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Jonathan Joestar: The Pain of Nobility

Jonathan Joestar, the protagonist of Phantom
Blood and a fighter in the Kaleb’s favorite Joestar competition. It’s either him or Giorno, and I still haven’t
found a winner. If you have neither as your favorite joestar,
then that’s respectable and you’re entitled to your own opinion. Jonathan isn’t the most colorful character,
but his passion and belief drives him to the top. We’re going to be going over his character
to see what we can can find. What’s up guys, it’s Kaleb with another
character analysis. You guys can submit your character in the
comments, or use the poll in the top right corner of the video which I believe to be
a more organized way of going about it. Since we got all the formalities out of the
way let’s start getting into Jonathan, and yes I meant to say that. Now, the first time we see Jonathan he’s
getting the exposition beaten out of him, and we’re watching him the same way Erina
is watching him. So checking on Jonathan, he’s obviously
not okay but why. Well, he took a beating for Erina and while
being a pretty minimal fight, Jonathan had full control of the situation. He initiates the fight by jumping in the middle
of those guys harassing Erina, and they beat him. After beating him, they assume he’s a Joestar
and he proves their assumption. They stated that they were going to beat him
even harder than before if he was a Joestar, and he goes ahead with his little vigilant
eyes to make sure he’s showing his Joestar napkin. Making them think he’s not purposely doing
it by not saying anything, but realistically he’s been playing them this whole time. When he says “Someday I will win”, that
isn’t him wishing. He knows how smart he is, and what he stands
for. What he needed was to be stronger, and once
you add that in then he’s going to be an experienced fighter. Now before the timeskip where it looks like
Dio and Jonathan are happy, Jonathan hits the lowest low I’ve seen. So much happens to him and has to just hold
and accept that. Dio constantly just messes with Jonathan’s
life and there isn’t a single thing Jonathan can enjoy without Dio being Dio. Then there’s moments where it’s Jonathan
not being as smart or as strong as Dio and that stacks up on his feelings about everything. But no more! Disgracing Erina was the last straw. So with honor on the line, Jonathan fights
harder than he ever did before. He ate the hits and then dished them right
back at Dio, and I can easily tell you that this is probably one of the most satisfying
moments in Jojo. Seeing Dio get rocked makes me feel better
because this is justice in the works. But why was the final straw Erina’s honor,
well you have to take the era into account. Honor is a huge thing in Phantom Blood due
to the times they were in. As parts go on, people become less honorable
and more underhanded with everything. Underhanded actions these days are known as
clever moves, and a way that you outsmarted the other person. Honor back then was focused more on straightforward
actions. To compare it, fighting with honor was like
throwing a ball for your dog to fetch. That’s one clear objective, and it’s as
straightforward as it gets. Going about it in a more underhanded and Dio
way, you pretend to throw a ball and the dog goes to fetch. But actually you never threw a ball, and well
if you’re Dio you also knockout the dog, tie up his mouth and throw it into an incinerator
waiting for someone else to turn it on. Or you know a better example is cheating vs.
not cheating, telling the truth vs. lying, or playing fox in smash 4 vs. playing diddy
in smash 4. And if you don’t know smash don’t worry. I know stuff, and fox is a honest character. I swear, pinky promise. (Finger crossed picture). Jonathan lives a life where disgracing someone
is the worst thing you can do, it’s second to death but ahead of giving someone smallpox,
and let me tell smallpox back then. Ho-ho, you have a better chance of surviving
a chop to the head from vampire Dio. Now Jonathan after showing how strong he is
to Dio is still getting his life ruined, and after the timeskip it seemed to have been
a bit better. But Jonathan never forgot, you can’t kiss
a man’s girl and kill his dog. You can’t forget stuff like that. He wants to try to forgive Dio and believe
he’s a nice guy now, but his gut feeling doesn’t allow him to do so and that’s
because what Dio had done was such a huge thing. Then after plot and realizing that Dio is
still very much an *respectable term*, Dio is now cornered and completely figured out. Now tell me what Jonathan actually gives Dio
the benefit of the doubt when arresting him. He had just been found out on a 7-8 year scheme,
killed Danny, tried to kill George except slowly, and had planned to kill Jonathan. And you just have Jonathan here with handcuffs
in hand, thinking about the situation like “You know this guy basically tried to destroy
everything I love and hold dear, but maybe he’s going to come quietly.” So why does Jonathan give Dio a chance, because
he actually believed that Dio would be noble for once and just own up and accept his imprisonment. The problem with really noble people, you
can fall to people fooling you pretty easy if they have a believable act. This is goes into why this video is named
what it is. I do believe that Jonathan’s nobility is
