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Overwatch 2019 Winter Wonderland – Event Start Date, Skins, & Content Predictions!

What’s up everybody, as the weather gets
chillier and people begin decorating their houses in anticipation of a jolly, round home
invasion, we’re coming up on what is perhaps the merriest Overwatch event of the year,
and that’s Winter Wonderland 2019. So, as I do with all upcoming events, in today’s
video I’ll be discussing the start date for this year’s Winter Wonderland, which
heroes we can expect to be getting skins and other cosmetic items, as well as what we have
to look forward to regarding event game modes and other limited time Christmas holiday stuff! This is Master Ian Gamer, and let’s get
into it! As always, let’s start with the start date! Like the Halloween Terror event, Winter Wonderland’s
dates are usually pretty easy to pin down due to it being based on real world holidays. Sure, the 2019 Halloween event was delayed
slightly due to the Overwatch Switch release and possibly some other, unknown factors,
but we can still determine a fairly exact date for this year’s Christmas event. Historically, the Winter Wonderland event
has always begun on the second Tuesday of December and runs until just past the very
end of the month in order to cover both Christmas and New Year’s. Being a Winter holiday themed event, it makes
sense to cover this time frame, so we can expect a similar event window again in 2019. Given how the dates line up this time, it’s
likely for the event to start on either Tuesday, December 10th or Thursday, December 12th. While Winter Wonderland has never started
on a Thursday before, we have seen other events start on this day of the week, so it is possible
for them to bump it backs two days in order to have the event carry over past New Year’s
Day instead of ending exactly on it. And I should also warn that, yes it is possible
for the event to be delayed a week like what happened to Halloween Terror this year. But so far there’s no obvious reasons for
them to do this, so for now it’s pretty safe to mark your calendars for this week
here with either the 10th or 12th being the first day of the event. As for the official teasers leading up to
the event starting, Overwatch used to have a fairly predictable format for event teasers,
but since the Anniversary event this year, they’ve been mixing things up when it comes
to teasers. For example, the 2019 Summer Games event had
no official social media teasers prior to the event hitting live servers, and Halloween
Terror had one teaser announcing the start date and showing off Zenyatta’s new spooky
emote. Neither event had any new skin teasers posted
on social media prior to the event starting, so we probably won’t be seeing any again
beforehand with Winter Wonderland either. Instead we’re likely just going to get a
start date announcement sometime within a week of the event launching, and it might
show off something simple like an emote, but it’s hard to say for sure yet at this point. Speaking of skins though, now let’s switch
over to talking about which heroes will be getting new Legendary skins this time around,
and we’ve actually already gotten a bit of a sneak peak at what the event will have
instore. As many of you know, I use a chart to keep
track of every hero’s skins and when they got them. But since the full chart of every single skin
has become a crime against comprehension at this point, I’m now using a simplified version
which tracks the specific event and new loot box based skins every hero has gotten up to
each hero’s most recent, which at the time being is Halloween Terror 2018. All skins before then are tallied in the far
right column, with the total skins for each hero and time since last Legendary listed
past that. Before we delve into skin predictions though,
we already have one Legendary skin confirmed for the upcoming event, which is a currently
unnamed skin for Sigma. This was shown off at Blizzcon 2019 and confirmed
to be part of this upcoming Winter Wonderland event, so right off the bat we can mark Sigma
down as for sure getting a Legendary. But looking at the remaining heroes, we’re
actually at a point currently where there aren’t any extreme outliers in terms of
who NEEDS to get a new skin. The previously deprived heroes, being Orisa
and Ana, both just got skins in the 2019 Halloween event, so the chart has actually normalized
quite a bit for the time being. However, there is still one hero who stands
out, being Doomfist. He hasn’t had a new Legendary skin since
last year’s Halloween event, and overall has a fairly low number of total skins. So Doomy boi is the sole top tier candidate
for getting something with the upcoming Winter Wonderland event. After him, the only notable heroes left are
Junkrat, Symmetra, and Lucio, who all haven’t gotten skins since last year’s Winter event. I gave Symmetra a slightly higher likelihood
rating due to her having one less total skin than the others, but in general they’re all
fairly reasonable skin candidates. Normally I’d also list Mercy as well, but
given that she just got a new skin with her short story mini event, It’s unlikely for
Blizzard to give her another immediately afterwards. I will however throw Reinhardt into this category,
since he, too, hasn’t had a whole ton of skins and has gone almost as long as the rest
without getting a Legendary. So these are the statistically likely heroes
to be getting skins, along with Sigma who is confirmed to be getting one. We certainly won’t see all these heroes
end up getting something, especially since many of them did get a skin last year for
the same event. A lot of it comes down to whatever ideas the
