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Hello friends, Welcome back to our channel, I’m Poorni From the title, you would’ve known that I’m gonna talk about Maybelline instant age rewind concealer I’ve been using it for 3 months now Bought this before I went to Paris, Have been using this ever since I bought and I used only this concealer on my entire Paris trip Along with this, I also used my exact shade concealer from the brand ‘wet n wild’ in the shade Dark cocoa So, I can give my complete thoughts and review about this Product since I know the pros & cons of this product. I love this concealer, so thought, why not share with you guys This is the concealer & I bought this here in Belgium Here the concealer name is Instant anti-age corrector. But in India, the product name is Age Rewind Concealer. This is 10 caramel which is not my exact shade.. My shade is 11 Tan I found my shade only after buying this.. so once this is over, i’ll buy my shade which is 11 Tan I don’t often highlight my face with concealer. but my color correction step will be there on my day to day makeup I have my shade concealer from NYX which is bought recently. I’ve tried these 2 combinations while going out so many times the makeup stays whole day no matter what, but the weather here is completely different from India, so not sure about how long it stays since here the cold weather makes your skin sweat proof in which your makeup stays longer which can’t be expected in our country.. but this also can be fixed using setting powder.. This has a sponge tip applicator that you can apply directly on your face wherever u need This comes in twister type in which you can get the product out when you twist.. Less product is enough to hightlight your entire face, so twist carefully to avoid wastage of your product.. you will get full coverage with less amount of this concealer. This is supremely matte finish, so make sure to moisturize heavily before you use this. Else this may leads to cakey finish.. Coz, This happens to me. Particularly I’m talking about the undereye area, I’ve fine lines under my eye and this concealer stays there if you don’t blend it properly. If you have oily skin, you can set it with powder, but this already is a matte finish, so you won’t need powder.. However in our country which is humid, you can use powder to make this lasting for a longer time. If you are of my skin shade, 10 caramel will be your perfect highlighting shade or brightening shade.. In India, Caramel is the darkest shade available i guess.. If you want to try this shade, definitely go for it.. I like it.. But keep that in mind, this is in drying side.. so moisturize your skin for better result.. So lets move on to the application part.. As you can see, I’ve filled in my brows and used lipstick and also color corrected slightly with NYX can’t stop won’t stop concealer.. Nothing else on my face so we’ll move on to the application.. I’m more comfortable with the brush,so blending this with my brush.. you have to use moisturizer before going for this concealer, only then you’ll get smooth finish or else this will end up looking patchy on the skin.. You can set this with powder after this step if you want I’m ok with this, so not setting with powder This also ends up cakey if you use more of this product.. keep that in mind as well small amount is enough to cover your entire face so that’s it guys, hope you like this video If you found this video helpful, don’t forget to like this video and also do comment.. If you haven’t subscribed to our channel already, do SUBSCRIBE!!!! I’ll meet you in another interesting video.. until then Bye, Take care 🙂


  1. Sister ungaloda current hair care routine podunga neenga enna shampoo conditioner serum use pandrenu solunga sister pls

  2. Could you please translate the information you've given in this video in English please?!
    It would be very helpful 😊
    Thanks 💗

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