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Omegaman Radio Podcast: Mental Illness, Mind Control, Lies, 5 Parts of the Body

Are you ready Ready to take a ride grab your coffee and strap yourself in Because the show is about to begin from the frontlines of America pavulon and transmitting worldwide on the internet and satellite You are listening to Megaman radio network with shannon davis All right everybody I want to welcome you to the marathon we’re alive tonight Wednesday February 21st 2018 and it’s an honor to do this show with Minister Zoe Eddy and a very special guest he’s going to introduce here in just a moment here for the first time tonight Brother Zoe would you like to introduce our guest? Yes, sir there’s excitement in the air I know that I’ve been privileged to get to know personally brother in Christ teacher trainer counselor from hardcore Christianity dot-com michael w smith and we’re talking about the deliverance minister michael w smith not the singer so praise God we have him in the house and We’re excited to hear from Him I could go down a list of things that he’s done and accomplished But I’ll let him do that we can ask questions as he goes, but we have about a two-hour slot here And I know there’s a lot of people are going to be tuning in in the chat room with questions And we’ll try to get to everybody in the second hour if we can so praise God Michael I hand it over to you god bless welcome brother Michael. How are you doing my friend? I’m good. Thank you for the invitation Well, this is your first time here the network. We’re real excited to have you and blessed and We’re going to give you the mic you in a few moments to Bring the word of the Lord, but for those that are tuning it for the first time brother Michael Tell us a little bit about yourself and your ministry I’m from Phoenix out of the Arizona deliverance Center hardcore Christian accom and I am actually a professional counselor not not actually a technically a minister and we We do mostly teaching the Word of God and healing and deliverance at the deliverance Center We don’t operate it like a church the people that we minister to 99% of them are Christians from other churches, and they come to the deliverance Center from all over the United States and most of them come healed or delivered for 25 years I was a secular counselor and my youngest daughter Tracy led me to the Lord several years ago and then over a period of years I transitioned out of Secular counseling and psychology to counseling Christians and during that transition period I had I had to be retrained by the Holy Ghost because There’s a lot of gaps in secular counseling and psychology and psychiatry that had to be fixed removed and repaired for me to Be a Christian counselor so to speak and In the 25 years, I worked as a secular counselor I made a lot of money, and I was you know not rich But I was a wealthy person a successful businessman. I had my own Counseling Center in Phoenix and I Had never cured anyone over the years I Had made a lot of money from insurance but and I’d helped a lot of people, but it was more like kind of patching them and I never saw anybody actually cured Of a physical or mental illness, and so I saw the Holy Spirit do it in 2002 and Then I transitioned out by 2005. I had retired and closed down my counseling practice and my counseling center and Went into full-time Ministry at that time and at that time. I opened up a place called the house of healing in Phoenix and Then recently we moved over to the Arizona deliverance Center That’s kind of short version of it Praise God and what is your website again? We’ll give it out later, but for those joining us right now I like to look it up. How can they find you on the web? It’s a hardcore Christianity dot-com our I have for YouTube teaching channels, and that’s slash house of healing a Z for, Arizona Praise God now as we’re getting started tonight Asking everybody to bear with us the enemy has tried to with students tonight three times. We’ve had our power knocked out this evening Really nasty Brown out like I’ve really never experienced before on this level hitting the house Blows the breaker switches and it requires me to go down and walk outside and put a key in this hole Reach in there and flick the switch again Demonic attack, but it’s just a Minute or two to fix it if we encounter that and we lose at any point don’t panic I will be called you back, but just to give you a heads up that the enemy is not happy but he can lump it as my dad said and We’re excited to be here with you tonight. I like the title of your ministry hardcore Christianity brothers oh, and I believe that way we like to get hardcore on the devil in the name of Jesus and You know I want to say one other thing, and then I’m gonna give you the mic to preach and that is brother What you said is true? You know the Secor way It’s like a band-aid you do the best that you can But you didn’t see anybody cured You know Alcoholics Anonymous is not much different you go in there and praise God for the work that they do But they’ll tell you that alcoholism is a disease there is no cure, and they get you to come in there and say hello My name is Joe I’m an alcoholic. I’ve been sober. You know one day to 1,000 days They give you no cure folks. There’s only a cure that can come from one his name is Jesus Christ He came to set the captives free now. He’s secured tonight He can heal you he can deliver you he can save you anything else is a band-aid psychotropic drugs Well praise God for those that took them and they didn’t commit suicide, but still a band-aid That’s not the answer tonight the answer is Jesus Christ He can deal with the root problems, and he whom the son sets free is free indeed so I praise God my brother for what you’re doing and Hope that more will come to the light that Deliverances the is the route to the cure with that We’re excited to be here tonight We’re with ministers Zoey Eddie and a new guest tonight michael w smith of hardcore Christianity now gentlemen I’m gonna step back and throw you the mic You got as much time as you like tonight any time you want to break Just let me know and I’ll throw some music on for you, and if we got time later We’ll try to get the switchboard up at present the switchboard is down I’m working on that But we should have it open a little bit later the way you can tune in right now is go to our website, Omega Man or go to the mix sell our feed that stream is is going what’s strong no problem? Okay, man now now Shannon real quick. Yeah, well we hand it over to Michael I had I don’t know how this happened but I I got on to his hardcore Christianity Facebook page and suddenly I had access to Like add a whole bunch of members of our network and friends I know you’re not on Facebook anymore, but I added of like 80 or 90 people so everybody clicked Yes So then we had a huge discussion Over at possession versus infection versus oppression and and then there was all sorts of different things and I promise people that we would talk and Address some things and Michael and I had gotten into it before the last hour a few of the things and Michael I’m not telling you what to preach But I’d like to definitely address the basics of what you were discussing cuz it was awesome Which he was saying about the conscience versus the spirit man, and where the demons live and all and I think that was fabulous revelation so if you don’t mind if you would continue in that vein For us because there was a huge thread war going on last night. So thank God all right. Well. That’s great Means somebody’s listening out there and with that I’m gonna step back and flip you the mic Michael the mic assure is welcome aboard my friend Okay, thank you, sir Referencing what what he just said To understand the differences between those terms you have to understand the concept of being a human being and how human beings are structured and when I left the secular counseling and psychotic ecology field I Went to the Lord and I asked him to give me Answers to questions I had had for years as a Christian and one of the revelations He gave me over the years was the structure of a human being and here’s how they’re built human beings are made out of five parts a mind a conscience a soul a spirit and a body the Greek words are Numa for your spirit man sookay is your soul noose is your mind sama is your body and Senatus is your conscience and The Lord told me that each one of these parts Yeah, okay, let’s do a sound check out there More born-again gentlemen brother Michael yes brother Zoe Yes, my worst fear was realized we just had a brownout Okay, okay open this oh, oh, but Noah’s telling us to back up how far back. Do you need to go? Up until you just heard me speak Brother Michael was just the you’re just brother Michael. Here’s the deal God has shown you that the human being was made up of five parts, and you had just began to identify and pop for time today folks It’s out of my hands We’ve called the my wife’s calling the electric company right now bear with us were on the tropical, island, Bali, Indonesia the island of the devil’s the enemy is not happy with this we’re throwing in this buttocks and We’re calling The Electric Company I don’t know we got an emerging situation because this is not normal and we’re gonna get them to come out This happened to me before Last night, and then four times today The enemy did not want this program to happen folks brother ivory Hopkins had to go to the ER Brother Michael is fixing to bring a teaching which is explosive The truth will set us free So gentlemen if you’ll bear with me we will get through tonight, and it will be to the glory of God I want you to start back by identifying the five parts and then please pick back up there. I’m sorry Okay when do I do that right now? The mic is yours roll with it, okay? I apologize Well back on then. Yes, sir. Yeah as I just mentioned God created human beings with five parts it’s a Body soul spirit mind and conscience and each one of those parts supernaturally works independently and Collectively all at the same time 24/7 The five parts if you don’t understand the five parts you won’t understand how and why The holy spirit and demons deal with a human being because the holy spirit and demons use all five of those parts and If you don’t understand how those parts work You won’t understand how the Holy Ghost works Through human beings and you won’t understand how demons control Christians, and how they possess sinners So that was the first revelation God gave me which was the basics of healing and deliverance and It was the basics of why Christianity here in America is essentially a failure Christianity and here in America. I can’t speak for any other country or where you’re at but here in America Christianity is a a watered-down bastardized version of an ineffective system, and it doesn’t meet the needs of The people in the United States and as a result of that the Z generation and others are leaving churches left and right here in America and church attendance is dropping all across the country and Our young people are not attending church anymore the main stream Denominations are all getting smaller with exception of one or two the five parts of a human being are very important Your mind is in your brain. That’s the Greek word news your mind is Broken in a series of sub parts which I’m not going to get into tonight But some of the sub parts are your dream life your subconscious your thoughts your deep thoughts and Your mind is the seat of your free will? Human beings and demons and angels Were created by God to have that special feature Other things that God created do not have freewill It’s very limited in insects and animals virtually non-existent in plants Fish Material things planets the universe stars Man is unique along with angels and demons to have a free will and each person exercises