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Quickie: Under the Skin

[YMS] So I Just watched Under The Skin
and it was really disturbing. And that’s what it was aiming to be so I guess it succeeded. The film stars Scarlett Johansson who’s clearly not human. And you guessed it, she takes advantage
of lonely men and then murders them. Now obviously this concept has been
done before but its presentation is just so fresh and unique that I kinda fucking loved it. And this is why I cant fucking stand
so-called film reviewers who do nothing more than describe events
that take place in the film. Like, how the fuck do people even consider it a film
review when you’re saying nothing more than “This happened and this was cool, this happened and
I didn’t like it, but this happened and that was cool.” Because unless you’re pointing at a
glaring problem or inconsistency; Simply listing what happens at a few
points does nothing to prove a films quality. What’s more important is how it’s executed,
and this film does a great job in proving that. With a description like that we could just as
easily be talking about a really shitty movie. But in my opinion, I would say that
this film is far from shitty. I really appreciate the choices that were made
in terms of how much of the story is actually told. Because despite the story being ridiculously
simple it never gives the impression that its dumbing things down for you. And especially only after seeing it once
I have a lot of unanswered questions. And even with multiple watches I suspect
that many of them will remain unanswered. So, whereas I suspect that some people will feel unfulfilled
by the amount of answers there are on screen, I find it to be incredibly fitting for the genre. I don’t know about you guys, but to me,
fear and confusion go hand in hand. The film makes it clear that what you don’t understand
is what you’re supposed to not understand. Where so many movies have failed trying to bring technical
mumbo jumbo future science into the equation; This film presents its supernatural aspects in such a way where
you’ll be wondering if what you’re seeing visually is even literal. Certain scenes in the film play on with
entirely solid colour backgrounds. And even attempting to think of how the lighting was
done in those scenes is pretty mind boggling. And because of how incredibly surrealist these
horrifying scenes are being presented, it really brings new meaning to the term nightmare fuel. Despite the comforting reality that the things
happening in this film will never happen to me, it doesn’t stop those disturbing fantasy horror-like
images from now being etched into my brain. I can’t wait to watch it again to watch it
again so I can desensitize myself to it. Also if you want the full experience of these
images do not watch the films trailer. I know I’m using the trailer for clips
right now, but I’ve edited out all the parts that might ruin your first
experience watching the film. Part of what I loved about this film
is how natural the characters acted. Not only did Scarlett Johansson do a great job
but everyone else seemed like a very real person. During certain scenes where the
vehicles stopped on the highway, the audio of the cars going by and almost
overpowering the speaker at volume, gave an extra level of realism that helped sell the scene. And holy shit, I did a little bit of research and found
out that a lot of the extras were actually real people. [Jonathan Glazer] I like the idea of taking somebody
who is well known and putting them in disguise. Lets do that with hidden cameras. We can really film her walking down
the street and nobody knows its her. Our character was dropped into the real world
and we were documenting what happened. [Scarlett Johansson] Things happened in an organic
kinda way that could never happen if it was scripted. [YMS] Now there’s a lot of repetition in this film
and a lot of similarly looking, recurring, scenes. But the way that each of these scenes showed
more and more as the film went along, not only helped it to be more entertaining, but it gave it a really nice build
up for the suspense as well. Not only that but there was a very specific musical
score playing each time these scenes happened. Each revisit to this type of scene would mean
a slightly different musical arrangement or an entirely new instrument added altogether. So considering that’s essentially what the scene
itself is doing without the music in the first place, it’s difficult to think of a better way that the
music could have complimented the film. Now unfortunately this film is not without its issues. There are a couple points in the film that are difficult
to describe without using the word unlikely. And most of what I’ve been praising this film for does
not necessarily take up the entirety of the film. After a certain point I feel as though it starts to have
some pacing issues, but overall this film was very impressive. There was one shot that made me really confused as to
weather or not he actually wanted her to be in focus, but the majority of the film had some
pretty mind blowing cinematography. Hopefully a few of the unanswered questions
in the film are ones that can be solved through a hive mind of internet film geeks. But I honestly wouldn’t be surprised
if I stay confused forever. For a film that uses fear of the unknown as part of its
selling point, I fail to see how I could let that bother me. The few things this film has going
against it don’t really compare to the overall achievements of what this film has going for it. And this will probably show up on a list of mine somewhere. For me this film is at least a seven out of ten and I can see
myself solidifying it as an eight on my second watch. But I don’t know future me all that well and he seems
kinda shady so I’m giving this one a seven for now. (Slurred) Why does it have to be so difficult? (Static) [YMS] She just keeps her sedated on constant doses of LSD. [Person 2] What is it that she gave her? [YMS] So she can get drunk by herself. [Person 3] She gave her a nut. [YMS] She is focusing in hard-core to this nut. (Laughter) [Person 2] Its so long! (Laughter) (Static)

