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My 260lbs Weight Loss Left Me With 20lbs Of Loose Skin | BRAND NEW ME

I was weighing in
at my heaviest, 420 pounds. I felt sad I’m going to eat the emotional connection
that I had with it literally I knew I
had a breakup with it being told that I should
have gastric bypass surgery. I had told them
over and over again. “No, I can do this on my own.” I have lost 260
pounds naturally. it still shocks me when I
see pictures then I’m like, “Is that really me?” When I started, I didn’t even think
about the loose skin part of it. I mean, affects you mentally,
the way you look at yourself. You’ve done all this hard work. And then you look in the mirror. And all you see is
all this loose skin. We really do have a strong
emotional connection, with food. And it was, it was bad. Like I was sad. It was something I ran to food, comfort food,
mac and cheese. But wouldn’t the pizza
make you feel better? you get to the point where I had such a relationship with food that it was kind of
like a second soulmate. Being 420 pounds I was being held back from so many things and just the simple things
like tying your own shoe like being out of
breath or going upstairs I’ll never forget it. I was at the
doctor’s office again being told that I should
have gastric bypass surgery. I had told them
over and over again, “No, I can do this on my own.” I can do this on my own. And I remember realizing more than anything
that I wanted this it was not just
going to be a diet that would change me. I have lost 260
pounds naturally. I am so glad I stayed the course
to do it on my own, and opted out of having surgery. Tim: After a year passed and she had lost her weight and then just how much better how much more life she had. It helped remind me of, “Okay,
well this is actually what life” is supposed to be like. Catherine: He has also
started his own journey as well which makes it amazing to have somebody
doing this with you. It was really just
learning portion control, and staying away from a
lot of processed foods. Catherine: Hi?
Seller: Hi? All right, you got your goodies? We like to keep it natural and it’s really taught me I was not a vegetable eater. So I learned those
flavors of vegetables which are amazing. And the thing was it was getting my
body used to those. Okay, so last week you told me to get some of these
white sweet potatoes, They were so good. so I want to get
some more of these. I actually put some oregano, garlic powder seasalt on it, and then I baked it in the oven and it like roasted perfectly. My favorite salad mix, eat with them every day. When I first started, I didn’t think I was going
to be able to like finish. And now looking back
three years later, 260 pounds, it’s crazy. There are days when I
have major down days where I don’t want to get up. and go to the gym or … maybe a food type that
I miss or I want to eat. Yeah, of course we’re all
going to have slips up but when I mean that’s
just part of the journey that’s just part of life and just got to keep on going. This skirt is a size 30. I got up to 38, and when I wore
this, it was so tight that afterwards the front button popped off, like you could fit a whole
other person in there. Maybe two. There’s lots of space in there. This is a reminder of me to never go back to where I was. When I started I didn’t even think about
the loose skin part of it because in my mind, I didn’t even know I was hoping to lose 20
pounds at that point. And then when I
really started to tell that it was affecting me. affecting my workouts, I mean, affects you mentally the way you
look at yourself. You’ve done all this hard work. And then you look in the mirror … and all you see is all this loose skin, they told me that I have a good at least 20 inches that will be taken off around this whole area. My legs, I know like it makes
me kind of tear up just thinking about it. I wore almost a size six X pants. So I knew this would be
something I would struggle with afterwards. But what I didn’t realize is that I would be left with not really a knee. Like,
all this skin to hold over it. And I just can’t imagine being able to have a knee. I … am very nervous
about the surgery. I know it’s a risky surgery, Why I did not have
the skin surgery? So we were good to go. And then the surgeon actually noticed that there could
be something wrong. I was having, you know, lots of pain always in my upper legs. I assumed that obviously
some of its going to be from all that loose skin pulling down on my knee. When I saw a vein doctor and she was like, “you have very, very bad veins.” “and we need to get
these taken care of” “before you go
under and have any” “surgery like this.” It took … over 12 weeks of sessions of having veins being stripped and pulled and it was super uncomfortable,
super painful, but I just kept
having in my mind, “you’re going to have your
skin removal surgery,” “you’re going to have your
skin removal surgery.” So then when I found out that was taken away from me, it’s a confidence thing that
I’ve had to work on, because mentally it can
get inside your head like “Here I was supposed to have
my skin removal surgery,” “and now I have” “400 scars on my legs” “from being poked so many times.” This was supposed to
be my victory story of the loose skin being gone. But instead now I
get to show off. The scarrings from
something that I had, did not want,
was not supposed to happen. My sister and my mother in law wanted to do something
special for me. So they had this necklace inscribed for me and it says, “lost 260 pounds.” On the other side, it says “gained a new life.” I hope that next year that I am going to have
that skin removal surgery I just want to get back and be able to go back to my surgeon like I can’t wait for that day
when he can evaluate me again and be like, “okay,
let’s get this scheduled”. I guarantee you, anyone can do this. They just have to want it.
They have to find that fight.

100 thoughts on “My 260lbs Weight Loss Left Me With 20lbs Of Loose Skin | BRAND NEW ME

  1. both are bad loose skin being too over weight best to eat right…but having said this its like any addiction you cant stop…so dont start…

  2. She is beautiful and what this lady accomplished on her own is phenomenal. I pray her skin operations go well and that she is happy with her results. God bless this gorgeous being 😊❤

  3. No matter the scarf or the losing Skin of any Person I see that went through something, they Always Need to be reminded how honorable it is for them to remind each of their next ones to get up once again and Keep Standing for what really Counts! You did the Right choice, just imagine you would not have slimmed down, you did the Right chioce and the Skin can be removedd one day, but your Health is restored nd you are free from overeating, it must have been a real burden, I know how it is to overeat, to fight that is just amazing!!! God bless you

  4. I was 450lbs in March of this year 2019 I lost 80lbs so far I eat 1,200 cals a day and most time I'll do a 3 days fasting you can lose up to a 1lbs in one day here's the instructions

    Fasting challenge
    Monday – fasting
    Tuesday -eat
    Wednesday -fasting
    Thursday -eat
    Friday fasting
    Saturday -eat
    Sunday -eat

    I have 1 cheating day once a month I workout 3 times a week now you have all the tools I wish you all good luck on your weight loss Journey

  5. Oh my god she's such an inspiration. I'm not overweight but I stopped working out in college and my athletic figure but the dust. I'm getting slightly more toned now (defined 4 pack and stronger legs) but now I want to work out twice as hard.