that freewill While they’re awake All the time every day of their life unless they have a congenital disability a traumatic brain injury or some other type of Physical or demonic illness your spirit man is where the holy spirit lives When you become born again in John Jesus told Nicodemus, you must be born again, that’s a Greek phrase ganado anathan, and it means to be generated or born from above when someone uses their free will They hear the gospel. They see the preacher their conscience is convicted they receive Christ into their life of their own free will and If it’s genuine most of the time it isn’t but in the few cases where it’s actually genuine the Holy Spirit comes from above From heaven and he enters the person’s body, and he lands in the spirit, man the spirit man is the house or the temple of the Holy Spirit and Out of the spirit man come the gifts and the fruit of the Spirit The spirit man is the only part of the human being that’s actually saved or born again. Nothing else is born again For example your mind is not born again. It’s renewed over a period of time Paul mentioned the term in Romans renewing of your mind, that’s the Greek word Metamorpho it means to morph As you grow and grace and as you study to show yourself approved unto God your mind morphs or transforms over time into the mind of Christ It doesn’t happen all at once When you get born again on Monday You don’t have the Bible memorized on Tuesday, and you don’t have the mysteries of the universe solved by Wednesday. It doesn’t work that way Your body Doesn’t automatically get healed once you become born again in your spirit if someone gets saved They don’t automatically get healed from a physical illness Hopefully they get healed later. That’s part of the atonement If a person gets born again in their spirit, man. They don’t automatically get delivered from demons so let’s say for example a whore a Criminal a murderer What have you let’s say they get born again? They don’t automatically get delivered from demons Hopefully you get delivered from the demons later The same thing is true of your conscience your conscience not born again it also Regenerates over time Paul mentioned To Timothy that some people have a seared conscience, that’s the Greek word canarias oh It means it’s where we get our English word to cauterize When a person is living in sin their conscience gradually Sears or cauterizes and when it does and no longer Receives signals that what they’re doing is wrong For example the first time that you had intercourse Something told you in your conscience that that was a sin that was wrong don’t do that be careful Your conscience is God’s internal warning system It’s his internal love letter to you telling you be careful. You’re going to hurt yourself Your conscience speaks to you when you’re about to sinn take drugs get drunk have sex whatever it is and Your conscience goes off and tells you watch out Be careful Don’t do that That’s wrong That’s morally Improper but as you override your conscience using your mind and the lusts of your flesh in your body your conscience gradually Sears so that that sin no longer bothers you for example had counseled a lot of families over the years and counseled a lot of people who then had wives who were beaten by their husbands well Wife-beating never occurs in 15 minutes It’s always a process of your conscience being seared the first the first day You might raise your voice a little in the next the next week you might Yell on the next week. You might grab and shake the next week. You might hit you might push You’re the same thing is true with drugs and alcohol Nobody’s it becomes a drunk or a drug addict in five minutes they have to work at sin and They must be diligent and Attentive to sin and they have to work hard they have to put in some time and effort for you to develop sinful practices that do not bother you anymore and This for example I’ve counseled gangsters They used to be in gangs and the first time they shot somebody It didn’t feel right they had something bothered him. What was their conscience? They got drunk that night to wipe it out But as they kept killing people It didn’t bother them anymore And that’s true with gangsters and mafioso, and you name it It’s true with any kind of sin here in America our politicians are our rotgut Liars They’re pathological liar But when they first started out Lying you know it bothers you a little bit You know you know you’re not supposed to tell a lie and your conscience is telling you hey You’re lying to that person don’t that wasn’t true what you said But politicians by the time they get an office and get going they don’t have any Conscience aware awareness of lying anymore they just do it naturally it just comes natural and So to understand how the Holy Spirit works with people You have to understand those five parts Mind Conscience soul and spirit the last one your soul the Greek word is su ke is where your emotions come out of and This is the seat of all carnal Christians here in America Ninety-five percent of all Christians are carnal lukewarm gutless losers and their principal feature is that they live on live with negative thoughts in their mind and negative emotions in their soul or They live out of their soul and out of their emotions Your soul is where your emotions come from anger. Love your emotions Help you generate certain sins lust Envy greed Taking offenses frustration anger hatred your soul is the Second feature the demons love the most Because they’re able to manipulate the human soul and their emotions and by doing that they can control the person their main attack is loose the mind and Controlling the mind the Holy Spirit is the exact same way? his main goal is to Regenerate or renew the spirit man after the person is born again the Holy Spirit wants the person’s mind The demons want the person’s mind The person who gets the mind gets the rest of the person The Holy Spirit approaches it polar opposite from demons He only works with people who submit and who are volunteers demons work with slaves Paul said in Romans That you are the slave of the master you serve Demons will do anything to control a Christian. They’ll say anything do anything lie anyway intimidate in any fashion they will do anything and everything to Try to control a person because their slave drivers their slave owners and They rule through deception and deceit because demons know most of them are some much smarter than human beings and Any spirit being is smarter than human being simply from the fact that they see? everything in the spirit world and Everything in the natural world we as human beings See into the natural world because that’s where we live because we have a body that keeps us here when we die we our inner man and all four parts leave the body and If you’re a born-again Christian truly born again it goes to heaven at the time of death if you’re not born again the inner man leaves the body here and goes through the gates of Hell and Whatever is done with them there. I don’t really want to know about it The inner man is the center portion of a human being and makes up? Who a person really is in addition to that your body of course is extremely? important because of genetics Everything you are Came from your family tree down the last hair on your body no matter where it’s located Everything about you came from your family tree We’re all products of our genetic inheritance In addition you can have a spiritual inheritance Some people call it generational curses Some people call them generational sins If you have somebody in your family tree who was a vicious sinner that Person let demons into their life and into their body and When they died those demons stay in that family tree, and they go down the family tree they don’t go to somebody else’s tree and You can spot that clearly in People’s genetics. You’ll see a family tree that has a lot of divorces or a lot of Adultery or a lot of addictions You’ll see a pattern going through that family tree child abuse Certain illnesses demonic illnesses Certain genetic and genetically inherited Congenital Disabilities you’ll see a pattern in the person’s tree and that comes from the spirits That have attacked the ancestors they died in the demon state in the same family tree They go down the tree to pick off other people in that tree What I do family counseling they come in and they want their children delivered. I never do that I always go to the parents first Because the demons in the children most of the time not always most of the time come from the parents or the grandparents and So the Holy Spirit in the spirit man is trying to control the person but only on a volunteer basis The person has to submit their free will to him And then he will use them the level at which they submit Determines the person’s gifts and their anointing and their destiny For obvious reasons if someone is really dedicated to the Lord They will become a powerful disciple in America ninety seven percent ninety five or whatever it is of Christians are crisp. They’re only Christians. They’re not disciples a Disciple is completely different from a Christian All disciples are Christians very few Christians are disciples and it all depends on the individuals free will The Bible says that God calls people and he chooses them well there’s a difference God calls people But he doesn’t choose everybody The reason he doesn’t choose everybody is because they didn’t choose him quick example The rich young ruler was called by God He walked up to Jesus and what must I do to go to heaven Jesus So what you got to do all these things. He said I’ve already done all the things. He said oh you forgot one thing You’ve got greed in your heart Your your you love money and material things Jesus said listen don’t worry about that excel everything you have can Give it to the poor and come follow me and you will have treasures in heaven and the rich young ruler walked away The greek word was is lupe. Oh, it means depressed Because he had a in greek. It says a large estate and Jesus then turned to the stifles and said it’s very difficult for someone who’s rich to get into the kingdom of God and the Disciples like the fainted when he said it. They couldn’t believe it, but what was happening there The richland ruler was called by God to a powerful ministry, but he wasn’t chosen by God Because he didn’t choose to accept the call And all that is involved in the person’s inner man in their mind in their emotions the soul in their spirit, man Spiritual part of the person and in their conscience their internal moral acumen and So once you understand the five parts of a human being you can then understand what the demons are after and how they are manipulating Christians and How they beat them so easily? If you’re just joining us we are live with michael w smith and Zooey Eddie Brother this is one of the best teachings I’ve heard on the makeup of The human being I want you to continue, and I want you to also address you know many times Michael we hear about You know the battlefield is in the mind now you mentioned we renew or mine through the hearing of God’s Word What do people do that are may be tuning in tonight, and they’re being assaulted Literally by thoughts and feelings that they don’t want Some are even hearing voices tell them to go do something other. Just you know seeing profane images Others you know they’re just they’re got these there being a soul with feelings of depression Literally there’s an attack going on their mind isn’t it? What do we do to fight back? You know once you made the decision for Christ How do you get control of your mind so that the enemy is not in control of it? And he’s got you working as his puppet. I want you to dress them then I got other questions last further hit back to you That question just asked me is that’s that’s a that has seven sub parts wow That’s a very