100 thoughts on “Quickie: Under the Skin

  1. My favorite part of the movie was naked Scarlett Johansson, but that's the only part I downloaded, so I really can't comment on the rest of it.

  2. The worst kind of "review" is when the guy describes the events of the movie and then gives a score from 1 to 10. I see it everywhere and I'm very surprised how many people think that's what a review is.

  3. Me and my friends were kinda meh about the ending, probs cause it was downer as fuck. (yes, me and my friends, I'm the most important after all~)

  4. I saw this movie. It definitely was super intriguing and haunting all the way through. It's certainly a work of art.

  5. As much as I like this film, the fact Sandstorm was playing in the club was really embarrassing. There are so many other far superior Techno tracks he could have chossen; I honestly feel like he was trolling us.

  6. you didn't talk about the best part of the film, scarlet johannson gets her titties out! and then you see her butt as well, and i think some a bit of her pussy, like the hair, and some of the lips hanging down. not everyone likes to see the hair on the pussy, but i don't mind seeing the hair. it was only a little bit anyway at the bottom. not like all up in it, more like softcore. and you definitely get to see her titties and naked butt. but not like she is spreading her butthole or anything. just the crack. but fully naked. with her titties out they were bigger than i expected. but they come out quite quick into the film. and the naked scene are quite long so that is good aswell.

  7. This drawn-out, so-so movie could have been a great short film. The scene with the lamp was a hilarious, and I like to think, a wholly intended touch of flat-out funny.

  8. yet another movie I took Adum's recommendation on–that's 2 for 0 Adum__Painfully slow & anticlimactic.
    I didn't agree to watch an emo Scarlet Johanssen staring for 2 hours.
    I only finished it b/c I thought there would be a solid explanation linking the motorcycle dude with Scarlet's Bait Bus tour.
    It just ends with her burning in a snowy field; and it's not stylized or done expressively.
    terribly simplistic to a fault.
    it's cheap—long–and unimaginative.
    the only redeeming qualities (not too redeemable) were the paper bag people & the soundtrack.

  9. I wish I hadn't read the book before this film was made. If I could judge it as a standalone concept I think I would have loved it, but knowing it's based off one of my favorite scifi/horror novels, it's just an utter failure. There's nothing wrong with adapting or even radically changing adapted material, but when it's to this extent I wonder why they even bothered to keep the title and characters at all.

  10. The movie was great. I loved the musical score. I'm really glad someone else liked it and didn't just think it was weird.

  11. FUCK ME, this movie is boring.
    Like, there's been very few movies in my life where after watching them I thought to myself "well this was a time badly spent". 
    I mean, I'm not talking about bad movies here, watching a bad movie every now and then is not the end of the world; I'm talking about a special kind of mind-numbingly boring bullshit, the kind that slowly sucks the life out you as you're watching it, and I dare say that this just might be one of the dullest pieces of shit I've ever seen. Fuck.
    ^this is the most coherent response I can give to this movie, one hour after watching it.

    (Also looking around on the internets, it seems that the most common response to my type of comment is "lolol you just don't get it art movies are supposed to be slow" which is like whatever man, I've just recently seen The Turin Horse and I loved it and you couldn't go slower than that film if you were standing still)

  12. Thanks for another great movie recommendation! There's something so uneasy about the movie that I just can't shake off. A solid 8/10 for me.

  13. Thank you so much for this informative spoiler free review, seriously. This has now become a favorite of mine. Wonderful disturbing film.