an art, but it’s a huge burden so that’s why it’s called “The Pain of Nobility.” Not disregarding art and pain because art
really does hurt, that’s why it’s called pain-ting. Jonathan’s nobility makes him both gullible
and not as smart as those that go about stuff in the other way. So Dio rejected his humanity, and we get a
lot more plot. Now put us in the Jonathan Vs. Bruford fight,
this is where Jonathan fights a hero like him. Bruford tries his luck with trying to handicap
Jonathan underwater, but he takes note of Jonathan not being like a regular human. Now trying to handicap Jonathan had ended
up biting Bruford and the fight was taken to land. This is because Bruford isn’t really the
one for underhanded tactics since he was originally an honorable knight. Trying to do something you’re personally
not meant to do always ends up messing you up, so that’s why Dio can get away from
doing stuff like that because that’s really all he knows. Once the fight is taken to land, there’s
a back and forth, but Jonathan comes out on top. Thought there was a problem that Jonathan
had faced, and that was killing Bruford. Jonathan’s Sunlight Yellow Overdrive had
destroyed the resurrected body of Bruford, but it had revived his original pure human
soul. Jonathan had hated what he had done, having
to kill such an honorable man to save him. Bruford was a man manipulated by Dio, and
it was a sad sight for Jonathan. Now going further on into Phantom Blood, you
have the fight with Tarkus and Jonathan which was completely different from Bruford and
Jonathan. While getting him into “The room of Dragon
decapitation” was underhanded, the rest was due to the strength and experience gap
between Tarkus, Jonathan, and Zeppeli. But for what Tarkus does to Zeppeli, Jonathan
executes what I would’ve originally called revenge on Tarkus. In the eyes of nobility, this is both justice
and judgement for Tarkus. So far through all of this, Jonathan’s nobility
always comes out on top. Even if he loses for a bit, he always comes
backs. But how much is too much, when is there ever
really a break for Jonathan. Throughout Phantom Blood, Jonathan follows
a one track mentality and doesn’t ever get misguided. He’s constantly hit with lies, tricks, and
immoral deeds. It feels like he’s only one fighting for
good, and realistically he is. Or well at least after Zeppeli dies. The Hamon masters come into play and that’s
nice while it’s there, but to Jonathan’s original circle, there’s nothing much really. Dio can manipulate as many people as he wants
and he gains the advantage in numbers. So bad can always outnumber good, but how
much good really is there. I’d like to say at this moment of time that
bad is actually ridiculously stronger than good and that’s in a lot of perspectives. If you throw some good into some bad, it’s
only going damage the good. You can’t just hope that the good is enough
to spread. But when it’s the other way around, even
to smaller degree, it still works for the bad. Like the idiom “One bad apple spoils the
barrel”. Meaning that one bad thing can ruin everything
around it. And when you go back to Phantom Blood, you
realize that Dio is said bad apple. When I picture bad or evil, I think of part
1 Dio. To be that smart, have that much strength,
and to have that much control is impressive and terrifying. Who really knows how much good prospers, because
bad has way too much power and influence these days. Bad people, bad deeds, and I want to say bad
moods or mindsets but that really depends on how you see certain things like depression
and all. I guess what I’m trying to get at is, Jonathan
was good, but he was too good. Jonathan had one fair and square at Dio’s
castle, but when it came to the end, he just wasn’t ready. But with Dio having the upperhand on him,
I actually really do respect that he acknowledges Jonathan’s strength and skill. He doesn’t stand for any disrespect towards
Jonathan, and well he could have any body he wanted, but he went for Jonathan. So in some way I guess you can see that as
another sign of respect, flattering, or something I have no clue. I’ve never wanted to take over someone’s
body to further pursue their lineage just so I could continue my ideals of heaven. Here are my final thoughts on Jonathan. Him being the first Joestar and having the
now ancient morals had really set a good base to continue off of. I believe that everyone has to have a yin
yang type of lifestyle, and Jonathan was mostly yin that was susceptible to yang. Being the good guy is great and all, but it’s
a pretty difficult job. So this is to everyone. Don’t let people mess with you. Don’t let people mess with what you love. And lastly, don’t let people control you. Cause once people control you then they wanna
to control fate, then they want to control time, then the want to control reality. People just take and take and screw you Dio,
just… Man. All jokes and emotions aside, thank you guys
for watching. If you guys liked the video, click the thumbs
up cause it helps give me some reassurance. My social media is in the description if you
guys want to follow me. I post a lot of wholesome stuff on instagram,
and twitter is really just whatever is going on for me. But I really hope you guys have a good one,
times can be dark and difficult, but I guess you gotta just find your own light. I’ll see you guys in the next one. So until then, peace out and God speed.

