government's urging there populous not to let the sensational headlines out of the US cause them to quit vaping?

  9. 3 years ago I quit smoking by vaping. But it was hard quitting vaping because it was so good. So I decided to go back to smoking then I quit. Was easier to quit cigarettes than vaping. Must have something to do with the colorful mods and tanks and yummy juices.

  10. I’ve been getting paranoid about vaping recently I vape and been vaping for about 7 months now I only use nic from dash vapes anyone have any issues with products from dashvapes? I’m trying to quit but it’s hard

  11. You don't know shit! Work in the industry and then you will know. It is all black market. Stop being a fucking idiot with stating facts that aren't true. Not one single E-Juice, or THC vape, from any reputable shop. STFU and move on idiot! And your shit about CDB is totally off. If you are really a doctor, you are one dumb piece of shit. I am sick of uneducated fucks like you that talk about shit before you know it. You sir are a fucking idiot!

  12. It is very easy for a non smoker to say "Quit smoking" but in reality, most of the time, that doesn't work instantly that way! VAPE, well, technically speaking, vaping is the easiest and the first step for you to quit smoking! Besides, why the hell unsatisfied vapers put modifications to their juices? There are only 2 main ingredients in a vape juice and that is vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol! Nicotine (Potatoes, Tomatoes, Sweet Potatoes, etcs) is an optional add-on! Sorry for referring some vegetables! Yeah! They contain small amounts of Nicotine. So kids, stop being ignorant..opps I mean, don't try to smoke vape!

  13. I can’t believe this guy saying CBD don’t work. It works for nerve pain and help with sleep and anxiety. If it’s placebo then it’s good soon as I Vape placebo kicks in 👍🏾
    This guy what’s us to be addicted to opioids and other pharmaceutical products.

  14. I love how they get hysterical about it. This guy's very level about it but the news seems to almost want us all smoking again! Most of not all cases are linked to adulterated, black market products kinda like alcohol in prohibition. So let's prohibit it! MAKES SENSE :E

  15. Every ones asking me too. I smoked for fifty years but quit in three days with vaping e-juice. I didn’t vape those tainted street carts though. Nor did I vape any of juuls tainted carts.

  16. When I first started vaping I was smoking up to 4 pks of cigarettes a day you know, half smoked the other half burning up in that NASTY ass ash tray? I Started off with a flavor called Cinnamon Bun, They changed it to Sinabun, I guess it wasn't evil enough sounding for them, I was at (70/30 16 Nic ) then started dropping the nicotine Got to 0 before changing the place I got my vapes. Staying at 0 nic, Started vaping something that tasted very very close to my first and forever flavor I tent to stick with what works for me, So I started using one called

    ( Engineer ) 0nic it was 4 monyhs into this place when the sickness started I knew I had bought enough at the time that I was good, I have a little less than 60Ml left, I trust this new place and their product. Still vaping STILL Breathing.

  17. Stick to well know brands. They must've been fda approved too. I used Juul at first but now I use my blu for a smoother vape. Plus it's slightly cheaper.

  18. You said we dont know about vaping what's causing lung injuries. Well we do its vitamin e acetate only found in illicit black market products. Buy a bottle of vape juice from a vape store and you can check the Ingridients and see that vitamin e acetate is not in it. Also you said CBD is a placebo I think maybe you've never tried or haven't done your research but you can buy pure CBD with no THC and I guarentee you will feel it. You can also find a video where a man with Parkinson took pure CBD and all of a sudden he could function. CBD has tons of know medicinal benefits and is 100% not a placebo. I dont know how you got that idea but it's wrong and I think you should do research before you go telling everyone that CBD does nothing and discourage people from trying something that could greatly improve their life if they have some kind of condition

  19. Yah Ban smoking then we can talk about vaping. We all know they wont ban smoking, You know why? Because the government makes more money on Smokes then they do on vaping.
    If they really cared about your health then they would ban smoking, but they don't. They care about money.