  14. I think you normally have good opinions, but what you said in the 1st minute of this review you've been guilty of doing.

  15. i have to admit i didnt know there was an alien when i watched it(before the end) i guess i managed to convince myself it was a realistic movie as i didn't see the genre before after i watched it… i thought she was just some crazy person seducing people then drowning them(i thought the scenes in the black room was symbolism or whatever) and at some point near the end i thought she had just been trying to get laid, seducing people making them believe they would get some but then she would change her mind. i feel stupid now but at least i got to be one of the 10 people who got surprised at the end.

  16. I dunno, to be honest I really didn't see this movie in the same vein as most people. It seemed very boring, terribly paced, and not all that well fleshed out. There were several drawn out scenes where nothings happening aside from Scarlett Johansen driving or watching people, then you get to the meat of the film and it's incredibly sparse and sporadic. each character only exists as a husk for Scarlett Johansen's character to use, and they're not given any personality beyond this, so when they finally do the scenes lose almost all of their impact, which is a shame considering how beautifully shot and choreographed they were, and since Johansen's character is so devoid of emotion or life on purpose I felt no real reason to care as she attempted to figure out her role in all this and what it means considering a. she never gave a shit about it before and b. she can't relate to the audience exactly what she thinks in any way whatsoever. overall a dull plodding yet pretty experience.

  17. Best sci-fi movie in years. So hard to innovate in the genra and this movie manages to offer something new. It's a must-see.

  18. You kind of spoiled the movie in the first 20 seconds. Im glad I didnt watch this quickie before seeing the film, because I wouldnt want to know those things going in, and Im sure a lot of your followers feel the same way.

  19. I read the novel AFTER seeing the movie and I was surprised how different they were. I can see why the movie took a different path because the book got so deep into the aliens and their underground life and their true physical appearance that it could've easily seemed goofy and cartoonish in a movie. But I definitely recommend reading the novel if you enjoyed the movie. Just know that they're two very different things.

  20. i really liked this film, the only scene I disliked was where, near the end, she was looking at herself, the CGI or whatever one would call it looked really rushed, and in my opinion was not at all necessary, some flesh coloured latex would have worked better, while still not taking anything away from the story.

  21. I actually thought the movie was boring, I saw it like 3 years ago, still very forgetful, and I hate the ending.Yes the soundtrack was good, the visuals was astonishing, but the movie was very boring cuz I feel like nothing really happens. I know it's nothing like but I gonna to compare anyway, I felt like watching Space Odyssey, I know what you thinking: "how could you compare something like this tho Kubrick?He's a genius." Yeah I know, I like his movies, I like movies, but I can't like such a 'dull' thing, it's unberable! I personally like psychological trillers, I'm not a fan of action movies, but if you make a movie at least put a bit of action! Ok I can see the movie again and think in a different way, wich is a think I love on movies, but I just got so bored watching it that at some points I just stare at it blankly just like looking at a wall! A movie should give me feelings and memorable moments, but this one have none. Thank you to reading my opinion, I respect that you think differently, that's just my opinion, so I hope that I 'open' another point of view?

  22. This film was incredible. One of the best sci fi films ive seen in years no question. Everything from the fantastically creepy score, to learning how it was filmed to the beautiful cinematography. The idea of choosing Johansson to play the lead casually driving a transit van around a dreary, rainy glasgow was genius. The stark contrast between her actual fame and the mundane world she explores. almost like shes on a different planet. unforgettable stuff. deserves a second watch.

  23. It always kind of bugs me when Scarlet Johansson is cast mostly for action movies, when she seems to do well in other, more minimalistic films like this movie and Her.

  24. For the 0:20–0:47 portion, I am having trouble understanding so maybe someone in the comments can help me out, but what is wrong with giving an example of something in the film and explaining why someone liked it? For example, I liked that in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes that Koba shot Caesar making it look like a human did it because it gave the movie more of a grey ambiguity instead of a typical black and white standard in who to root for.

  25. I hate hearing all his bullshit hangers on, find the things he points out hysterical, and yelling since the camera isn't focused on them.

  26. This movie seems to be taking a similar approach to Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey or The Shining where it's all portrayed visually with less explanation than the novel.

