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Parkinson’s Neck Pain Relief

I have Parkinsons Disease, which is a neurological
movement disorder. The symptoms are largely controlled through
medications, so I have to take medication, one of which is called Levodopa, and Levodopa
helps to control the symptoms, however it has some side effects and a downside in that
it causes something called dyskinesia, which is involuntary movements and in my case the
involuntary movements mainly hurt and affected my neck. It caused the muscles in my neck to become
contracted, and that was worsening over time, and it became very painful to where I couldn’t
even look to the left or right hardly at all. I went and talked to my neurologist to see
what options I had. He diagnosed it as cervical dystonia. I asked him what would you do about it and
his options where botox injections, which kills cells and has to be repeated every 3
months; the second option was de-nerving the area, which that doesn’t sound good at all;
the third option was deep brain stimulation, which you have to have a hole drilled in your
skull and leads are placed in there and then they have put a little pace maker type device
which sends electrical impulses to these leads. I didn’t like any of those three options so
I decided to seek out any other option I could find and I found a place that said they could
treat cervical dystonia, so I went there and that’s where I met Dr. Joe Adams. Dr. Joe first explained what had happened
to my neck, that the muscles were all tight. He got them loosened up to where I now I have
much greater range of motion in my neck, significantly less pain, and it’s largely controlled. I now see Dr. Joe every two weeks just to
kind of make sure that it maintains the flexibility and doesn’t have the tightness that it did
before because I do have occasional recurrence of the dyskinesia, which causes the cervical
dystonia. I’m having him monitor it every two weeks
from now on. It’s made a major difference in my quality
of life and I will forever be grateful to Dr. Joe.

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