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hi everybody this is Rhys Barber from audiology associates thank you very much for watching that video today we have another bilateral erection war for you now this gentleman’s attend a clinic with some dry earwax in both ear canal so we looking here and just yet little so amount of dry earwax in here so we’re gonna use a bit of microsuction to remove this first of all this is a standard size on the tube so you can see it’s used a little bit of olive oil just to try to soften this up for us so we’re just get in the first section away here we go you can see the different colour variations and that earwax there so quite old and new earwax together microsuctioning away you can see we’ve hit some of the harder pieces of earwax in here now just get a grip on any leading edge we can with the the microsuction so we have an awkward shape to microsuctioning this is quite flat in some places which is difficult to get so you imagine to get a good microsuction grip on this you need to be completely blocking the end of the microsuction tube to get to although the pressure to build to grab a good grip on it when it’s quite flat with lots of leading edges like this one is it’s difficult to get a good grip on on one piece so just taking away piece by piece this gentleman does have an ear nose and throat history but not with this particular yeah I’ll explain a bit more detail when we look at the other side now so it’s still taking away these these little pieces you can see it’s quite flat here it’s gonna be difficult to get a microsuction grip so we’re going to use the crocodile forceps just to go in I’m just going to try and get underneath and above the gods you get to try and get a good grip on it just pulling a little bit broke off there so it’s knowing the older part of the ear canal so we’re just gonna trying another grip on this little piece broke off see difficulty with using crocodile forceps is little bits break off sometimes so I’m just going to use because it’s on the outer part of the ear canal we’re just gonna groom of the Jobson horn just to get behind excuse me sorry behind it manoeuvre it forwards here we are it’s out of the ear canal now I didn’t want to cover that gap so just use the section just to go Griffon it to take it out so there we are that’s the seal flat that pieces looks like a little kind of panty shape there’s the ear drum there you can see so they’re clear that earwax away a couple of dots in here’s we’re just going to go in with a slightly smaller microsuction tube just a whole wrap dry skin there that’s gone it’s not as important to take away these little bits it’s it’s not going to cause any issue you’re having these little tiny pieces of earwax in here just taking away a couple of the extra little pieces you see a little here just getting into the bottom of the view there yeah lovely shiny you drum your lovely and healthy okay now this year there’s a more complicated history with this well you can see were lots of dry earwax in here little bits of skin can’t really see the eardrum in there what I thought was the eardrum the top left hand corner was just a reflective bit of skin so this earwax much much tougher on it so you can see we’re just trying to lift it with the the Jobson horn here much drier pieces of earwax and dried up pieces of skin so we’re going to opt to use the crocodile forceps the difficulty with this earwax is it’s so dry that is just you can see it’s just starting to break away in little pieces this is not gonna be a quick extraction guys this is going to take quite a while and you can see as soon as I’m gonna grip on it it’s just taking these little tiny bits away now the reason I haven’t gone in with the Jobson horn just yet is I can see that all of this is moving in one large piece so as you get a grip on it you’ll see the whole thing is moving or cable as hard as I’m pulling on pulling at it with the crocodile forceps the skin the dry skin is holding this in place so they can you see the whole thing is moving so if I try and put a Jobson horn in here that’s all I’m gonna do I could try and drag it down the ear canal but that’s all that’s going to do is it’s going to be pulling against the dry skin from behind so I’m gonna have to push so hard against that earwax to try and pull out I could risk damaging the ear canal itself or causing some irritation or bleeding in here so I’m opting to stick with the crocodile forceps and just as painstakingly as I can take all these pieces away so we’ve got we’ve got a quite a large amount of of dead dry skin behind all this which is just what’s holding all of this in but there is so much in here it’s gonna be quite a frustrating watch because you’re gonna get lots of these little pieces breaking away they’re just lifting with a crocodile forceps thank you guys I’m getting a grip on it you can see as I’m trying to push into it to get a good grip of the crocodile forceps oh you can see the whole thing slides backwards so every time I try and get a grip on it the whole thing is moving backwards and as I’m pulling it the whole thing is being held together that’s why we’re just breaking these little small pieces away and we’re starting to run out of places to get grips on here with the crocodile forceps yeah we just see we’ve got a bit of a leading edge there now people ask me you’re white why are you going in coming out going in coming out you can see the end of the crocodile forceps that they’re quite blunt and as we’re taking it away what we’re getting is a grip on a piece of ear wax and as it pulls away or just try to wiggle it out it’s not coming you can see that you get these bits of ear wax sandwiched in between and the grips on the crocodile forceps well because the end is so blunt I need a really good idea of where the end of these are so I can clamp either side of this ear wax if it’s all gunked up inside with with ear wax and skin I’m not going to be able to tell where that grip is so I’m just going to use the microsuction now just to triangle other leading edge to work on with the crocodile forceps it’s too dry to take out with microsuction and because the dead skin is holding this in with such such force microsuctions Grif is not strong enough to pull it out so what I’m doing I was just pulling a piece down from the ear canal wall so I can try and get a grip on it that’s all frustrating just keeps breaking away just to try and get a grip on it so we can keep taking it away thank you to everybody who wished us the best with the new clinic launch that’s officially opening to patients next a week tomorrow so that’s the 27th of Feb so if my videos do become a little bit more sporadic over the next week or so it’s just because I’m working so hard and getting all up and running and might not have time