  27. i really liked this movie but goddamn that scene… you know the one. that's the thing of nightmares, definitely one of the most disturbing movies i've seen and i won't soon forget it

  28. It's not a confusing film at all, the plot is incredibly simple. If your wanting explanations to the alien's etc your missing the whole point of the film, it's a film that is far more interested in humans. The alien's and their harvesting is purely a mechanism used to hold a mirror up to us as a species. You see humans from an outsiders perspective….which was fucking weird and unsettling. I can't think of one other film that does that, usually its the opposite way round = aliens are outsiders and are bad, if they are good it's measured by our own standards of "humanity" etc. This film flips that dynamic and for the opening sections takes a clinical look at humans from an outsider's perspective.

  29. Hey Adam, thanks for doing a quickie on this film! I had just watched it for a second time and had found this after watching the trailer to see how it had been advertised to the public. On your next watch, do let me know if your opinion on the pacing changes. My first watch had me thinking similarly, and while I still think it seems rather sluggish I think it complements the film beautifully, considering what it is and the overall atmosphere.

  30. When Adam (the guy that liked Antichrist) calls a film disturbing, you know it's going to be fucked up. I like fucked up, though, so I guess that's why I typically find my tastes aligning with his.

  31. So I watched the whole movie, absolutely adored the first half, and then got more and more disappointed as the film went on. It's not that it didn't look great or was confusing, but as the director's intent was made clearer, it felt almost insulting. Despite being an enjoyable experience, the most obvious interpretation for the movie is frankly insulting.

    It's very possible that I'm biased and am not seeing the whole picture, but without giving any spoilers that's about all I can say.

  32. Is the movie scary because she is so sexual yet scary? Because I was wondering if it would be as scary to a gay person or a straight women.

  33. I gave it a 5/10 because I love the concept but not the execution… The first hour was way too slow for me tho I enjoyed the realism in every single scene (with the pickups and all that), plus the score was amazing but again, a little too repetitive.

  34. If you want more clarity – read the book! The movie is quite clever because it only shows us "half" of the story – from a human perspective. The book essentially explains everything because the author creates a lot of scenes with the aliens and so you find out why she is there doing what she is doing and you get her inner dialogue as well. The movie is successful because it keeps the audience at arms length and the confusion definitely ramps up the fear. But if you want the full story, or at least more of the story, then you have to read the book!

  35. "It was really disturbing." Was it? I was so bored throughout this entire film. I agree that exposition is a tool that needs to stop being used to explain things but the solution is not to have a movie where nothing is explained or explored in any way. 'Nightmare fuel' is not how I would describe this movie, the only scene that made me feel uncomfortable was when we saw the 'tank scene' but after that nothing happened to keep me intrigued. Even the ending was extremely underwhelming.

  36. The book and movie are nothing alike, but reading the book then watching the movie really helps clear some stuff up. When I first watched under the skin I had no idea what was even going on at all.

  37. I've been meaning to watch this movie ever since you put up this review, since I like me some good horror. Finally did and wow, holy shit.
    I can't remember the last time I was afraid of the dark.

    I'd want to thank you for giving me the right kind of misery and suffering.

  38. I don't think there's a single scene in this film that's meant to be taken completely literally. The two intertwining narratives;
    metaphorical and literal, work together incredibly well. I love this film.

  39. They could have just told you what was happening. They could have skiped Vincent D'onofrio and gotten a college lecture on who they were and what they were doing, but what would be the point.

    You see that they are highly organised, funded and effective. So whatever is behind them must be huge and powerful. You could say aliens or demons or mad science, but i think that would ultimately lessen the effect.

    And the third act did drag a bit, and the guy at the end was kind of a hack character (though he did counterpoint what she was doing nicely), but the lamp scene is such great science fiction that it propped up the end like a tent pole.

  40. mark kermode pop into my mind the first time, when Adum talks about the type of reviewer that he didn't like. Fuckin hate their review,

  41. I have no idea why people actually like this movie. It's almost 2 hours long and it feels like 4, it's one of the most boring and pointless movies I've seen.
    HOWEVER I do have a lot more respect towards Scarlett Johansson because she chose to do a film like this and take some risk, so props to her for doing it.

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