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100 thoughts on “Parkinson’s Disease tremor control with medicinal cannabis

  1. My best friend from my childhood's dad has Parkinson''s disease. It is heartbreaking as he was basically a second dad to me.

  2. Thank you for sharing this in the community, and helping to become aware of the great medicine we have at our disposal. Greetings from Argentina

  3. It didn't work for my father. He peed himself and felt dizzy. Stopped the tremour a bit, but also increased movement problem.

  4. Did anyone hear about the study where CBD actually worsenes symptoms in HD patients?

    Please if anyone knows about this or has counter info let me know… THanks in advance

  5. Anyone what kind of liquid drops he was given or info on what Is recommend for Parkinson’s and dosage. Thank you

  6. I commend you on making this video , I do not think there is a reason in the world that anyone suffering with a debilitating disease should not be able to Access it as medication to help with the symptoms. It looks as though it can make a persons quality of life rise to a type of normalcy. I would hope that one day soon everyone who can benefit from it will find that it will be available to them. No one should ever have to suffer when there is a medication that will help. If he was your father , or grandfather wouldn’t you feel the same?

  7. Amazing thank you for getting this out to the world!!!! also who in their right mind would thumb down this video??? GD monsters

  8. thank you for being so brave. my husband has these tremors. I'm going to show him your videos. wow I can hardly wait to show him. thank you dear and bless you
    much love from Texas

  9. Amazing sir. Bless you and thanks for sharing your story. I am so glad it helps you as much as it helps me for my medical issues. Much love!

  10. How can anybody denay this treatment when the benefits and relief is so strong. When theres this, how can someone say "no, you cant have it". I don't understand it.

  11. Great video, such a shame I’ve seen my lovely uncle deteriorate for 30 years on regular medication. Can I ask is it ok to take the oil when on regular Parkinson’s medication?

  12. I wrote an article about CBD and its effects on Parkinson's Disease, you can read it at

  13. I like how a commercial plays for brain surgery as a Parkinsons treatment right before a video for medical marijuana that does the same.

  14. This Plant is nothing short of a Miracle, we also are fighting my wifes Cancer with it, god bless you for your video ..
    I make Rick Simpson Oil for her, it obviously has more far reaching benefits, her brain tumors have shrank too. Your here for a purpose Ian.

  15. my grandfather was a great man who lived a great life, even won a grammy. but, he developed parkinson’s and ended up succumbing to it. i just wish i knew about this when he was alive. this made me cry out of happiness and sadness :,).

  16. Medical companies sicken me to my very core, they hop you up on pills for Parkinson's and then you need to get a buttload of other medications to cope with the side effects of the last medicine you were prescribed, marijuana is a much cheaper alternative to treating this disease and many others like it it has so much potential for medical treatment but it's effects are swept under the rug because it would lose the pharmaceutical companies money and that's all it's about… money

  17. UK law and mentally is so backward. All down to pharmaceutical economy. Utterly immoral and disgusting. Most laws are to extort money. 😬

  18. Feel for you I suffer from anxiety and depression it helps me but also makes me a criminal and this pissed me off as we spend £3 million a day on anti depressants thanks for sharing your story I appreciate it

  19. "If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so."
    -Thomas Jefferson

  20. Cannabis aids neuroplasticity in the endocannabinoid system… phytocannabinids from cannabis are secondary metabolites that metabolize through cellular membranes into the intracellular space… not many molecules are able to make it through that far into our anatomy… 314 mol is the size of decarboxylated ( carbon neutral ) THC and CBD… carbon active THC/CBD is to big to go through the blood brain barrier and does not metabolize in the same way as carbon neutral cannabinoids… Omega fatty acids make up the endocannabinoid system via bio-active lipids and phytocannabinoids from cannabis are already formed on the pant while this allows them to signal though the cannabinoid receptors… to make endogenous cannabinoids we need proficient amounts of those long chain fatty acids to form anandamide and 2-AG and cannabimimetics ( phyto-chemicals ) can be added to cannabis dosing because of their volatility to activate receptor capacity for better metabolism of cannabinoids
    the ECS