complicated question answer believe it or not Could you? Just ask me one thing. It looks like we’re going to be doing a series on all seven sub topics. It’s all we get ready The battlefield is in the mind, would you say that’s a true statement? yes, now your your mind the Greek word is noose and your mind is in your brain and It’s the seat of your free will Every person in that is conceived and then born Has a mind and a free will and by the way has a personality Every person is born with a personality Now your personality and your mind develop over time but your personality develops based on your external stimuli What kind of a home you’re raised in who your parents are who your significant others are who takes care of you everybody? Is an individual and has their own unique Life and Their own unique method of how they were raised and so your personality Develops into a temperament. It’s called your personality temperament, and it’s how the person’s personality developed From childhood to young adulthood how they relate to their environment things people events activities work goals school etc your personality temperament is How you your personality developed or relates to your world so to speak? If that makes sense your intelligence however is fixed You’re born with you’re what they call your IQ So if you have if you’re born, and you have a low IQ you cannot become super intelligent You can only become the limits of your own IQ So if someone is born dumb they can’t they’ll never end up working at NASA so to speak If that makes sense how are your mind your mind is in your brain and You can’t improve. How your mind functions Well you cannot improve your IQ your intelligence You can improve your mind And how it functions for example people take memory courses for example they learn word association and different things and you can improve How your mind works? Cues it picks up on there’s all kinds of different methods You can use to make your mind work and operate better in fact. They have a whole pattern of treatment for patients that have Alzheimer’s Parkinson’s and dementia for example later in life But your IQ can’t be changed so each one of us have a genetic structure in our body meaning that Michael Jordan was probably dunking in the crib Or other great athletes Phelps Wilt Chamberlain Muhammad Ali these people were born with genetic gifts That they didn’t learn or get through training however, they were also born with Determined motivations that they developed over time Just because someone is Intelligent doesn’t mean they’ll be successful. Just because someone is a great athlete doesn’t mean they’ll amount to anything that is Determined as one of the subparts of your mind, which include things like interests desire motivation dedication and so on So the person’s mind is the most important thing about the person and that’s why the Bible focuses on Renewing or morphing your mind into the mind of Christ Because the person who gets the mind gets the person if the demons get the mind They get the person if the Holy Ghost gets the mind he gets the person So you’re you’re born with certain building blocks and certain giftings certain hereditary traits So maybe in the natural there’s a limit to the way you can improve yourself What about though when you take in the supernatural dynamic of? transforming your mind through the hearing of God’s Word is it possible in your Opinion to boost IQ to take yourself up to the next level using the Word of God No you can’t boost your IQ but What you’re talking about now is moving into the Holy Ghost world Where you’re operating in? the fruit and gifts and anointing of the Holy Spirit in that regard Anything is possible Further pure good if you got a pencil we’re gonna write that one down I think that’s a chapter for your next book the Holy Ghost world. I like that Amen, I like it to Continue on yes. Good to give you a couple of examples William Branham and Mary word worth editor and Smith Wigglesworth were people of pathetic education and modest intelligence average IQs but because their free will and their determination to submit to the Holy Ghost Was a thousand times greater than any other Christian they had ministries that were off the hook now Not every great man or woman of God has a low IQ I’m not saying that because for example John Lake was the opposite he had a Shocking Ministry of Holy Ghost power and he had a very high IQ He was exceptionally intelligent far more intelligent than the three people I just mentioned So God can use people that have real high IQs But it’s much harder for him to use them than people that have average or a little below average IQ because as it says in first Corinthians People that have high IQs Usually are spare you’ll have a spiritual deficit for example Nobody ever goes to a Bible scholar to get healed That’s the last person you want to talk to as a Bible scholar What’s to get healed what you need to find is somebody’s praying grandma? Who knows how to get on her knees and release our Holy Ghost tears and pray you down a miracle from God? Human intelligence is actually a deficit Unless it is completely submitted to the will of the Spirit Like John Lake for example well. That’s the truth because People intelligent people have been I’ve had horrible Difficulty counseling Really intelligent Christians because they think too much, and they collate too much and they over process spiritual things and miracles don’t come from intelligence of a human it comes from Holy Ghost intelligent and childlike faith You know that’s the truth you hit the key word there Childlike faith Dinner to enter into the kingdom of God we’re live with Michael W. Aiken Zoey Eddie You know the Word of God says if we confess Jesus as Lord and believe in our heart that God has raised him from the dead. We shall be saved Is there difference between believing in your heart and believing in your mind Okay now you just opened up another box there. That’s 18 inches Right don’t worry. I’ve always got extra shows in my pocket. We’ll break this out into a twenty five part series Yeah, no you just asked another difficult question let me answer it this way Two greek words The first one is pissed us, which is translated in the King James Bible as faith, and that’s a noun Believe is translated in the King James Bible from the Greek pistol, and that’s a verb Faith faith is enough to get saved but not enough to amount to anything for God James said faith without works is dead right The Greek word believe is a verb So if you have faith, it’s not going to be helping anybody unless you step out on your faith and Do something which is pistou? Oh, which means believe? Jesus said if you have faith and doubt not you shall not only do that which is done to the fig tree but also if you sand to this mountain be thou removed and be thou cast in the sea it shall be done and All things whatsoever you desire When you pray believe that you receive them And you shall have them Faith is not enough to generate a miracle Jesus said believe that you receive them pistou Oh Step out in faith as if you had already received it And you shall have it, that’s the Greek word s. Oh my it means it shall be For example John 3:16 for God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son the son, right yes To who who gets saved it says only those who believe Piss do all In order to be born again kanae o anathan to be generated or born from above the person must do something with their faith Faith is an action Whatsoever things you desire when you pray believe Pass to all that to receive them, and you shall have them s. Oh my it shall be You have to step out on your faith for example the great faith. Healers all understood this verse The way it should have been taught not the way it’s taught in churches People keep telling you oh, if you just built if you just have faith you can blit you can have anything no you cannot Wigglesworth sister adders some of the others they were all action figures in the kingdom of God For example someone who would come up to wiglesworth and hey I’ve got stomach cancer boom he’d punched him in the gut What was wiglesworth doing there? He had faith in his spirit man pissed us. That’s a noun and but there was no miracle as Soon as he hit her kiss – oh she was instantly healed Jesus had faith pissed us the noun that that fig tree was going to die But nothing happened until he cursed the fig tree In other words he took action Yes, that’s pistou. Oh so when you asked me about belief You got to just understand the difference between faith and Believe one’s a noun the other one’s verb pissed us without works is dead So to generate miracles the person has to have the anointing and the faith and Piss – OH as you just said do something and That’s how the great men of God like lake and the rest of them That’s how they generated so many incredible off-the-hook miracles They had more than faith. They were also believing See God, so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him Should not perish You have to do something Give an example of how that might apply to some what tuning in today It applies all through the New Testament it never stops. It’s the exact same pattern It’s pista sand peace to all the woman from Syria came to Jesus Because she had pissed us, but she would have never gotten a miracle for her daughter who was possessed by demons Had she not had piss – Oh stepped out on her faith and Jesus said to her woman great is your faith She had to fight her way through a Geography she came from the from the north from Syria. She came a long way to find him. She had to hunt him down She had to go four days to get to him when she got to him the church people tried to get rid of her Any time somebody wants to be healed or delivered you can be sure there’ll be a church person there trying to block it With doubt and unbelief oh yes Jesus then tested her further for our benefit not for hers, and then she passed the test and she Received a miracle which he got home the Bible says her daughter had been completely cured The maniac of gather in mark chapter five as you remember The real person came running down to Jesus now this opens up a different story We’re talking about the mentally ill now and that’s a that’s a totally different Bible study but this man was mentally ill and he was He had Thousands of spirits in him and These spirits were so powerful that They would literally take over his god-given personality and his god-given mind That’s how strong they were Well when he got down to talk see Jesus the demon stopped him and took over and started talking to Jesus themselves After the man was delivered All the demons had left the man’s body and went into some animals Which they’re capable of doing? Particularly dogs and cats yes but the man the Bible says Was seen by the townspeople who came out to witness the miracle they found him sitting there clothed and in his right mind That’s the Greek word suffering this must it means his mind was working in an orderly fashion Well you see the piston was in the man’s heart when he saw Jesus afar off And then he started to run down to him. That’s pistou. Oh he put his faith into action He stepped out on his faith. Castillo is a verb Miracles come from pistou oh Not just pissed us So What Joe does and you do when you pray for somebody you see them healed or delivered? You do that not by sitting in a corner of praying and hoping and praying and wishing they got healed no you stepped up you did something you commander the spirit you put your hand on him something like that and bang your anointing was triggered and Kaboom the person got healed or delivered And that so part of it was to believe that God is able to heal or deliver but Stepping out next is The second part of the equation and actually commanding the healing or the spirit to go out in Jesus name is that right? Yeah, you have to do that You