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Mango Tree Diseases: Prevent and Mango Diseases

Learn how to treat the black spot
disease on mango tree. The black spots on the mango tree appear due to a serious
fungus disease, known as athracnose disease. On the infected tree, small black
or brown spots appear on the leaves. These spots can be small dots or as
large as 1/2 inch in diameter in older trees. The buds and flowers also develop
brown spots and fall off. This disease attacks plant throughout the year, but is
most prevalent during dry months. Continue watching the video completely
to know how to deal with mango tree black spot disease and how to prevent it
in future. If your tree is infected with this
fungal disease, you can control it in two steps. Step 1:
remove all the infected leaves and branches with clean pruning shears. Clean
the pruning shears with chlorine before and after use to prevent the disease to
spread on the healthy branches. Remove all the debris around the tree. Step 2: Chemical control by copper
fungicide. Add neem oil and spray on the tree as per its instructions. Spray the
entire tree including both sides of leaves, trunk as well as the cut ends of
branches. Repeat every week till problem is eliminated. Spray early in the day and
avoid applications during hot weather. You can make your own fungicide spray by mixing copper sulfate, garden lime and neem oil, 1/2 teaspoon of each in 2 liter
water. Effect of disease on the mango fruit. The fruits look very good before
harvest but as the fruits begin to ripen black spots will appear, which will rot
the outer skin and the interior of the fruits as well. Prevention of black spots disease.
Periodically check your tree, remove the infected leaves as soon as you see any
black spot. Spray fungicides solution every two weeks when new leaves begins
to grow and continue to spray throughout the growing season till after harvest.
The healthy plants are less likely to catch the disease. Keep your plants well
watered and fertilize timely. Please like and subscribe to the channel to
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3 thoughts on “Mango Tree Diseases: Prevent and Mango Diseases

  1. Very Informative, we just planted a Mango Tree and I'm watching these videos for preventive measures. 👍

  2. I have a small mango plant, and instead of cutting the leaves I decided to cut only the black parts of the leaves. Would this help? I also spray the plant with baking soda, olive oil and dish soap mixed with water, and I also water it with aspirin mixed with water. Will this all help in curing it and preventing further black spots to appear?

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