  21. When people like Jeff Sessions goes to be Judged by Christ who is the only Righteous Judge. Jesus may say. You know all t hise years you put my children in prison for my creation I put on Earth to relieve My children's pain and suffering. Also Jeff I had other plans for those people and your ignorance stopped my plans and it ruined their life and family. Do you remember that Jeff? You said you believed in Liberty and Freedom Jeff but that was your definition of Liberty and Freedom but not my definition of freedom and liberty. So you ruined millions of lives caused the Police to wage war on the poor and suffering bleeding them of money they could have gave to charity and pay their tithes so My Gospel could reach those who I plan to save and spend eternity with Me. It was money they needed for their children and families but you used it to support man's corrupt Justice System, Probation Officers and other jobs created to drain their pockets. It caused millions to lose jobs they needed. You labeled them felons and my children couldn't get jobs that paid them well or caused them to be homeless because they couldn't get a job. Jeff I hope this makes sense to you doesn't it? Now let me ask you do you think you we're a good and righteous man and should spend eternity in my Kingdom? The rest is in Jesus's hands. Legalize it now!

  22. may i ask what kind of CBD oil you used and where did you get it from . i tried boost from white palm (calyx) . and it did nothing for my dogs seizures. looking for something that works

  23. I'm so glad you can get real respite from your debilitating condition. The time has come for a real discussion about the removal of some criminal laws off the statute books. Especially in my country (Scotland)

  24. Hi Ian, I've noticed you experience some dysarthria (trouble speaking), may I ask whether this developed as a side effect of DBS?

  25. bless you Ian..any idiot that gives thumbs down is a cruel fallen human being; pitiful and sadistic! keep yo the good fight brother

  26. God Bless you Sir. My Dad had Alzheimer's and Dementia. CBD tincture really helped him. Unfortunately, today marks his 1 year of leaving us. I believe his life improved much after the CBD but it was already too late 😢

  27. God bless you… I'm glad you found that herb helps your condition. I hope people can get marijuana legalized in all 50 states as a medical necessity. It has very few side effects compared to what's available from big pharma. Also, it continues to work. You won't get flying high like the first time you use it. But, it will continue to have its medical benefits for a lifetime. If it works for you to start with, it will continue to be beneficial.

  28. The reason that marijuana is illegal is because big pharma would lose billions of dollars if it was made legal. Because people could grow it in their home

  29. Cannabis was made illegal based on zero medical or scientific studies, that same methodology would get laughed out of any modern courtroom

  30. The more important question is this. How long you have been on cannabis ? and will you have to increase the dosage over time to get same results?
    I don't deny the effect of cannabis, but am not sure how it will react in longer periods. PS I had dystonia and had a DBS in 2014. now I am suffering from dizziness, imbalance and occasionally muscular tension. What do you recommend? shall I start using it?

  31. God bless you. Thank you for spreading the message that marijuana isnt just a recreational drug. Id love to have a politician say to your face that he doesnt support medical after seeing this video. I hope you live a comfortable life with your treatment

  32. I am so glad that marijuana is finally legalized and people can enjoy the great benefits from this wonderful plant….👌❤

  33. I love the way you articulated your symptoms and lack thereof.
    It's people like you, and videos like this that, are beginning the movement towards medical marijuana.

  34. How can anybody not like the video the man is simply showing how medical marijuana works well for his Parkinson's and the perscription meds don't work and make him feel worse. What because he don't show himself medicating you don't like the video. I applaud this man for him standing up and showing the difference. SMH the hate is real and I guess more ppl need to use medical marijuana maybe they can cure the hate and dickheadism(not a real word) but even that's a long shot for u hating ass helpless souls😉

  35. Absolutely AMAZING!!! I just got approved for my medical marijuana card. Can't wait to start using! I have epilepsy.

  36. My dad has Parkinson's and he's basically falling apart from the disease. He won't vape because he thinks its smoking and it's close to impossible to find edibles. My mother suffers from traumatic brain injury and she refuses to smoke/vape as well. I wish there was an economical way to deliver cannabis to those that deserve and need it.