100 thoughts on “Jonathan Joestar: The Pain of Nobility

  1. While all the Joestars are happily flourishing on Earth, Jonathan up in heaven is like “I was nice before it was cool”

  2. I've never seen a gentleman like protagonist in the shows I watched as a kid or when I grew up, most of them were tricksters or the dark hero, so when I watch Jonathan being such a gentleman I just love it, and he is my favorite Jojo now…

  3. yin is the negative yang is the positive. as well extra fun fact yin is the feminine and yang is the masculine

  4. Johnny is my favorite JoJo, then Giorno, and after that it's the Patriarchal JoJo himself Jonathan the noblest Gentleman in the series and an amazing role model for anyone, truly an underrated JoJo.

  5. I like Joseph. He makes me laugh, and his fighting style is unique. I think his sense of honour and justice is interesting, and I like that unlike Jonathan, we get to see him after the apex of his character, and where it takes him in life.

  6. Jonathan is my favorite, despite the story of other joestars really impacting me, Jonathan’s absolutely noble character constantly makes me question and change my actions towards challenges, making me a better person, I am still a growing man, and Jonathan is honestly a major turning point in my own growth as a person, as is dio ( but that story is for another day ) as a good honest person, just watching his strength and his self assuradeness in his good actions gives me hope that good people can be intelligent, strong, AND moral, which helps me be better, tl;dr Jonathan is my favorite because he makes me a better man

  7. there are four joestars in the story. the Georges, jonathan (the best) and joseph. all the kujos can get the fuck out of my bizzare adventure. yeah, I said it. jotaro? is shit. stands? garbage. the only redeemable thing from everything pt 3 and onwards is the moderately funny memes. it's a fucking disgrace. if after two parts hamon got old and unscaleable, then stands got fucked halfway through part 3.

  8. I don't think I've hated DIO more in the entire manga than when he was doing all that horrible shit to Johnathan in first few chapters and when he killed Johnathan at the end.

  9. I like Johnathan because I have a thing for paragon characters, to have an unwavering, unfaltering belief in your moral code and to be so determined in your pursuit of justice that it alters the worldview of those around you.

  10. i love that spiel at the end

    "they wanna control fate, then they wanna control TIME, then THEY WANNA CONTROL REALITY, AND THEN YOU GET EYES OF HEAVEN–"

  11. All the main Jojos are great and I find it hard to rank them. Jonathan and Josuke are the two I wish I could be friends with, with Josuke being my favorite.

  12. Jonathan could kill anyone with just one clear punch, i don't mean it like "the perfect chance, the perfect angle and shit" nope, if he hits something with full force (and not even full force, full force would be just overkill) would kill anyone.

    Dio: we already saw it.
    Pillar men: One blast, just one blast each.
    DIO: One clear hit and it's gone
    Kira: Jonathan is stronger than Ambulance-san
    Diavolo/Doppio: Just instant death.

  13. Although Joeseph is the best JoJo Jonathan is always going to be the one I respect and look towards for moral guidance, like what would Jesus do kinda thing same same but different

  14. I like Jonathan's honour
    no matter what happens he still fights like a gentleman
    going so far to even hold Dio's head and not thinking of him as a heartless vampire, but as a brother

  15. Jonathans pure faith and will transcends time, space and even dimentions. Dont mistake peoples kindness for weakness. It takes a REAL badass to still have a good heart after being fucked over so much. The kind of good thats contagious is something special indeed.

  16. no disrespect but the only thing i remember about jonathan but is that he got cucked to erinas first kiss by dio

  17. Dio was being a dickhead because he was auctually giving 0.1% noticable hints to the Joestars to rename him due to him being JoJo, with a "D".

  18. He is kindest jojo and I like him way more because of his kindness, He was just too kind for this world Dio destroyed his life but even then Jonathan loved him

  19. I feel like nothing better shows the values of the time being honour and what not better than Dio's respect for Jonathan. He knows he's respectable, strong, and honourable, and he won't stand for people insulting him and his honour, much like how Jonathan wouldn't stand for Dio insulting Erina

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