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Jimmy Bought That Creepy Viral Timothée Chalamet Puppet

-Do you guys remember that
Timothee Chalamet puppet that went viral
like a month ago? Do you know what
I’m talking about? It’s very creepy. It’s on eBay for like
$125,000 or something. Do we have a photo
of that puppet? [ Laughter ] People were saying
it looks a little — [ Laughs ]
[ Laughter ] Can we see it again?
-Let’s see it again, yeah. Aw. -So, anyways, it didn’t —
It didn’t sell. -Aw.
-It didn’t sell on eBay. Oh, it actually did sell, but it didn’t sell for $125,000. And I know the owner. -Who? -We bought
the Timothee Chalamet puppet. [ Drum roll ]
[ Cheers and applause ] -Oh! [ Cheers and applause ] -[ French accent ] Hello. I am
the Timothee Chalamet puppet. -He’s not even French. -No, but he is.
The puppet’s French. -The puppet, yeah. This is him. This is a one-of-a-kind puppet. The puppet maker is actually
not even a puppet maker. What does he do?
He runs a… -A wallpaper designer.
-Wallpaper designer? [ Light laughter ]
-Wow. Like, wallpaper-wallpaper,
or, like, phone wallpaper? -No, wallpaper-wallpaper.
-Oh. -And he designs–
But then he somehow was inspired to make this
Timothee Chalamet puppet. And then he broke the mold…
-Ooh. -…so that no one could
ever make another one again. So this a —
-I know. I am rare.
I am unbelievable. [ Laughter ] -Timothee, thank you for
being on the show tonight. -Well, thank you for having me. [ Light laughter ]
What a beautiful audience. I want to take them home —
[ Cheers and applause ] I love you. [ Cheers and applause continue ] -We’re having a book — We’re having a book —
a — a book club. Do you want to — Do you want to talk about
the book — the book club? -No. -Aww. Come on, Timothee.
-Timothee, come on. -Go away from me. -Why? -You — You — You mock me. -I’m not mocking you.
I’m saying — -Do not look at me any more. [ Laughter ] I am not your friend.
[ Audience aws ] -Timothee, that is so — that is so rude
to do that to me. I’m a big fan of yours. -Oh, yes?
-Yeah. -Name one of my movies. -Uh, were you in one
of “The Avengers”? [ Laughter ]
-No! I know your movies.
“Call Me By Your Name.” By my name? “Call Me By Your Name”? -[ Chuckles ]
-Call me — -Say your name.
-Say my name? -Say my name?
-No. It’s “Call Me By Your Name,”
right? -What was it called? -You don’t even know the name
of my movie. -Yeah, I do.
You were great in it. You were in there
with Armie Hammer. It was a good movie. -You mock me. [ Laughter ] -I don’t mock you. Do you want to go through
the books, please? -Okay, as you wish.
-Alright. This is our book — [ Laughter ] This is our book.
We have him. I don’t know what
to do with him. [ Laughter ] Now that we have him,
what the hell do we do with him? -Well, I think we have
to keep him out here. I think he should live here.
[ Light laughter ] -He’s got the —
-Looks like a little — He’s littler than
I thought he was going be. -Oh, I think he’s the exact size
I thought he was going to be. -Oh, you thought he was
going to be like — I thought it was going
to be like a pro vent doll. I thought he was gonna be like
a real-life Charlie McCarthy. he’s more like a Sears catalogue
Charlie McCarthy. I like it.
I’m not saying it’s a bad size. I like the size. -Are you — [Chuckles]
Are you mocking him? [ Laughter ] Don’t mock
the Timothee Chalamet puppet. -I’m not going to mock him.
-He can’t be mocked. -Don’t mock me. [ Light laughter ] -We’re having a book club. Timothee doesn’t want
to talk about it. It’s fine.
He’s not even looking at me. He’s so mad at me.
-So mad. You made him mad.
-Anyways, it’s a big hit. So, what we do,
we have five books, and this is the way
our book club works. I haven’t read any of these.
[ Laughter ] Yeah, not yet —
-Yeah, it’s not this. -That’s not the point of this.
-‘Cause You want to read one. -I actually want
to read all of them. Actually, they sound
pretty good to me. But anyways, all these
are on our book club. So, if you go to a store,
check any of these out. They’re all good books.
I wonder if I can just — [ Laughter ]
Well, they are. I’ve done research on them.
-Yeah. -And I’ve read blurbs.
“The Gone Dead” is about — I’m gonna do this real quick —
a girl who inherits a house from her dad who died years ago. She goes to the house
and starts talking to people, finds out that she was kidnapped the day her dad died. -Ooh. -“Silent Patient.” Woman shoots
her husband in the head. Then doesn’t —
[ Laughter ] -In the face or the head?
-Oh, I don’t know. I haven’t read it.
-Yeah, we don’t know. Yeah, ’cause we haven’t read it.
-But then she doesn’t talk. -Ooh.
-Don’t talk to the police. Doesn’t talk ever again. Then a psychotherapist
gets in there and wants to know what’s up
and see if he can make her talk, and he does.
-Ooh. -And what he uncovers
is shocking. “Fleishman Is in Trouble.”
It’s funny but — -[ Applauds ]
-Oh, yeah. -Someone read it?
[ Laughter ] It got applause.
-Yeah. -Yeah.
[ Laughter ] Have you read it?
-Yeah! -You like it?
-It’s fantastic. -Hey!
-Fantastic! That’s a review!
-There you go. -Well, there you go. I’m not even gonna
pitch the book. Someone said —
-Just know it’s fantastic. -I’m going to put in the lead. -You’re picking favorites. -No, I’m not.
-No, hey. [ Laughter ]
-Timothee! -Timothee, stop it. Don’t be annoying.
[ Laughter ] -You mock me? [ Laughter ] “Ask Again, Yes.” This is about two families that live next door
to each other, and their kids are raised
next to each other. and then something
shocking happens. And one family
has to move away, and they don’t allow the kids
to speak ever again. but then the kids
can’t help it. -They speak.
-They speak. -Yes, they do.
[ Laughter ] -Oh, they speak.
-Oh, yeah. -And then “The Chain.” -“Le Chain”?
-Yes. [ Laughter ]
-Le Chain, I guess. -Le Chain.
[ Laughter ] Le Chain. Wow!
He’s really French. -He’s very French.
French Timothee Chalamet. -Chalamet.
-Yeah. He said “Le Chain.”
He calls it — -I call it “Le Chain.”
[ Laughter ] -Timothee, you want to say
what this book is about? -Oui. This book is — Can you hand it to me? [ Laughter ] -The writing’s on
the back of it. There you go.
[ Light laughter ] -This is a thriller
with a chilling premise. Your phone rings. A stranger has
kidnapped your child. -Ooh.
-To free them, you must abduct s– s-s– -“Someone.”
-Someone else’s… [ Laughter ]
-“Child.” -He’s having trouble reading.
-He doesn’t know English. -He doesn’t know English
that well. He’s French. -He’s French.
He doesn’t know how to read. -He doesn’t read.
He knows how to speak English. He just doesn’t read it
that well. -I know how to read France. -Wow. -I didn’t say you c– -You embarrass me.
[ Laughter ] -I don’t want to embarrass you.
Just read the thing. -You mock me.
[ Light laughter ] -Just please…
-Alright. Let me talk, please.
Stop interrupting. Interruption. -[ Chuckles ] -To — To free your child, you must abduct
someone else’s child. your child will be released when your victim’s parents
kidnap another child. You are now a part of
“Le Chain.” [ Laughter ]
-Ooh. [ Cheers and applause ] -These are all the boo– -Oh!
-Taking a nap. -Taking a nap. He’s so excited by reading that.
-He sleeps. He’s exhausted.
-Yeah, he’s exhausted. -He doesn’t know how
to read in English. -No. No.
-He’s mentally exhausted. He’s pooped.
He’s out of his mind. So, just — Yeah.
-He’s out of le mind. [ Whispering ]
-When we come back, guys — [ Laughter ]
Shh. Stick around. When we come back,
we’ll have more “Tonight Show.” Come on back, everybody. [ Cheers and applause ]