  20. THIS IS ALL BULLSHIT!….vaping doesnt do this to you. It's the counterfeit cartridges with vitamin e in it; which are toxic to the body when heated to the temperature vapes heat up the oil. This is all bullshit being told by the tobacco companies because they are losing money to the vape industry 🤷🏻‍♂️

  21. Vaping has been there for almost 8 years.. still we don't know the " Side Effects" of these, coz there probably none?? do we have to wait 30 years?? I've been vaping for 5 years without smoking ofcourse, and I'm healthy as ever, i'm hitting the gym, cardio routinely.. I just did a medical checkup that X-ray my lungs, and they are damn clean, playing soccer just fine, I do keep using 1 brand of liquid that I believe is good. The bad side effect than is sometimes a bit nausea and dry mouth if vaping too much in short hours. I do believe the bad cases that happen is that THC/marijuana additive, or other chemicals.. Clean your vape and change the cotton routinely. Smoke responsibly on outside( since the smoke will disturb people). and use it whenever you need to.. don't just smoke everytime you are bored.

  22. I'm 23 and I get it. It's stupid. I don't know why I started. Young and dumb. Great video. People should try and take this advice. I'm trying to quit. I am quiting! Use gum!

  23. Why does Europe then suggest vaping for cigarette user? Been vaping it for years and yet no problem. Agree young ones shouldnt be vaping, but then they'd be smoking cigarettes. Teenagers will be doing either or to be "cool". It's a safer alternative than the sticks. The cigarette companies have been losing money since vaping has been popular. There's so much going on behind the scene. It's disgusting…

  24. Iv been vaping for a week after 20 years of smoking, admiring my baby breath, and now all this shit 😂 thanks doc 👍 truth hurts

  25. Don't vape until we figure this out. :-D. OK ,I don´t vape but I begin smoke cigarette. I hope that your investigation will not be take long time. Omg it is funny. 😀

  26. Now you know. It is vitamin E acetate inside black market THC cartridges, according to FDA and CDC. Case closed. You can stop now.
    Let nicotine vape alone, please. Thank you.

  27. i feel like destroying my nord right now. like i'm addicted as fuck and i literally don't know what it's doing to my health. i'm about to go smash my shit

  28. i have smoked for 45 yrs. i have lost a lot of friends to tobacco. i have tryed and tryed to stop,6 months ago i had a stroke,i was found to have plake in my brain and heart, so i need to stop or only young and i have so much to do befor o die so i stopped smoking cigaretes.I started reducing the nicitene with a may be placebo but it works, i heve sold the car and picked up an e-bike, i do 20-30 miles a day, i have droped 100 fat kgs too 86 buff kgs, when i push too hard i hipervantalate but with a couple of puffs on my vape stops me from passing out.

  29. Check out the Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement of 1998, Way before E cigs were even invented. Cigarette sales have plummeted to all time lows so has revenues paid to states by Big Tobacco!

    No issues with licensed Vape shops for the last 12 years in USA. The UK does not have a master settlement agreement with big tobacco and they encourage vaping over smoking cigarettes . Vape’s can be purchased in hospitals there.

    There’s a major misconception of what Vape is it heats propylene glycol the same compound that concert use in smoke/fog machines to give the illusion of smoke. Active ingredient in a lot of foods in women’s make up.Not toxic! Even the FDA says so!

    Added vegetable glycerin, a flavor and the nicotine level of choice aren’t toxic either.
    Proven with no incidences whatsoever in the last 12 years as vaping has started to annihilate big tobacco and they can never be banned because of the master settlement agreement!

    Watch Netflix documentary a cigarettes miracle or menace scientifically analyzed a few years ago

  30. If this hack would actually take the time to do a little research on the "vaping" deaths he'd discover that so far 100% of them were caused by ILLEGAL THC. The FDA and CDC have FINALLY admitted that of the 11% of vapers who have contracted EVALI and also denied using THC, ALL OF THEM were lying about using THC. QUOTE FROM THE ARTICLE by Dr. Scott Aberegg (critical care pulmonologist at University of Utah Health) – "There are only two kinds of people who get this disease: those who vape THC and those who won’t admit it." The quote is buried in the middle of the article when it should the headline. I guess the editor knows where their clicks are coming from. Here is the article

    Meanwhile, in the United States over the last 24 hours, approx 30 people have been killed by a drunk driver and 197 died by drug overdose.

  31. Vaping was all fine and was barely becoming legal and some asshole brought up CBD and shit like that and ruined everything.

  32. we need to be really careful with vaping.
    this product is definitely potentially life threatening. the reason i am saying this is because of the oil in the vaping liquids.
    it can dissolve your lung parenchyma and can cause acute respiratory failure. The type of reaction with vaping that has been seen is acute respiratory failure. In some cases, patients were put on ventilators and after a few days they recovered but in some cases the damage was so severe that the lungs couldn't recover. they were either given lung transplant or they just succumbed to their illness.