have to have pistol With your pistols, or it doesn’t work the two blind men a blind Bartimaeus the woman with the issue of blood Brother Jerry Isis dead daughter if you read those Stories again and I Read them in detail in English and Greek What you see in those stories is pistou? Oh? generating the miracles for example brother Darius Came to Jesus for her daughter to be healed and then while they’re headed toward the house Which is what God always does is when you when you ask him for help? He always says yes, 100%, and he always heads for your house. That’s a hundred percent But while they’re going there the devil stepped in and sent the church people at brother Jerry’s to say don’t bother that teacher anymore She just died well brother Darius must have had a look of terror on his face because That was his only daughter and his favorite child he had a bunch of boys. He was tired of them. He finally got daddy’s girl He looks over Jesus Panicking probably, and he hears these words keep on believing Right at that moment his daughter’s life was in her inner dad’s hands He could either go with the church people and doubt And go back and prepare for the funeral or he can keep on believing and at that moment pistou oh he decided to keep on believing and he walked back to his house and the Bible says When they walked through the door Jesus said why are you weeping? She’s only taking a nap is what it says in the Greek and the People started to laugh at him what they didn’t know was Brother Darius had stepped out on his faith his pistou. Oh generated the miracle and when Jesus stepped in the house the girl was raised from the dead and She was napping in bed. She wasn’t dead anymore The people start laughing so Jesus as He did then as he does now. He removes the unbelievers whether they’re Sinners or saints he removes them and He goes to the person who has his stool and he went into the room the Bible says he lifted moved his hand out and lifted her out of the bed and Lifted her up. She was already resurrected when he walked in the door But it would have never happened had brother Darius at that moment succumb to temptation and believed the church people and not believed God Believed meaning he kept walking home pistou all he kept doing something The only way to generate a miracle from God is to step out on your faith Because truly faithful that works is dead isn’t it? Bingo Folks what a powerful teaching tonight? We’re live with michael w smith in zoe Eddie brother Zoe I’ve asked these questions. I have a few more, but I’m gonna defer them. Um. We’ll throw it back to you What question is brother Michael? Well I’ve been thinking about the term mountain-moving faith Yeah, when God said say unto this mountain You know be thou cast into the sea, and it shall obey you I was thinking what kind of faith Was that was that the faith of God the actual not not a human faith? But that was the faith that that it was a miracle-working faith the gift of faith. I I liked Michael who addressed that Well now you now you’ve by fir catered the concept, okay? I wasn’t talking about the gift of faith kissed us That’s a special gift and one of the nine supernatural gifts of the Spirit. I was talking about Every person every born-again Christian has mountain-moving faith But they have to develop it The gift of faith is where the Holy Spirit in the spirit, man generates this incredible Concept That under no circumstances. What a miracle not happen in Normal faith by the way the Bible says every born-again Christian has pissed us the Bible says God is dealt to every man And every woman a measure of faith The Greek word is Maris it means a portion like for example a piece of pie Each person when they’re born again at that moment gets This measure of faith given to them by God So they can continue their Christian lives If he didn’t do that none of us would make it Being saved as a gift from God not something you earn Being born again as an act of mercy from God not a act of reward for wages or labors You’re saved by faith through grace And not of yourselves. It’s a gift of God not of works I Was born again 100% by mercy I Had nothing of value to give God I was a hundred percent trash I Was a nothing in a nobody and totally valueless The Holy Ghost offered me the blood of Christ as a gift of grace and mercy and I Thank God accepted it I Said that’s a gift I’ll take because I’ll never earn it in a million years and at that moment When I became a born-again Christian in my spirit, man. I was given a measure of faith by God, just like you two were You were given a measure of faith now the key is What’s that person going to do with that faith? That is up to the free will of each individual child of God? It’s all determined by free will each person determines Where their Christian life goes through their own free will some people don’t they don’t care? They literally don’t care My counseling practice is built on four years Counseling Christians who you know some of them don’t care Some of them are too hurt some of there’s a million different reasons why their piston develop But the only way to develop. It was and wigglesworth’s was the greatest expert was by doing something the more you do it the Greater your pissed us grows Pista grows through activity and reading God’s Word Faith comes by hearing pissed us and by hearing by the Word of God Tiff’s – oh then triggers the miracles and the person then dove elif’s Pisses on their own at their own rate and every person develops it separately if the person gets the gift of faith then That’s a specialized gift for specialized circumstances that require Incredible faith from God First so my question my question to you now is that as you’re describing this faith of a measure it could be developed into if Into mountain-moving faith by exercise is that what you’re saying, or is assisting alright? Okay, go ahead about a hundred percent Any person can move mountains but? They have to develop their pistols through Castillo using it to reach mountain-moving faith for example You problem you two probably know Numerous people’s with anointings, but you also notice that each separate person Has a different level of anointing for each separate gift For example as you know Wiglesworth had a tremendous anointing and pissed us and piss tool for healing Let’s say for example or casting out demons But he had a motto modest or medium anointing for praying for finances for churches Each person has their own sort of niche with God and nobody except Jesus had all the gifts and the Anointing of the Holy Ghost without measure he’s the only person ever had that no one else will ever have that They’ll never be another person like Jesus But you can have somebody like the Apostle Paul The greatest Christian ever lived because of his free will and his determination and his work ethic To sacrifice everything he had for God So Paul developed his anointing at a different level than Matthew or Bartholomew who did so to speak and That’s true today every Christian has their own anointing and it’s only at a certain level based on that person’s individual dedication You know Zoey you brought up a good word exercising your faith Michael Do you think as you go along and you begin to put your faith to work and begin to go out and move in? Praying for people deliverances and you see these things happen Well that exercise your faith muscles, and it’ll be easier to have more faith. The next time because you like building some momentum As you go no, no, it’s not momentum It’s your anointing and that’s what the Holy Ghost is trying to get every born-again Christian to do Every single one of them he wants everybody to exercise their faith and grow their Pistons So that’s his goal because he hasn’t he has a call on every Christians life. He has a plan for their life and he wants you to fulfill your destiny and and Joe and everybody else and So he wants each Each Christian every single one of them without even a miss To develop their faith and fulfill their destiny, that’s that’s his job Now does God deal every man a measure of faith So he may give you a certain amount of faith another one more or less, and if that’s the case How can we get more do we just ask him saying Lord give us more faith? Lord I believe help my unbelief No, it’s only the only after you’re born again God gives you a measure of faith so each Christian starts out at Level one so to speak I Agree Doesn’t it say building up your most whole faith building up your most holy faith, so there’s a there’s a building a measure that’s given right and then a building of your faith and Exercising of the gift it says in the word start up the gift that was given to you by the laying on of hands so there is a stirring a building and Exercising you know I think though I think the words obedience if you obey what God has told you to do his commands I mean the disciples themselves were told to go out and Obey, and and he rebuked them when they didn’t obey and act in faith I mean so it’s kind of like the Lord wants us to do the things that he commanded us to do in obedience So it’s really obeying the Lord Because we loved him and we want to see his will Bring brought to the nation’s right Well, that’s that’s a thousand percent correct, so he’s using a term obey, which means the person is stepping out with their Castillo that means they they are a believer They’re stepping out on their faith, and they’re obeying the commandments of God for example Matthew 10 loop nine Jesus Takes the group, and he says okay now. I’m gonna teach you piss to all Now I want you to go to all the cities only go to the Jews Don’t go. Don’t go to the Samaritans of the Gentiles And I want you to go into these cities don’t take anything with you And here’s what I want you to do step out on your faith Heal the sick raise the dead cleanse the lepers cast out demons freely you have received freely give What was he telling them to do? They’re the same thing he’s telling he told you You to the same thing he tells all of us Get off your Fanny and go do something And As you do it, you’re pissed us grows your faith stabilizes and you become a very dangerous person in the spirit world and In the kingdom of darkness you become a an enemy of threat Regular Christian are not threats to the devil because he’s controlling them Demons like Church demons like Christians because they got him under their thumb a disciple Who steps out on his faith and obeys the Word of God as jojo said? They are the only ones the demons fear They do not fear christians because they control christians and dominate them you don’t fear something you control a pet your dog Well, that’s my dog No, you fear. Somebody else’s dog a junkyard dog a dog you don’t have control over and Demons fear born-again christians who become disciples who understand? Pissed us and piss – oh and they are obedient to the Word of God and they are fighters Those are the kind of Christians the demons fear I’ll tell you I’m loving this teaching tonight We’re live with Zoey Eddie and our special guest michael w smith of hardcore christianity We’re going to continue here in just a moment But I want y’all to pause for a moment and gentlemen give out your contact information for those joining us how can we? Get in touch with your ministries Go ahead and Michael You can contact me on Mike at hardcore Christian or go to hardcore Christian accom website And we also have for YouTube teaching channels One of them is called the deliverance training Channel if you happen to have any interest in getting into the deliverance or healing ministry That is a free Training course you can go there and go through it for free and That will allow you to not make the kind of mistakes I made in my early years I made every conceivable healing and deliverance mistake known to man I Put those in that training course so that you don’t have to make all the mistakes I made