100 thoughts on “Jimmy Bought That Creepy Viral Timothée Chalamet Puppet

  1. Jimmy better draw a salt circle around that thing, it looks like it will come alive mid show and kill the guests backstage

  2. This bit was so random… and hilarious! The books sound interesting as well.

    As an aside, “The Chain” would be “La Chaîne” in French, pronounced “lah shen”.

  3. I just hope they keep Timothee puppet in the show. Like they dont have to make it talk just let it sit there in the corner and stare at the audience 😆😆😆

  4. I think you should send the doll to the real Timothee Chalomet, or to his mother. I think she would probably love it, lol..

  5. I love Timothee. He should live there. Your sidekick Jimmy. I think those dolls are creepy….but woah….yeah I like Timothee. He is French should I say more. I love you to Jimmy so do this for your fan.

  6. Timmy don't read this books, he is more of Freud and Jung, psychological. We children from bahnhof ZOO by Christiane F. Is worth reading .

  7. The doll is creepy but let's admit it that it's hair looks so damn good like real hair so fluffy and beautiful! And it just makes the doll creepier 🙈

  8. Jimmy should have the creator of this puppet on his show as a guest! Is anyone else curious to hear how and why he made this? I’d love to know more!

  9. Timothee Chalamet NEVER returned to Jimmy Fallon since then. And interviewers are told that they’re not allowed to ask him questions about this doll at all. The real guy’s NOT happy about this. Lol 😂

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