    It is scary, please stay on the side of caution. Even i myself vape but need to quit. It is better to be realistic.

  33. Governments are pissed because vaping grew too fast to be monopolized, now just ban all flavors because they are "for kids" even though its already illegal to sell to kids, and force adults to only vape tobacco IE KNOWN POISON flavor or just go back to good ol cancer sticks because fuck the working man, its been a decade and we finally found some American teens who managed to kill themselves, back to 50% mortality rate tobacco cigarettes! Fuck offffffff.

  34. Underage consumption of nicotine is already illegal. This ignorant idea, that infringing on law abiding adults for the kids sake,is like banning all cars because teenagers are driving too fast & getting hurt. Also this is about the $600billion in yearly payments to states by big tobacco,that’s down 60%,& the states defaulting on Vig payments to banks, google 2019 FDIC loans to Banks for repo. See states assumed these payments would never decrease,& now can’t pay their loans, or even their pensions. Also google India vape ban,& look at dates between bank/fdic loans & India PM visit to WH, not like India has 43million vapers,who had to switch to tobacco,& US tobacco production is up 400%,after 35years of consistent restrictions of growers.😐

  35. Cbd is not just a placebo this guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about in terms of that but the rest seems pretty informative

  36. Guyss just buy a e-juice that has zero nic in it and to know that is when the juice looks like brownish it may be med or high nicotine just buy the zero ones that looks clear……

  37. Vaping is a verb like eating and drinking. The POINT you need to drive home is vaping what? Remember that thing called Hippocratic oath?

  38. I went to the doctor at the end of the summer, been vaping for 4 year straight and both my lungs and heart were perfectly fine. I asked her if vaping could have an effect on my health and lungs in the long run but she straight up told me they haven’t done enough research into it so, most of this stuff going on is just bs

  39. I've been vaping regular e-juice with and without nicotine for about 8 or 9 years. I started with the basic mech-mods and eventually got into box mods. I've never used the Juul, cbd or thc products and I am fine. I was a cloud chaser back when I started, I would even compete in cloud comps, now it's more for the nic fix, but my point here is that I am more then sure vaping is not safe. But neither is drinking soda, eating candy ( I am diabetic) or drinking alchohol. Let's be honest 90% of all things we do are not "good" for us. But I do know that cigarettes are definitely more dangerous, if you just stick basic name brand E-juice you wouldn't be healthy but you would be ok. I agree we have alot to figure out about vape still, but I don't think it's as bad as mainstream media is making it.

  40. For me personally, if you use juices like 1.5 to 3mg juices, I think you won’t have problems. Well if I’m wrong feel free to correct me 🙂

  41. Cbd ans thc night cause problems but I vape salt nic and my juices and devices are authentic and it helped me get off smoking a pack a day. #vapes saves life’s

  42. Nearly a billion of people smoking around the world, millions dying each year because of it
    "Nah, its ok"

    A kid that messed his lung up and is still alive

  43. Make America smoke again don't vape smoke vaping is worst than smoking…Sounds like they want people to have lunch cancer

  44. Most people that die from vaping are buying the cartridges on the black market. If you buy the juice from trusted manufacturers, then you should be fine. I highly suggest that you do more research about how they make the juice… we have all the information available to us, the media just wants to hide it like they hide everything else.

  45. IT isent regular vapes that does this cdc came out and Said they found evidence that it was illagal thc carts ON the black Market with vitamin e accetate added

  46. Huge problem with vaping in our Western New York school district.. I drive a school bus with 6 cameras on one side wall to monitor @ discourage under age kids from vaping while protecting other children from second hand vape.. tapes are being watched almost daily on my route .. I talked with the kids asking them who got them started on vaping.. their responses varied, many said they think the vaping companies are targeting young kids like us getting hooked on the many flavors available like Cotton candy, watermellon ect ect . some mentioned how its common to put nicotine, single and double doses in their vaping device..

  47. I think that you have to learn inhillation, and also non inhalation.. if you smoke tobaco you have to not inhale it, and also sometimes inhale it… maybe, if you start uninhalling, it will help you understand that tobacco is not only meant to be inhaled directly.

  48. "Dont vape until we know more about them." So if everyone took your advice then how are you going to know about them if no ones using them?

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