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LT Evergreen Skin issue/glitch/bug, Winterfest Lodge – Fortnite

okay so it didn’t work on my PC so
let’s see if this works on the mobile we go into the lodge visit large
we go in and we select the tree it’s like the tree again it will say yep hold
work on this didn’t work on the PC so hopefully not nothing can’t go back so I
don’t know whether I have to be on day seven whether this will work straight
after you’ve opened them present but it certainly doesn’t work right now on day
eight as you can see and if we leave lodge we go into the locker we
definitely don’t have lieutenant lieutenant evergreen we definitely don’t
have him unfortunately so I’ll try again tomorrow on day seven and hopefully
after I’ve opened the present that should work and we should be able to get
lieutenant every new in skin from touching the tree
now with just a quick look at the glitch when you’re trying to redeem the
lieutenant evergreen skin and the large thank you so much for watching and I’ll
talk to you guys in the next one

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