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Pregnancy symptoms – Evening sickness

Hi my name’s Gemma Wilkinson, I’m 24 weeks
pregnant and this is my first baby. I suffered with evening sickness not so much morning
sickness, which I found quite bizarre because I was expecting it first thing in the morning
and it came last thing at night. I think it was at its worst when I was about nine weeks,
because obviously nobody knew that I was pregnant. So I would be sat at work going “Oh I feel
terrible!” and not being able to tell anyone, and I do still get it occasionally now.
I’ve spoken to the midwife and she says this can be caused by tiredness and I work in the
evenings, and I’m quite physical in my job, so that’s when it really affected me. And
she also suggested eating small meals little and often throughout the day, which I found
has helped — I mean sometimes I really had to force myself to eat because it’s the last
thing I wanted to do, but when I did it it made me feel a lot better.
I found that ginger biscuits helped me, a few people have said that to me and I’ve heard
of it before, but it has really helped me just having a packet on me all the time. My
top tip for a more comfortable pregnancy is first and foremost rest; make sure you’re
feeling on top form that way. And also if you can manage it, try and manage it, eat
little and often throughout the day because I found that really helped me. But above all
else, if you get any kind of niggling little symptom just go and talk to your GP or pharmacist,
because there’s going to be something they can do if not just reassure you.

2 thoughts on “Pregnancy symptoms – Evening sickness

  1. I was completely soothed from nausea and vomiting by using a natural tea called 'no to morning sickness tea". This herbal tea has no caffeine, sugar or any other preservatives.

  2. I had evening sickness in my first pregnancy. It went away by 14th week completely. Evening sickness is a sign of baby girl and morning sickness is a sign of baby boy.

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