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Depression and Heart Disease


(upbeat music) – I actually have a, like, it hurts more to turn this side than this side, that’s for sure. – Okay – So, I guess this side would be worst. Yeah it moves much better. (chuckle) Normally it’s just like a soreness. – Yeah. – But um, yeah that’s good. – Yeah that’s pretty
good, huh? Not too bad? So I pretty much have everything. (chuckles) – Yeah I saw. – Yeah. You have a lot of stuff going on. – I know. – So what was the main thing again? It was… – Like mainly my neck, like right here. Neck and then like right down in here is starting to… You know what I mean? It’s been, you know. – On the right side?
– Yeah. – Okay. Well let’s start with the neck. So you feel it in two different areas. You feel it here and here
– Just the whole thing. – Oh just from here to here. – Both sides, yeah I mean. I can crack it like all day long. – Oh yeah! I remember you showing me that. – Yeah. All day long I can crack, like, whatever it is. – Gotcha. Okay. So it’s basically from here to like here. Okay. Gotcha. And then how did it start again? – I have no idea. Just, probably just from working. All the time, because
I do a lot of lifting. Just moving stuff around. – Right. And this has been going on for… – Even, I mean forever. For as long as I can remember. – Okay. And does anything make this worse? Like any position? Or do you think it can
make it better at all? – Driving probably and
then sleeping certain ways, I’ll like, hands will go numb or certain parts of my arm. – Okay. Anything, well let me see. How much range of motion… Do you have much range of motion? – Sometimes I don’t. I actually have, like, it hurts more to turn
this side than this side. That’s for sure. – Okay. Gotcha. – So I guess this side would be worse. – Turn to your right. (chuckling) Come on it’s only Tuesday. – I know. I don’t even
know what day it is. – All right. Left side. Okay. Definitely looks to the left. How about this over here. Can you describe this a little bit more? – So this is right here, sometimes when I, like, go to bend down, it’ll give me like a
little pain to stand up. – Okay – But it’s not as bad
as it was the other day. It was all swollen, too. The other day. Right here.
– All on the right side? – Yeah. – Not as much in the middle? More on the right? – Yeah, no. Just on the side there. – Does it hurt more up
here or more down here? – It’s kinda like this
whole, like more probably, yeah, more down here. – More down there? – Yeah. – And you said standing or bending forward. – Just, yeah bending forward. Well not really now, but like if I stand like that. Sometimes it’ll hurt. It didn’t really do it right now. It’s starting to, I mean
it’s feeling better. It’s still tender, but
it’s not like it was, like last week. – Okay. – Last week it was, every
time I moved I was like “ugh”. – It was bad? Gotcha. Okay. And how long have you had this for again? – Just recently. Maybe a couple weeks. – Couple weeks? Gotcha. Definitely something, right there. (unintelligible) There’s also something
right over here, too. All right, let’s keep going. That triggered the needle. And right there. What’s more tender? – It’s more the lower. – Yeah, it gets more tender lower, right? – Oh yeah. – That’s worse? – Yeah. Not as bad. No. Oh yeah. – Okay, what I’m going to do here is we’re not going to
twist you going this way, we’re basically, I’m
going to be pushing up and forward that way. – Okay.
– Okay. Keep your feet up just a little bit. There you go. I’m just going to take
it from a little bit of a different angle. (door opening) So, what I’m going to do here is… (unintelligible) So, what I’m going to do, I’m going to roll you over and I’m going to give this basically a
push going up this way. – Okay.
– Okay. So just relax this shoulder right there. (popping) A little bit more. (popping) Good. There we go. Got that at the end. – Yeah. – All right. I just want
you to take a big breath in. On your breath out I’m
just going to push down. Okay so one more time, deep breath. All the way out. Nice! That was a big one. – Yeah I liked that. (chuckles) – All right, last one. – Okay. – Just a little bit more. I’m going to have you lift your chin up just a little bit. Yep. Oh and (unintelligible) Yeah. So good. Right there. All the way out. (breathing out loudly) Nice. That was good. All right. Come on up. All right. You okay? – Yep. – Sorry I smooshed your face a little bit. – That’s all right. – That does feel better though. – And now, yeah, as you walk, if you notice any difference, if you don’t that’s fine. But if you notice any difference… – No I do. Actually. – Good.
– All right. Thanks. – Where do you feel a difference? – Just right here, less
tension in my neck. – Yeah it was interesting as
you pointed out that over here. I was actually thinking
because as I was pushing on, usually when things are misaligned, they are tender in that area. But it wasn’t really
tender in the neck area. But it was more tender, it
was really more tender here. – Yeah, way more down in here. – Yeah, so I’m thinking
that’s probably going to be a big part of it. – I know when I massage
here, like at night, I’ll like, just massage here and it makes my neck actually feel better. – Yeah. So that actually
leaves me with more to think. I mean we did set that in there, but I think this is going
to make a big difference. – Yeah. That was awesome. Yeah I think it’s much better. – Good. – Yeah. Thank you. – Okay, so if I press down here, it might still be just as tender, but is it as tender as it was before? – Not really. No. But it is a little, it’s still tender. – Still tender not as much? Okay now what about this one? Not as tender? – No. Not yet. That was a little bit.
– That was a little bit? Yeah I actually think this is going to be your primary issue. Right over here. Because your neck seems
to move pretty fine now. – Yeah it moves much better. (chuckles) Normally it’s just like a soreness. – Yeah. – But, yeah that’s good. – Yeah that’s pretty good, huh? We’re pretty much all set. If you do feel sore, in terms of like the
neck or the lower back, at least in the first month, it’s pretty normal to feel, so. I would just tonight, just
put some ice on the areas. Like especially here and here. Kinda bring down the
swelling a little bit. – Cool. – All right. Well you’re all set man? – All right, thank you. (soft piano music)

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