to voice the videos over but I will keep trying to put one up at least every other day for you guys so just starting to get some larger pieces moving down the ear canal now as well you can see it’s just really frustrating to try and get grips around this ear wax because you think it’s going to come and it breaks another piece away so we’re still working on this no matter how much of this we take away every time we look in there that just seems to be more there to take away again this is certainly one of the more difficult ones it’s not where the ear wax is so much but just how the ear wax is behaving because all that skin that’s in there and that the history for this on this nice larger piece coming away there the history for this gentleman he had issues with the perforation Jersey air drum when he was here when he was a youngster and he’s been noticing reduced hearing for a little while but not really done anything I presumed it was due to the fact he had this perforation when he was younger so not really go along to the GP to have a look in here so this is probably the first time I was looked in this year for a good number of years and what we have in here is just this whole debris skin ear wax buildup and it’s this is quite a few years worth we’re taking over here just manoeuvring this ear wax into a better position so I can get a grip so I can get basically underneath and above a leading edge in here see it’s still coming no matter how much you look in there there’s just more and more coming down the ear canal I managed to work a piece to the outer section of the ear canal now it’s getting a grip still breaking away so I’m not expecting to see a nice lovely look in the ear drum after what we’ve taken out of here I think we give it obviously we’re gonna see a lot of scarring there we might not even see the ear drum at all looking at how much of this dead skin that’s coming out still manoeuvring this out it just keeps coming see still no obvious gaps in here there is a bit of a leading edge I think we can get behind it with the jabs and horns I’m just gonna gently probe this down now I starting to see a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel there now that looks like part of the ear drum I can see behind there so you can see all this skin and ear wax debris coming out there you go I don’t know whether you guys have watched there was a previous one we did but it was a long ribbon of skin in the ear canal that got removed I think effectively that’s what’s happened here but instead of getting to it earlier as we did with the other one this ribbon her skin has stayed in here and hardened and that’s just caused all of this ear wax and debris to build up around it so we’re still removing here you can see we’re still taking ear wax from this ear canal see how tough this is really holding this ear wax in here it doesn’t want to come up without a fight and still there’s more in there so we’re still going another large piece of skin and ear wax and we’re still going you can see we’re pulling all this old dead skin away now they’re just using a little bit of microsuction just to try and loosen some more of this dead skin away trying to manoeuvre into a better position back in the crocodile forceps because we’ve got a leading edge we can work on is it going to come away one big piece no doesn’t look like it now okay going back in with the jobs in Hong so we’ve manoeuvred it forward slightly so just going behind this earwax and skin you can see it how much it’s curled around in there okay it’s still coming you can see it all just wrapped up in here and all twist it around itself and it’s still coming so more microsuction you can see we’re getting to that the newer kind of dead skin in here is whiter in colour hasn’t been in there as long so we know we’re coming to the end of this now we were just trying to work this down the ear canal can see can you see all pulling down in there I mean so this is quite a few years worth just trying to break this section away there you go okay and still there’s more okay now it looks like we’re coming towards the end of it there you go let’s take a look in it we’ve still got more coming yeah a little bit more on the outside edge of the ear canal there so I’m just gonna pause you can see how this is holding in all these layers of skin wrapped and wrapped and wrapped around one another and all in sort of intertwine with the earwax so you can see now why we were having real difficulty getting this out of the ear canal there you go long strips of skin looking better the rear of this okay right so we’ve removed all the debris you can see just how messy this ear canal is what you have here obviously this skin hasn’t been exposed twenty or anything for quite some time there’s a lot of old dead skin and debris in here I’m just sort of lifting the couple of these little pieces away what you can see at the top of the screen this little flap is gonna working on that was just in front of the ear drum you can see you see that the sort of texture of the skin that’s the ear drum behind it there with lots of this was a dry skin debris sitting in front of it so this chap is gonna have to take a trip to the nose and throat Department we’ve cleared this out as best we can but I think what’s left there I think that’s actually part of the actual drum itself I think this is hardened skin of the actual drum so I’m not gonna be able to take this away just so gently touching it here just trying to take some of this extra skin away you can see all the indentations and dimples around here but the couple of people asked us why and why we always show nice shiny eardrums the majority of what we get coming through is quite a healthy looking drums but this is a very unhealthy looking here ear canal you can see this still still quite a bit of sort of scarring and bits and pieces going on in here so yeah trip down to country and those and throw for this one yeah not a great deal we can do without ear drum just wondering really good shot but so you could see what what we look at here but no obvious sort of anatomical features we disassociate with a healthy look in the eardrum there this is everything that came out so the first probably about the first three centimetres of the first a inch was the the one year the second year was all the rest of that debris so you can see we took out what 15 centimetres almost six inches and that’s without what we had in a tank there so you can see was quite a bit in there well thanks again for watching guys and as always comment like share and take care guys


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  5. Poor guy.I bet he felt so much better afterwords. This is so cleansing. I don't understand why I love these videos so much.

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