and It’s a house of healing AZ its slash House of healing a Z Is a course of able has YouTube videos DVD Mp3 a book and what form does it come It’s on it’s on youtube. It’s on the deliverance training channel, just put that in the youtube search line and it’ll come right up Also, get it on my website. It’s on the front front page of the website. It says free deliverance Healing and deliverance training it’s right on the page one at the top of the website also some of the teaching that you’re doing tonight on the the makeup of man the five parts Do you have more where that came from in the form of a book or any YouTube videos or other material available? Yes, it’s in. It’s in my Booklet on Mental Illness the root cause and cure of mental illness you get that on a website. That’s called plan of spirits PLA nos, that’s the Greek word for CD deceiving or seducing spirits, those are the demons that cause mental illness and Warrants on Or it’s on my youtube channel if you look up the teaching on can Christians have demons It explains in detail exactly how Christians have demons whether they can be oppressed Possessed or infected and it gives you all the scriptures for it and exactly how it works Okay, and now is that book of able and Kindle by chance No boy you need to get it in Kindle so I can read it here in Bali come on convert this Thing but I’ll take a PDF in the meantime Folks, this is great stuff brothers. Oh and give out your contact information on your ministry Well amen but before I do that. I just going to make it a quick announcement about Michael w smith coming for a three-day conference here in the arkansas area so we a ministry that we have it’s called the healing + deliverance center of NWA which means Northwest, Arkansas and we have a great pastor Shepherd of mine named pastor rocky and bridgett sprog that are Allowing us to come to their church and host Michael there so basically we’re teaming up to bring him for training and I think it’s the end of March which is the 30th 31st and 1st? Of April we’re doing an Easter Bunny mass deliverance service on Easter Sunday You didn’t know about this, but anyway I’ll be launching that that information on the website there so you can contact me if you want more information at Zoe Eddy at Facebook or at the healing and deliverance center of NWA On Facebook as well Brother, that’s a hidden easter egg in this show if people listen law, huh? praise the Lord I see I’m excited to have y’all gentlemen on tonight. Let me ask you a question Michael. I switch gears We’ve heard the term. You know You’re gonna blow your mind Now when were Lee before he died. He was working on his next sermon was called mass and sanity coming to a city near you and You know mental illness seems to be everywhere Somebody said half the population is on psychotropic drugs the other half of smoking weed And we got it in the church out of the church. I don’t think this is any more than a band-aid in fact I think it’s all Very dangerous it opens up the door to these demonic spirits when you break the heads the Viper bites. That’s my opinion but There’s a lot of people out there that seem to be losing their minds, and maybe they were normal at one point time What’s going on here, and then we heard just recently? The dude from The Partridge he got dementia Keith, Partridge, and then the guy from ac/dc He got dementia Someone wrote to me and said I hope I don’t get dementia What’s going on here is this a demonic infection are there things that people being exposed to that are literally blowing their minds Does it have anything to do with soul fragmentation? That’s a wide subject area what’s going on here? We got a lot of people on drugs right now a Lot of mental illness is it all chemical imbalance back to you well That was a That was another really hard question you you opened up six or seven different answers there, but What what it is is when I left my secular counseling career In addition to the revelation I already already gave about the five parts that was my second main issue I came to God about because I had worked with a number of mentally ill people over the years and I noticed that the vast majority of the mental illnesses were not curable and This bothered me and I wanted to know how Mental illness worked and what the root cause and cure of it was Because it was a very controversial subject not only in the secular field, but also in the Christian counseling field and God revealed to me. How it worked Several years ago. I was reading in second Corinthians, and my jaw hit the floor In verse four chapter four it said in whom the god of this world Has blinded the minds of them them who do not believe Lest the light of The glorious gospel of Christ who is the image of God should shine into them? well that was the King James Version and never made any sense to me really until I looked at read it in the Greek and Then it all came clear what that verse actually says is in Whom the god of this age. I is the Greek word means age has blinded the minds It wasn’t minds. It was not among is the Greek word it means the thoughts When I first read that verse the light hit me Demons use thoughts to control people In 2002 I started my local radio show here in Maricopa County, Arizona, and I used to have this Ministry I made up I Called it set free Saturdays people would call in to the radio program, and then I would go out on Saturday on the weekends and Go visit him and pray for him well in 2003 this Guy calls me and he’s living in a broken-down trailer in a Rattrap Trailer park out in a town called Apache Junction, which is way out east Valley? I drove all the way out there I’m sitting there it is rickety Dining-room table which was a card table the guy was totally disabled he was on Social Security disability and he had bipolar White had many bipolar patients in the past, and I’m sitting there, and I’m going man This is I’m in trouble here this. This is not curable He had a bad case of it So I got I did my clinical interview of the guy got his background and so on and I thought wow I don’t really know what to do right now Well, I’m just gonna take a shot at this thing Lord I’m just gonna step out in my faith here, and I’m just gonna. I’m gonna try my best I stood up, and I put my hands My forefinger my pointer fingers and my thumb around the top of his head like A crown so to speak and I put my hand there, and I can’t remember the prayer I prayed But all of a sudden this guy’s body started to shake like a tuning fork and I didn’t know what was going on. I kept holding him, and then his head started vibrating back and forth and then suddenly in the middle of my prayer it stopped I stepped back and Looked at his face, and his eyes look different it was like they kind of cleared up and His face the tension and the twitches twitching was gone and I was looking at I said what happened to you. What were you doing? He said? I don’t know. I said, what do you mean? You don’t know you were shaking back and forth what happened he said I don’t know it felt like something left my head I Said something left your head. What are you talking about? he said it felt like pressure left my head and I said oh wow how do you feel right now? He says? My head’s clear my mind is clear. He said I feel fine I Called him a couple days later. He had no symptoms of bipolar at all why I was all gone and I saw this verse and it started to hit me Like a ton of bricks, then God showed me another verse which caused me to keel over Second Corinthians chapter 10 said the weapons of our warfare are not carnal That that’s the greek word Sark’s it means fleshly He said, but they are mighty through God to the pulling down of Strongholds and Casting down imaginations Strongholds in that verse is the Greek word Akuma and it means a fortress a military fortress and then it says in the verse and Casting down Same Greek word imaginations and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God and Bringing into captivity every Knot of a same Greek word thought To the obedience of Christ Demons enter the person’s brain usually in childhood through severe disappointment or abuse or neglect and the demons take over the person’s thought life they put thoughts into the person’s mind and If this condition gets so severe They develop a mental illness and After God gave me this revelation. I seen them all healed practically schizophrenic bipolar anxiety disorders clinical depression All of it, I seen him heal all of it So you could say that the enemy will go in and literally do it unlock down on the brain And if the person’s mentally ill and It’s a severe case over a protracted period of time the term locked down on the brain psychiatric Psychiatric risk is called Catatonic Wow and that’s that’s a situation where you see the patient usually in a mental institution or a care facility where they don’t have any capacity to Interact with the outside world it’s almost like they’re you know you wave your hand in front of their face And they don’t see it or something like that So what it says take every thought captive Yes To the obesity iced the that’s the cure how do we do this as an individual in this case? He didn’t know how to do it or what to do, and you stood in the gap for him and he was delivered Correct will it take that having to be prayed for by someone else or can we Begin to do that on ourselves if we see ourselves moving in that direction 100% in fact I Have a list that I send out to people that are mentally ill It’s a step-by-step guide We got to get cured and cast the spirits out of the person’s brain Whoa how do we get a copy of this? Just ask for it Mike at hardcore Christian icon in addition. I have another list Step by step self deliverance list. It’s free Just send me an email and that’s for troubled Christians Wait a minute, but here’s folks get your paper and pencil again write this down Mike am I hearing You correctly if people listening to this show will write you you’ll send them a copy Yeah, just send me a mic and hardcore Christian calm I’ll send it right back to you and what is the title of the doc of the the booklet you’ll sin Well basically you can order off the website, that’s plan of spirits, that’s for patients that are mentally ill okay, and that’s for that’s really a good reference for ministers and Christian social workers and Christian counselors and psychologists and that kind of thing folks order that but in the meantime Yeah, what would you send up an article? Yeah, the free one is on my just send me an email, and I’ll send you that list The self deliverance list and you can use that list to see somebody else healed and delivered And I’ll send it to you once for troubled Christian the other ones for mentally ill Christians Okay, give that email address out again for those that were on johnny-on-the-spot Mike and hardcore Christianity dot-com brothers Zoey I’m running for a copy is this good tonight, or what? Well yeah, this is groundbreaking stuff for our network. I think it’s awesome Getting into the deep things of being trained and equipped for the work of ministry Who those who want to be? really want to care about people and Break off the things that you know we battle. I mean mental illness we prayed for people We’ve seen some results, but we haven’t seen the results Because knowledge is what it is that we need to have you know people perish for the lack of knowledge But knowledge that comes like this brings liberty and freedom the truth sets people free So the deep things the revelation which is hidden For the children it’s the children’s bread We know Worley had talked about that deliverance was the children’s bread But you have to have revelation and understanding in this in the spirit man to know how to operate this is awesome great Mike continue on with your point there on Taking every thought captive into the medians of Christ I hear a lot of people quote it, but