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Planning for Beach Holiday | Skin Care Routine + Hair Removal + Travel Essentials

Kaira I hate your last minute plans ya! We’re finally going to Goa dude You know I’ll definitely forget something or the other Dude, why you worrying? I’m there na. See, all you need is a camera, cool sunglasses, a hat your travel diary, sunscreen, your makeup kit your swim-ware Oh! Dude we finally get to wear those bikinis we brought last month Ya Ya Ya, I’ll get to show off my amazing hairy legs at the pool party DIY bro! Check this out Venus? For DIY glow Try kar le na ek baar isse Using Venus is really easy Its just three simple steps Apply some water on your skin Glide Venus Breeze upwards Apply your favourite moisturiser to prevent dryness like this and thats it! Now its your turn to get bikini ready K, my skin feels so smooth Get set Goa!!

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