    I also really hopes she gets that surgery so she can live her best life. Barcroft, get on that

  6. literally the best weight loss community anywhere i watch it everday and I'm also so grateful i found it helped me not only lose weight but keep it off hope it helps some others!

  7. I'm 12, and I'm sadly 180 something pounds. I've always hated myself for over eating and everytime I've tried changing I end up failing. When I watched this video I was so inspired to keep trying. To never give up no matter how many obstacles there are.

    I'm hoping that this summer I could use the time to start working out and getting more responsible! The hardest part is that I have Asthma, and can't run and walk the longest I want to. I've been teased for my weight and lately I've been wanting to take my own life because of it.

    I want to thank this video for inspiration! I know I can loose pounds if I just keep trying.
    Thank you for listening/reading if you did..

    I really appreciate it ❤️

  8. Hello congratulation, du you know about your vessel are blocked with fat. Look at Dr. ESSELSTYN AND DR. ORNISH!! You can reserved many!!!

  9. I was also told I needed to get the bariatric surgery to lose weight, I was 410 pounds and said no. I am now 330 pounds, 8 months later. I realize that the loose skin problem is what I will have to face, but I think that no matter what you still have a better body and fewer health issues even with the loose skin. I hope she can get her surgery soon!
    Thank you Barcroft TV for making these videos, it is really encouraging.

  10. Oh boy I’m getting some veins glued and removed next month. And they’re shutting down all the superficial veins on the surface. So I’m a little nervous. This poor lady has so many holes on her legs.

  11. This is amazing! Well done to you both. You both look great and I'm sure feel so much better and healthier. Very inspiring.

  12. Amazing job!! Keep it up m, see if you can contact the doctor from Botched tv show. Safety first but they take on hard cases.

  13. Diet, exercise and will-power made her lose weights but keeps the ugly skins. She's not fit, barely improved her health cause can't move as a regular person does. After all, she's not happy at all…

    "FASTING" will take care of all: she would, get well-fit, have no leftover skins, no surgeries, be truly healthy, and mostly earn genuine happy.

  14. Congratulations. You are amazing. You can do it. You CAN do it. You've come this far. You will be so much more ready physically after your vein stripping. It will create new and healthier veins. The damaged varicose ines will disappear. You will look fantastic AND FEEL FANTASTIC. Happy christmas and happy rest of your life.

  15. Нима деганини умуман тушинмадиму бирок иродаси кучли экан шунча озибди

  16. Luckily I don’t have that ‘much’ loose skin but my stomach is legit 10x more wrinkled & only gets worse the leaner I get & gd It sucks bc I lost most of the weight when I was 16, I hoped being young it’d bounce back but I’m 25 now & have basically resigned myself to it as it only just enough to mentally affect me & I can’t afford surgery & the only way it goes away is to fill it out w fat so I just choose the lesser of two evils & try not to look @ myself w/o a shirt on lol & yeah would b nice to actually feel proud but I’m still shamefully hiding under baggy clothes j the same as when I weighed almost 3x as much as I do now but oh well cest la vie

  17. at least you are healthier now and out of danger. as for the loose skin, you'll save the money for the surgery eventually don't worry.

  18. Dear all, please please learn yourselves and teach your kids to have a healthy relationship with food. It's not easy, but it's extremely important. And it's not only about how much you eat, it's not only about weight. My mom never brought home junk food, not even soda. I swear I'm so used to cook simple and healthy meals from scratch, I don't even think about eating otherwise. It's very important to teach your kids to eat correctly. All your body suffers from bad food! Even if you have normal weight. Being bloated is not normal, having cramps, gaining weight too fast, getting constipated, having a stool that smells two blocks away, feeling low energy OR EVEN DEPRESSED because of lack of vitamins and elements IS NOT NORMAL. Please take care of yourselves and be happy. It's all the power of habit. Once you get used to your eating routine, it will feel normal and effortlessly, I promise.

  19. i almost started crying seeing her cry near the end, she sounds like a really kind lady and she worked so damn hard to be healthy and this happens

  20. What’s the point of losing so much weight , to get all that extra fat skin all over our body how many money you spend in cosmetic surgeries our body will never be same a slim person

  21. Support groups are so important in my opinion. Meeting people who are having the same issues, questions and sharing information is key. Trying to do it on your own while dating, eating out with friends, etc. is almost a losing battle. Even spouses or significant others may not be supportive enough, or want to talk much about your struggles or frustrations along the way. Find support groups in your area if you can and join online support groups too.

  22. Subscribed, want to see your new look. You did a great job and you totally deserve to feel pretty and strong. Wish you luck, health, patience and reach your goal!

  23. I am sooo glad for you!! You're amazing, beautiful and veey inspirational!! I hope you're able to finally have the skin removed so you won't have to worry about it anymore and you can enjoy all of the hard work that you have done ❤❤😊

  24. I know a lot of you come here to get inspired, but will never be her.
    Why because you don’t wanna turn off the fckn tv and get to work.

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