no one’s ever done in my opinion a thorough Training on it tell us some more well I Here’s how it works You have to it’s almost like a rap video. You got to break it down so When someone comes to me for counseling or if you’re if you’re doing pastoral counseling or Ministry or whatever you’re in here’s what you have to do The demons put a thought in the person’s mind and The person doesn’t know it’s a spirit They think that thought is their thought It’s usually a negative thought It’s usually personal a lot of times most of the time, it’s you’re no good. You’re lousy you’re fat. You’re stupid you’re ignorant it’s usually some kind of a self-deprecating thought and the person doesn’t know that that thought is coming in from a spirit a Seducing spare a plan of spirit in their brain is putting a thought in their mind or a spirit outside the body That would be called oppression Puts a thought in the person’s mind Demons and angels and the Holy Spirit are capable of doing that they can put thoughts in your mind The person has to recognize the origin of thought So what I teach the person the first time first thing I teach them is how to recognize demonic thoughts and it’s easy to do the Holy Ghost never uses negative thoughts to help people So if you heard a thought like oh you screwed up again oh Man, you suck. You know what I told you 50 times not to do that. What’s your problem? Dude, if you hear any kind of thought like that that never comes from God, so That means the thought is either coming from the person or a spirit there’s only two choices left if a person Doesn’t like or want that thought You’ve now discovered your culprit It’s a spirit In a mentally ill person the exact same process happens only its accelerated Like it’s on steroids How do you determine if you have spirits in your brain putting thoughts in your mind, it’s easy to figure out Check this out you lay down at bed at night, it’s time to go to sleep and all of a sudden just like this Your mind starts the race Suddenly you’re going over your grocery list everything you’ve got to do tomorrow Every nut rotten thing everybody said to you at work every stupid thing you thought of two years ago and these thoughts start to rotate in your mind The thoughts are not from God the thoughts are not from you because you’re trying to go to sleep. It’s a spirit If the thought is negative you have to catch that thought and Take it captive to the obedience of Christ You must kill that thought You hate your mother don’t you? know hey I Do no, I do not hate my mother That is not God telling me that that’s not me that’s you I bind that thought in the name of Jesus Matthew 18:18 Whatever you bind a men on this earth Is bound in heaven past tense yes the worship and translated has already been bound in heaven at the resurrection of Christ Yes, now you can bind that thought by using the blood of Christ and your anointing and your faith pissed us, and then your piss too o Binding it is a verb Do what’s the Greek word do oh, it means to tie up or chain up? You can bind that thought, but here’s the problem with a mentally ill patient they can’t catch the thoughts they need somebody to help them and so that’s what I do in my counseling practice I Slowed down what the demons are doing because the demons love chaos and confusion – demons chaos and confusion is a wonderful day To a human being it’s agony So if you slow down the process and Catch the thought you Can begin to disarm the spirits and weaken them and then cast them out and that’s how I got? Bipolars and schizophrenia is healed So you get them to identify? What is coming from the demonic spirits and then? Arrest those demons bind them in Jesus Christ name and After you catch the thought okay? Catching it meaning you rise hey, that’s not something I want or agree with and sure that could have come from God It must be the double right right right now What have you just think just what you just said is what a mentally ill person cannot do Oh Does that make sense yes, they have uncontrollable thoughts in their mind? Because the thoughts were controllable controllable. They wouldn’t be mentally ill Well, how do you help them in that case where they’re not even able to fend for themselves. They’re just being literally flooded with these thoughts, right Well that’s it a severe case but most mental illness cases aren’t that aren’t that severe that’s a small percent So when you’re working with? Christians who have mental illnesses anxiety disorders depression bipolar You know whatever the stuff the run-of-the-mill stuff. You’ll see in church every day This is the process you have to go through you have to get the person to recognize the thought and repent of believing it So the thought that comes in your mind from a demon is God doesn’t love you You’re unworthy Okay now I have to help them catch that thought they have to repent of believing that thought and Then they must cast that thought and the spirit that gave them out of their brain How many of the people tuning it tonight have heard that voice Says God doesn’t love you you Know he wouldn’t do that for you only for someone else We’ve all heard that So if someone’s listening to that tonight once again, what would be the steps they would take? when the enemy is Trying to lay that on them. He wants us to come an agreement is that true Well you have to do second Corinthians chapter 10 verse 4 you have to tear down the strongholds in your mind Okay, the stronghold is the Greek word Akuma. It means a fortress what the demons do in a Carnal Christian or a troubled Christian and a mentally ill Christian is he builds a fortress of lies in the person’s mind and This demon uses those lies Every time he needs them To run them down to break their spirit to cause them to doubt to cause them to have unbelief and doubt and unbelief Are the two? kryptonite killers of miracles Hey, that’s negative shit, that’s negative thoughts produce unbelief and doubt so the Christian has to one at a time Kill every negative thought in that fortress in their mind then they must tear down the fortress Which is full of? Imaginations and high things that exalts itself against the knowledge of God the knowledge of God That’s the Greek word gnosis where we get our English term Gnostics Then you must bring into captivity every thought Nama to the obedience of Christ Which Joe was talking about earlier? obeying the word so I have to get them to take the thought captive and Replace the thought with truth for Jesus said you will know the truth and the truth Will set you free not lies No one can be set free from lies so if the demons tell you you’re not saved you Blaspheme the Holy Ghost God doesn’t love you God’s not listening God doesn’t care. Those are bold-faced lies None of that is true Not a bit of it is true and you must use the word of God to reap place those negative thoughts and Kill those thoughts and cast that lying spirit The plan’ll spirit the seducing spirits out of your brain Amen you’re exposing the enemy here This is good brother, and I know that you do excellent counseling over the airwaves. I’ve heard you I don’t think we have time to take calls Shannon But we have to schedule rightnow a show for him to take some calls on the next episode here So it’s like we got about 15-20 minutes left. I believe in the two hours segment brother and listen We’ve just scratched the surface tonight folks. Yes, right this is just an intro would do a large series by the way write down that The the Kryptonite killers of faith brother that’s another chapter in your book right there if you have what are you I see? Doubt and unbelief I got another question. I’m going to ask, but you know it’s interesting I Don’t know if this is a good analogy or not, but I’ve got a computer that is infected By this new Windows program. It’s a little program that Windows installed on there. I didn’t ask They didn’t ask my permission. They just did it and It’s called a Windows Update assistant, and this thing is always trying to update my computer And it will do it at the worst times. There’s no wagons apparently turn it off on my version of Windows And so I’m running a program right now as we speak to counter that it is a Windows Update killer And literally it runs in the background And it looks for this thing to launch and when it does it shuts it down it kills that that program right there Because my computer it sits under onslaught here of the enemy It’s trying to take my computer over and update it and folks it’s like those thoughts running through your mind You got to kill them as it and launches and rears its ugly head up in in your mind Now here’s a million dollar question this gonna Take a lot of shows to break down, but listen we got an epidemic out here. We got everybody being told you got a DD ADHD D ID you got STD you got DBT There’s a bunch of these out there What I want to know is is the root of this Aldi for demons I? Think it is oh, but what’s your thought you’re dealing with these? Here’s a TD kids for example? attention Disorders you know well Here’s how that works? Some mental illnesses are not caused by demons, so let’s say for example You’re very very close to your dad, and he dies in a car wreck unexpectedly now it’s perfectly normal for a sinner and a Christian to have a period of grief over that and Depression that’s perfectly normal. There’s nothing wrong with the person. They are not sick, and they are not mentally ill however if the depression lasts for a long period of time or a prolonged period of time It’s being exacerbated by spirits In the secular world we call that dysthymia if it Continues to get worse over a long period of time They call it the secular world clinical depression But Depression in and of itself may not be demonic There may be a specific normal reason to have depression so you have to use your discernment and Your experience to bifurcate if a mental illness is demonic for it’s something That a person would normally experience switching gears ad D ADHD Schizophrenia bipolar Borderline personality disorder dissociative identity disorder yes. Those are all demonically rooted mental illnesses That in the beginning didn’t start as a mental illness it started as some kind of trauma in the person’s life That the demons were able to accelerate through chronic negative thoughts and fear thoughts And the spirits got in and developed the mental illness thereafter It’s important to remember one quick thing almost all mental illnesses and almost all Christians are infected or Oppressed by fear spirits All the other demons usually use fear spirits because the fear spirits are the ones that attack the soul using negative emotions to control the person so for example If I if you if somebody calls you up tomorrow And you don’t know who they are and you don’t we’ve never met them before you have nothing to do with them And they say you know what I? hate your guts Well when you hang up the phone? You’re not going to lose any sleep over that you’re probably not going to develop a mental illness over it you’re probably not even going to have a problem with it 10 minutes later because That person you didn’t know them, and they didn’t have an emotional attachment to your soul However if your father whom you’re very close to calls you up and tells you You know I’ve been thinking about it and as a son you suck You’re the worst son. I could have ever had and if you get a minute Go shoot yourself Wow yeah okay now that That is going to be used by demons to attack your mind and your negative emotions out of your soul and If you don’t take that captive you could end up with some kind of an emotional soul tie a negative one to your dad That would torment you for the rest of your life There’s some serious hardcore abuse going on out there. I mean you know verbal abuse physical abuse rape and You know rejection by the father broken homes are you running into any