  37. Wow, that is such an amazing difference after taking medical cannabis. I’ve heard of it being used with other neurological conditions like Tourette’s. Thanks again Ian for demonstrating this effect x

  38. Hi Ian, what did you mean by "DBS just masks the symptoms"? I think that's what you said once, but I could be wrong. Thanks

  39. I've searched for an answer but haven't found it yet – How long is a "treatment" with Cannabis good for? 1 hr? 2Hr? 15 min?

  40. why so low LIKES and views? ….. help him guys… to make money from youtube…. the man need it… fuck the evil government and all this system….. they kill us make us sick and etc. and then cant cure my self naturally ….. HOW CAN SAY ME = YOU CANT USE THIS PLANT !?!?!?!?! its just natural plant from mother earth
    and peoples are crazy … wtf world is this…….. we pay to eat /drink water etc. ….to live…on this planet?…. and when see so much peoples sick and sad and etc. ………. getting also angry … :X ….we are total slaves……… must free ourselfs from this evil in this world….

  41. My love to you Ian, I thank God for this plant. Thank you for sharing this video. May The Lord bless you and shine through you for the world to be blessed. Amen

    I pray that The Lord God will open the eyes of the leaders across the ocean to see that cannabis should have never been made illegal, that the government has sinned by making it a crime.

  42. Anyone standing against medical marijuana has suffering and blood on their hands. I also have a neurological disease and I could make a video just like this. The illegality of marijuana for medical use will be looked back on as a stain on medical history. Not to mention all the prescription drug deaths that could be avoided by using the safest medication known to man.

  43. Damn When will everyone stop believing government propaganda.? Cannabis is not dangerous. There have been no recorded deaths from using it. Yet prescription medications kill thousands yearly. It is discusting that users are still demonised and belittled by the uninformed majority calling us stoners. Well I for one would much rather be stoned and mentally still capable, then being rat arsed and incompetent.

  44. Thing is weed is a good medical product but if legalised you know kids will just be sat on street corners getting stoned thinking their cool.

  45. Good on you mate!!! I'm happy it helps. I was diagnosed with MS 10 years ago, still stage 1 relapsing remitting, but I hear that marijuana tablets or oils can be if great benefit to those who suffer from MS symptoms too, even slowing down the progression of the disease. Although I am stage 1 still, I have many horrible symptoms especially full body stiffness and pain. My memory is getting worse etc.

    I'm hoping the clinic that do prescribe medical marijuana down the road not far from me will be able to help.
    I heard you say your foot curls over, probably very stiff and would be very painful. I have seen this in Parkinson disease sufferers, and if it helps you with that awful symptom, it may help the full body stiffness I get.

    Thankyou for sharing your post. May Jesus bless you and bring healing to your body…

    Stace from Melbourne Australia

  46. I also have Parkinson's, and can confirm this with my own experience. It's not a cure, but it sorts so many of the symptoms out and it does so dramatically. Some of my worst symptoms are to do with cognitive issues, mood, emotions, and mental health. The effect of cannabis is extraordinary in these areas. Far, far superior to any of the anti-depressants and other drugs on offer. So much so that I don't need any of those prescriptions. Time for the UK to decriminalise and allow folks to grow their own if they want to. For that is the best way to get the right balance of cannabinoids to treat the individual's unique Endo~Cannabinoid System (ECS). Until such time we are at the mercy of either "street" dealers (expect to pay anything from £150 – £300 per ounce and even more) or a very expensive private prescription (roughly £1000 per ounce). It will be pretty much the same product whichever you choose, in terms of cannabinoid profiles. Unless you're lucky enough to know a generous grower who produces organic product at a very patient friendly price, in which case you will have the best medicine of all. But apart from the expensive prescription, the others do mean you are breaking the law. For treating your symptoms with a herb. Feel free to ask, What the actual fxxk is going on in this country. Because I'm buggered if I know!

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