devs and Overwatch art team has for possible skins, so we could also easily see heroes
I haven’t marked here getting something instead. But from an expectations standpoint, these
are fair bets based on the heroes’ total skins count and time without getting a new
Legendary. Moving past who will be getting skins, let’s
look at how many skins will be included in the event. While in years past we typically got six Legendaries
added per event, in addition to some Epic skins, the recent Summer Games and Halloween
events have sported a slight decline in number of skins. Summer Games had a total of four Legendaries
and Halloween Terror had five plus the Sombra Demon Hunter Legendary which was technically
an already existing skin, with each event also having three Epic skins. So it would make sense to expect four or five
Legendaries with three Epics again for Winter Wonderland. In addition to this we can expect a total
of about three new emotes and highlight intros, new sprays and player icons, with at least
one of each for each of the new Legendary skins we end up getting, as well as a few
new victory poses, and a handful of voice lines for various heroes. Since this is the first Winter event for Baptiste
and Sigma, they both are also guaranteed to get new sprays based on their character and
the winter theme. Additionally, the three Epic skins will likely
once again be locked behind a weekly challenge system like what we saw with Summer Games
and Halloween Terror this year. Each week of the event you’ll need to get
nine wins to unlock sprays, player icons, and the Epic skin itself. Personally I really like this feature they’ve
implemented, as while it’s really not overly challenging or anything, it just gives you
a little bit more to do and strive for during the event. Additionally, it’s worth mentioning the
Winter Wonderland gamemodes and the fact that, well, we’re almost certainly not going to
be getting anything new. We’ll still have the return of Mei’s Snowball
Offensive and Yeti Hunt from years prior, which I know a lot of people still enjoy,
but given the trend we’ve seen with Overwatch events at this point and the fact that the
dev team is very busy working on content for Overwatch 2, it’s pretty safe to say that
there won’t be any new event modes coming this year. There also probably won’t be any new achievements
to unlock for the existing modes, given that nothing new was added for Junkenstein’s
Revenge during Halloween, so if you still have some to complete from previous years,
that’s great! But otherwise, Winter Wonderland 2019 will
mostly be lackluster in this regard. Likewise, it’ll probably be a similar situation
for the event themed maps this year as well. Like Halloween Terror, Winter Wonderland is
an event which has historically had special winter or Christmas themed map reskins. But with Halloween Terror having not gotten
a new one this year, and, again, Blizzard being busy with Overwatch’s sequel, there
probably isn’t a whole lot of new stuff to expect in this regard. I’d say that it’s possible for us to get
a new winter map reskin, definitely more likely than us getting a new gamemode, but we should
err on the side of skepticism with this one. It’s best to lower our expectations. That way if we do end up getting a new map
reskin, it’ll be like an added bonus! And if we don’t, which we probably won’t,
then at least we won’t be disappointed. But if we WERE to get a new Winter Wonderland
map reskin, which map would it be? There aren’t a whole ton of maps left which
have yet to get an event version, and many of those who haven’t aren’t particularly
snow friendly environments. Of course, the map doesn’t need to have
snow in order to celebrate winter, but typically it helps. Personally, the two which I would love to
see get a Christmas theme are Junkertown and Horizon Lunar Colony. Junkertown, because I think it’d be fun
for Blizzard to play into the Australin Christmas theme they’ve already touched on with Junkrat’s
Beachrat skin, and Horizon because I love the idea of the remaining moon apes celebrating
Christmas. Again, I doubt it’ll happen, but I think
those would be fun ideas for Blizzard to focus on. Be sure to let me know your holiday map skin
ideas in the comments down below. But that’s really all there is to say about
the upcoming Winter Wonderland event. At this point, it is kind of sad how lackluster
and repetitive Overwatch events have become, but I guess we can always just hope that Blizzard
has some exciting ideas or plans for how to mix things up and breathe new life into the
franchise with Overwatch 2. As I’ve talked about before, Overwatch will
be going through a fairly rough content drought between now and the time of Overwatch 2’s
release, so while I always enjoy the new content we do end up getting, I’m definitely looking
forward to Overwatch’s sequel and everything fresh it’ll bring with it. In the meantime though, grab a cup of hot
cocoa, enjoy the mellow 2019 Winter Wonderland event, and who knows, maybe, just maybe, Blizzard
will have a little surprise or two to catch us off guard. Until then though, thank you all for watching! I will be doing a separate Winter Wonderland
skin ideas video where I delve into some possible festive skins we could be getting this year,
so be sure to stay tuned for that. But in the meantime, let me know what Winter
hero skins YOU want to see this year by dropping a comment down below! Be sure to also leave a Like if you enjoyed
this video, and share it with a friend if you really liked it! Subscribe, follow me on Twitter, and hit up
the bell to never miss any of my future Overwatch content. This is Master Ian Gamer signing off, and
until next time, have a great day!