cases of autism? People asking for help autistic kids Yeah, yeah Small percent No I don’t run into many autism cases autism’s our cases are extremely difficult because as we mentioned at the beginning of broadcasts some of these demons are Generational you know they come down through the family tree yes and they hit the kid in the womb or in the young adulthood and the demons like autism are textbook Generational spirits, and if you go up the family tree you’ll always see Severe sinning usually usually pedophilia or usually witchcraft Somewhere up the family tree Wow and the autism spirits are Incredibly hard to get out because like in mark chapter nine Where you had the father who brought the? Massively disabled son to Jesus yes Jesus ministered to the father first before he ministered to the son, and that’s exactly the way I handle it I do the counseling For the parents first because they have to get on board to get the autism demons out of the kid I would agree with most lives a lot of deliverance people they make the mistake and go after the demons and the kid and They usually don’t come out they’re too strong because it’s rooted into the parent or the grandparent now as you mentioned and Derrick plants gave an example the same thing he was trying to minister to a little girl Nothing happened God told him said minister to the mother first and she got free and then the child went down like dead as a doornail and Cast that demon out too. It was rooted in the mother this particular case you know Yes well, I’d like to bring up a point real quick about autism and vaccines is it because the mother and father vaccine the Children that there is an entrance a weakness coming in because we read all the time about vaccines and autism someone addressed that good question well It’s it’s the demons are smarter than we are so they use External activities They latch on to them. Yes almost like in a pony and Then they exacerbate it when it gets in the body whoa vaccines diets food smoke and stuff eatin stuff medications And many of the patients I’ve worked with over the years The medications in some cases make the mental illness worse and so if you don’t get the exact right combination of medications or If there’s a mistake in the vaccines Any kind of an error of? medical judgment demons will jump on those and exacerbate the situation even if they didn’t initially cause it I Screamed you all because you took the word right out of my mouth. That’s a confirmation I was going to ask the question does it exacerbate and you use the word folks as confirmation I? believe wholeheartedly Zoey, there’s a link between vaccinations and autism You know I don’t believe that God intended for a child to be jabbed with a toxic cocktail that includes squalene Thimerosal you know mercury compounds Some deactivated sometimes live virus some adjuvant switch boost the whole thing into turbo mode and thrown in there DTaP you know MMR I believe there’s a definite Link to it. I believe God wanted us to have mother’s milk as the vaccine You know I didn’t see Jesus getting a shot now. We’ve got our friend Sheila szalinski She’ll tell you straight up that her mother was fine until she took the vaccine turned her into a cripple Leo Horowitz said my mom was fine until she took the flu shot it killed her and Look if they can’t gentlemen look If they can’t come up with a cure for the common cold how the heck are they going to come up with a cure for the flu or any of these other viruses unless they’re man-made now you can come up with an antidote for something you make I’m just saying I think it’s even a form of blood sacrifice I haven’t put it all together yet, but to have to be jabbed in the arm That’s just my feeling here. Of course. You know you’re overwhelming their immune systems God didn’t create an infant to have be jammed with all these You know foreign substances what about though food coloring. I’ve heard. There is a link between these toxic fda-approved colors and children you know drinking a bunch of kool-aid and all these other things with artificial sweeteners at all could that exacerbate the problem and just Weaken the person’s system Making a hedge for the demon to break through To be honest with you. I I’m not sure about that one, but what I am sure of in terms of my personal experience Spirits are entering children’s minds in our society at a rate Never seen in history before and it’s coming in through social media Handheld devices yes Internet porn Video games these spirits are mesmerizing the children and the same things happening to them on a very slower gradual basis that happens with some of my colleagues who used to do, hypnosis It’s the same procedure only, it’s slowed down I Never I never did any hypnotic therapy myself. I never got involved in a but. I had other colleagues that did do use hypnosis, and it’s the same procedure if you sit and stare at a video game or a handheld device for a prolonged period of time It places the child’s mind by allowing Seducing spirits to enter into the person and you’ll notice the child over time has a personality change They become less social they become less interested in activities of daily living socializing friends family and they become more isolated and these spirits take over the kids minds and later on in life they develop antisocial personality disorders For example just a few days ago Some young man. I think was 18 or 19 years old walked into a school and started shooting a bunch of students Yeah, well this his issues Started when he was young through child abuse and then later on in life his parents died and he was adopted out and He was bullied in school when he was young and So the spirit of rejection got in this kids mind, and then let in a bunch of other demons the spirit of rejection is usually the first one to enter a child’s mind when they’re very young and Then he works as a gatekeeper the led in other spirits. Oh Yes in this kid later on Developed either bipolar or schizophrenia he had a TA D and D when he was young and those are Related to fear spirits. Well. This kid started to hear voices in his head telling him to go shoot these other students, and that’s always a rebellion demon a Rebellion demon enters a child’s mine or the young adult person’s mind And he tells the person that they are a victim and that society is unjust These demons have a terrible sense of injustice and they’re appalled at the sin of others and the mistreatment they’ve received at the hands of others and They convinced the person that this injustice warrants this remedy and Sometimes they can actually hear a voice in their mind Telling him to do it, and that’s what this kid had and he went into that school Pulled the fire alarm and shot a bunch of kids The same thing happened to a guy a few years ago in Colorado he went into a movie theater he had paranoid schizophrenia and the Voices in his head told him that you’ve been screwed over so bad by this world. It’s time to settle the score these people deserve And those are rebellion demons they always try to get the person To seek justice and that’s what happens in churches a lot. That’s usually the root cause of a church fight Rebellion spirit seeking justice You know Mike when you’re dealing dealing with someone who’s been termed a multiple personality. I Hear some people talk about you know their altars Are these? fragments of the personality is it a demon you got multiple demons you’re dealing with and How do you how do you look at this situation where you know someone will have multiple? Personalities manifesting they may go by a different name they act totally different each one I’ve seen kind of divided school of thought on that Far as I’m concerned I think my in-person my jury’s still out on that I’m looking for more information what have you come up with? Dealing with people with MPD are they multiple demons or a shattered personality. What do you think about it? Know what it is is the the great Apostle James hit the nail on the head? He’s the one that explained it to us He used the term double mindedness, okay He used it in Chapter one and in Chapter four and He said a person who has double minded is Unstable in all their ways well, that’s the Greek word dip circus For double minded and it means a person that has two souls Now nobody has two souls Each person has their own soul that they’re born with and your soul is the seed of your emotions But through trauma a Person who is extremely hurt and hurt bad Can start to develop a fake soul a Second soul For example in an innocent innocently it comes in innocently sometimes where a child has a dysfunctional family and there’s strife in the home drunken parents chronic fighting beatings arguing the child starts to develop imaginary friends or They develop a little world they retreat into in their closet or in their room or under the bed or something and the demons then take advantage of this trauma based experience By attacking the person soul and then helping the person adjust to the trauma Demons can be very helpful if They see at the end The person will be sicker Demons are very helpful to Christians and of great benefit to them if they see down the road They’re going to collapse so they help the person develop this fake soul and these separate personalities and these spirits live in the second soul this fake soul so sometimes you’re talking to a person and They don’t have a mental illness like di D or BPD they don’t have that but they still have a fake soul because you’re talking to them Somebody a church, or a relative or somebody at work and all of a sudden just like this Another person pops up And you’re looking at them sometimes their eyes change and Sometimes their face changes, and it looks like you’re talking to a different person Well there can be different personalities and multiple personalities in that fake soul a dip circus there double-minded The church doesn’t teach it that way they teach like double mindedness. Oh, you’re not really settled on your word your Vacillating back and forth with your opinions. No the dip circus in greek means somebody that has two souls The fake soul is the demonic soul the wounded soul the broken person the different personality And is there a process to bring them back and restore their soul to one oh Absolutely Yeah, absolutely number one like Joe says My people are perishing for lack of knowledge you have to explain to the person What’s wrong with them? If they have a mental illness or if they’re just a dysfunctional Christian they have to be able to see a What’s wrong with it? Then be how the devil’s beating them and That’s your job as a minister. You got to show the person exactly what the demons are doing Then you’ve got to second Corinthians chapter 10 every stronghold in that fake soul every lie every fabrication every fake personality Has to be brought taken captive and brought to the obedience of Christ using the truth of God’s Word You will know the truth and the truth will set you free and Then the spirits have to be cast out and then that fake soul has to be dismantled the stronghold But it always starts building during trauma However, there’s exceptions for that drugs and witchcraft can trigger it But generally speaking it starts through bad trauma someone sexually abused beaten car accident and a severe industrial injury something like that workers comp You know This is pretty awesome tonight Zoey I feel like we just went down over to Applebee’s and we ordered the sampler we got a little bit of each folks there’s more where this came from this is some good teaching tonight and we’ve talked about a lot of things we’re gonna go in and zero in on them and Future broadcast Mike if you’d be willing to come back Well sure I tell you brother Zoey home run for Jesus my brother Amen have you wealth of? anointing and knowledge and you know liberty liberties in the knowledge of Christ and Like I