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Oil Pulling ||Benefit  For Skin Health ,Teeth|| By Shilpa Shetty  Secret || Best Morning Habbit

What is oil pulling How its benificial How it makes you look younger & energetic As you Know celebrities look younger than the are Even in their 50’s they look like 25 . How ?? They do some magical pratices Like oil pulling .This is ancient Technique to strengthen your face muscles It Improves your skin and make it glowing Even shilpa do it daily , religiously It make her energetic ,attractive Take two spoon of cold Pressed oil Put it in your mouth and roll it in your mouth between your teeth and checks After 10-15 minutes you can spit it out And do your teeth brush . You can use any other oil seaseme , olivoile ,but it should be cold pressed It make your skin bright glowing . It make your facial muscles strong It can help to relieve migraine ,because of muscle strengthen and exercise of face.

80 thoughts on “Oil Pulling ||Benefit For Skin Health ,Teeth|| By Shilpa Shetty Secret || Best Morning Habbit

  1. Are puri jaankari do konsa oil kya benifit dega or uske baad muh ko wash krna h ya nhi raat me bed tym kr skte h

  2. Yar poori jankari…achhe se diya kro..sbka cment pdna pdta hai tb ja k smjh aata hai…finally krna kya hai….and you know lg to question krenge hi so phle hi bata diya kro aap. 3-4 mint ka v video rha to koi bat ni. utna tym to de hi skte hai.
    Thank you

  3. Mam yeh brush karne ke pehle toh karna hai par baase munh se ya kulla karne ke baad aur oil pulling karne se pehle 1 glass garm nimbu pani pi sakte hain ? Pls reply


  5. Thand me kaise krenge oil pulling
    I mean winter me to coconut oil liquid ni rhta solid me convrt ho.jata h…So hw to use in winter season??

  6. Good information on oil pulling, where to buy cold press oil in USA, and must do daily or weekly? Please do advise.

  7. It's an ancient ayurvedic treatment described in Ayurveda Sanhitas (books)…Called as गंडुष विधी… It's a part of दिनचर्या means daily routine…

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