100 thoughts on “Overwatch 2019 Winter Wonderland – Event Start Date, Skins, & Content Predictions!

  1. Let me know what skins YOU want to see in the 2019 Winter Wonderland event by dropping a comment down below!

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  2. They usually have winter sports skins.

    Ice hockey/curling Reinhardt?
    Speed skater Lucio?
    Ski jumping Bastion?

    They’ve already done Scrooge.

    Reaper – Ghost of Christmas future
    Reinhardt – Ghost off Christmas present
    I feel like they could do a good skin for the ghost of Christmas past for Echo.
    But she isn’t in the game yet 😭😭

    Maybe some kind of Befana skin, although that would only really be fitting for an Italian hero which we don’t have 😭

  3. I get Ashe just got a Halloween skin I was thinking Ashe could get a winter skin like a casual one that Hanzo has maybe bob could be wearing a big coat some jeans and one of those hats with a puffy ball at the top and Ashe could have snow boot heels a parka coat a hat like the one I want bob to have and ashes bullets could be covered in frost

  4. I want Ashe to have a skin where she is Me.Claus Bob is a robot Santa her dynamite is a gift her gun is a candy cane weapon and when she is aiming it could be in like a shape of a tree or an ornament and her travel weapon can be like a tree cannon type weapon with 1 or 2 ornaments hanging off the sides which would be cool and the skin can be Ms.claus or the Claus's.

  5. Did they patch the kings row winter glitch where reaper could teleport under the ground and change to phara and get above the skybox?

  6. I want another ana skin that's it-

    Which isn't happening, she just got a skin and got a skin for christmas.

    I also kinda want a rein skin.

  7. Busan would be a cool map to see in a winter theme, a New York type city with a nice icy touch. Genji should get a skin like hanzo's casual skin; a thick winter coat, snow boots, pants, and a boggin' with a little puff ball on top. Shurikens made of ice, with a high tech ice blade.

  8. Please give a damn skin to Genji because he hasn’t gotten a new skin since summer but it was a skin that was kind of lacking. Plus he has no winter or Halloween epics or legendarys

  9. I really want to get one she really needs one she's a old character I feel like its kinda dumb she hasn't gotten one yet

  10. my girlfriend just bought the game this year and every event she gets so excited, i hope they add stuff so i can enjoy it as much as her

  11. I feel like genji and dva definitely need a Christmas skin! I also feel like widowmaker should get one this year except maybe a little more festive

  12. dva honestly, not just because i main her but because she hasn’t gotten one since the anniversary event, and hasn’t gotten a winter skin at all. just like the halloween event she got nothing new, and the summer event. maybe give her a skin challenge?? god blizzard give my girl some love

  13. Skins I would love to see:
    Reindeer Orisa
    Moose Orisa
    Gingerbread Doomfist
    Tracer of Christmas Present
    Roadhog or Reinhardt of Christmas Present
    Reaper of Christmas Future

    Victory Poses:
    Symmetra Gingerbread Hard light House
    Symmetra Toast
    Sigma Toast
    Baptiste Toast
    Orisa/Efi toast
    Bastion Toast
    Winston Toast
    Hammond Toast
    Mei Toast
    McCree Toast
    Lucio Toast
    D. Va Toast

    Highlight Intros
    -Efi/Orisa-Boost to the star on tree
    -Ashe stealing sack of presents
    -Sigma wrapping a black hole inside a present and offering it to the camera
    -Pharah delivering presents
    -Junkrat making a Christmas tree out of beach sand… Then blowing it up.

  14. I took a break and came back to the halloween terror…..and got all items except for 1 skin……I WANT FUCKING ELF D.VA THE HAVE IT IN THE COMICS…..I was pissed I missed genjis summer games and road hogs and D.vas anniversary skins

  15. In case you haven't noticed, events game modes have received a little small change for this 4th year:
    In Lucioball they added Hammond as the ball, and he actually made noises each time you booped him
    In Junkenstein Revenge, Junkrat actually leaves his platform now and he comes down at ground level to fight alongside the other bosses xD
    Wonder what will be for winter both modes

  16. brig moria rein dva sym bastest r just some who havent had a legendary in a bit and yes i know i spelt there names wrong

  17. id love a genji skin that trohws snowflakes. and a cute Hammond skin. gingerbread Hammond. wiyh a cute green hat and with a victory poes there he sit down and eats a gingerbread. almost like when he eats a pumpkin

  18. How you managed to say the same exact thing 500x for 10 minutes and have this many views blows my fuckin mind. s1q gr4phz 1337 pr3d1ct1onZ

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