said that we’ll be taking calls in the future Yes, and helping some of our listeners get free of some of the things they’ve been battling I’ve been following in the chat room and it’s been a great conversation great Transparency there and It’s Kingdom momentum right now Amen brother Michael. We give you a thumbs up man tonight great teaching. I’m loving what God has shown you I love that teaching you did tonight on the the fight the makeup of the human. You know the five parts and We want to have you come back on soon, and we will get some phone calls also next time gentle before we close tonight I Want you all to give out your contact information? Tell us about your ministries. How people can be a part of it and give to it and also you have a comforts you’re planning Joseph tell us about that tonight gentlemen Well sure in the chatroom, there’s some individuals that have gotten Gotten some intel on what we’re doing we haven’t actually put out the details in full But I know Michael and I have written some scratch notes, and I’m sure they’re out there But we’re going to be posting on my web site here With healing and deliverance Center of NWA that’s healing plus deliverance center Of NWA you’ll see that listed and then also River of Life Ministries Is where the training center churches that we have is going to be putting up their post for what’s coming ahead So I mean what we’re just talking this thing out what we need to do But it’s going to be private counseling sessions a zoom live counseling in a house Several meetings of mass deliverance and training and teaching so it’s going to be awesome for this region here that needs this Tremendous gift of God to come amen so Mike what part of the country are you based in oh? Yeah, I’m in Phoenix, Arizona. Yeah, deliverance Center Wow Phoenix. Are you affiliated at all with Bob Larson in Phoenix? No, no, I’m not no he’s in Scottsdale. I just was Cured in with him okay Kirti had moved to Arizona. I’ve been to Scottsdale Arizona is a beautiful place out there Now brother. Do you see a radio broadcast a regular stream anything like that the people can tune in to and give us details on? When and where it is yes, I teach every Friday night live on YouTube on the teaching channel slash House of healing AZ every Friday night, we also have another healing and deliverance service every Thursday night That’s on our livestream Channel livestream calm slash HOH AZ stands for house, agreement, Arizona live stream calm HOH, AZ if you know somebody who needs to be healed and delivered And they don’t have anybody help them or they’re too afraid to come for help you can go to the website hardcore Christian Calm and hit the self deliverance button at the top of the website If you have any interest in going into the healing and deliverance ministry on page one of the website If you just hit the button at the top that Says free deliverance and healing Training course and you go through the 18 sessions And you you should be ready to go, right? And then if you want to check about check on my travel schedule as Joe just mentioned you can go to the itinerary button on the website And all the information is there in terms of the the days and times that I’ll be in Arkansas and Emporia, Kansas Everywhere else my brother have you been on watchman radio or weekend vigilante yet? No Brothers old you need to introduce them to rich now. They just got the show back get them on over there We’ll get the word out about you really blessed tonight, Joseph With the brother Michael’s teaching, and I’m looking forward to more where this came from Well amen and I’m sure we can work that out now they were connected and Like I said if anybody wants to come to the three-day conference I know it’s being posted in the mix LR chatroom, and I will Definitely if you want to contact me directly you can reach me at though immortal at And I will give you the details send you hotel accommodations Whatever whatever you want to if you want to come down and help as a team? We’re looking for a deliverance team to assist during the mass deliverances and prayers We encourage people to get get get boots on and come on down Zoey will that be we’re in Little Rock what part of Arkansas will you have that at well? That will be in the central part of where the Walmart Headquarters is which is Bentonville, Arkansas It’s the whole hub of all of the global networks of Walmart It’s where any hop in place great place And if anybody doesn’t know about the Ozarks where we’re right there with the Ozark Mountains Are there’s plenty of things to do attractions and beautiful place to visit for a week? I? Can help anybody who wants to know more about it? Who wants a tour? Wants me to be their tour guide when they come down and get some deliverance and healing I’m up for it, so let’s go fantastic Michael look out Joseph’s probably going to have you also go to New York City I think you’ll need to get them up there at the strike the head of the serpent conference as well Well, that’s going to be going on all summer, so yeah, we’re going to be definitely talking about that Fantastic gentlemen one more time give out your email people on the right to you Zoe how do people reach you by email they can reach me at so II mor tal at That’s zo e as in Zoe Yes, II yeah, zo e mo are tal at and Michael your email address Yes, it’s uh Mike at hardcore Christianity comm and this Friday I’ll be holding a seminar on the root cause and cure of autoimmune diseases Wow it’ll be live on slash House of healing AZ and there’s a deliverance service after the teaching just stand in front of your computer or your phone or your laptops and put your hands on your body and Expect to get healed Friday night starts at 7 o’clock, Arizona time 9 o’clock Eastern Brother, this is exciting and Zoe to do a conference is going to be awesome if someone would like to give towards Setting up the conference. It’s going to take some resources For the room and of course advertising and you know bring in our speakers and so forth do you have a paypal dress? You’d like to give up Yes, sir. I have BAE Zoe mortals EoE mor tal at Is my PayPal address and yes, I would love Anyone that wants to support Brother Michael Smith and his conference here. This is a step of faith for us and Yeah, if you’d like to join in in any way shape or form bless him support him support us that would be Appreciated thank you and brother Michael. You got a PayPal button on your website yes, sir hardcore Christianity com excellent Gentlemen I want to thank you both for coming on Knight Michael We’re glad to have you and looking forward to having you back on again soon my friend Thank you, sir. It’d be a real honor Would you like to close this out in prayer tonight? Michael I hear to you. Oh Lord Jesus, I don’t know what the same. Thank you for my new friends I So grateful for how this went and again, it’s all mercy and grace on my end this is a remarkable radio program and You bless these men. They have wonderful ministries, and I want you to give them more help them more and Bless them more was what I want. I want more for them and I pray for all the people that were listening I know you love them and I know you want them and John 16 says you like them You love them, and you like them, and you Care about them and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for caring for people and for loving people and helping people and listening and being there and You you’ve been incredible year after year And I thank you from the bottom of my heart all these people I’ve seen delivered and healed and all these people getting help on this radio programs and Jos beautiful ministry your grace and your kindness is Hard to blame Lord you are something great Amen Awesome, I touched an agree father. God bless my joy Expand their ministries their territories bless everyone tune in tonight in Jesus Christ name Guys love you both. Thank you for coming on and we’ll see you next time Where’s my song brother? Oh? Yes, we got a song for you Wait a minute yeah, yeah I thought it had it cute up here standby. Just a sec. I’ve got it here here. We go get a special song To close that with we’ll see y’all next time folks there we go Hey Zoey one more thing up for us Folks should you love that song? That came in courtesy of Zoey mortal Joseph Eddie, thank you for that song, and I want to make the announcement folks don’t forget This Saturday night as always be back with us. We’re gonna be having a campfire chat. We’re gonna have some open lines Taking your calls So you got between now then to cook up some cowboy beans I? Got my marshmallows, man somebody’s gonna bring the the dogs and Yeah, I’m looking at the scheduler when we pull this back up We’re gonna be on how’s the weather as the weather is it gonna be thunderstorms or what yep. There’s a chance of some thunder and lightning and light rain Even some some wandering sheep in the background some wolves my chance of rain You know it’s good to be around the campfire with with the men of God telling stories, you know confessing and And and sharing sharing love with Jesus. That’s what it’s all about right amen Bring your ol weather gear you need a pot you out there when the rain begins to fall We’re going to be on Saturday night February 24th 10 p.m.. Eastern which is 9 p.m.? Arkansas We’re gonna have ETL Marty Zoey Rich Keltner and myself and we’re gonna have open lines for y’all if y’all want prayer in between calls. We’ll be chatting and Catching up and looking forward to being with all of you Ryan brothers oe, thank you for coming on tonight my brother Hey, man, you know me. I I never know what’s gonna transpire Hey, man, that was a great man who he’s gonna come on That was an awesome get you know listen you have blessed us so much Let me Let me recount the ways you introduced us to Jeffrey Goodman remember Jeffrey Yeah, we’re trying to get it back a guy. That was on the History Channel the Hebrew scholar offered the comments of God remember that 600 page Expose on the judgment of God coming through comments Wow I was something right dude that guy is awesome We got to get him back He took bill for a better find out what he’s yeah, we want him back on We have the doctor won’t and prophetess our Gina do what you’re still with us till this day doing Monday night Oh, they’re awesome. You introduced me to them and Brother Michael tonight and many others So there’s a whole list that you forgot, but I’m not going to remind you there is Yeah And with that I think One more song is an order Come on. You’re listening to Omega man radio broadcasting worldwide in digital stereo Call all your friends and join me find Something here for everyone we bind and loose yeah, that’s our mission We follow mark 16 and obey Jesus Great Commission Because the hobbits filter right in the work of the fuel time is running out and cheese has got a job for you to set the captives free So what I’m talking about. We’ll see y’all next time god Bless You Zoe God bless everybody out there we will be back in a few hours at 3 a.m.. Eastern Time 3 a.m.. Eastern 1 encourage you to tune in We’re going to have Elvis new heart company live from Hamburg Germany Where I think we’re actually closer than I thought let me just look real quick time Hamburg looked at up on Google We are we’re an hour and 40 minutes away Wow I got time to take a break take a shower Was kind of hurting this morning because we started at 6:00 got up about 30 minutes before the broadcast Had to put out some fires cut a couple audios Praise the Lord did not make it to the shower and a cold shower feel good about now I Think I will find one more song though We don’t want Celt Iran to feel left out, so we’re gonna play one of his songs And then I am getting out of here, and we’ll be back at 3:00 a.m.. Eastern Don’t see reason I guess was Nice to come You You

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