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Depression and Heart Disease

Rare Diseases That Give People Superhero-Like Abilities

At one point at my life, I definitely dreamt being to be superhero with awesome powers. Whether being time traveling or super strength. Sadly I’m living in the reality where reaching TV remote with my mind. Isn’t impossible. But what if I tell you there are people with super power. Yes. They do exist! But their power come with a heavy price. And in this video, I’ll show you rare the diseases indirectly give people Superhero like abilities. Lets get to it. Number 10 Superhuman strength. You can become extremely strong. If you have myostatin-related, Muscle hypertrophy. It’s a rare genetic condition characterized by reduced body fats and increase skeletal muscle size. This means that people with this

100 thoughts on “Rare Diseases That Give People Superhero-Like Abilities

  1. i'm diabetic type 1 from my 16 i hade at my 20 hyperthyroidism graves i slept everry day never more then 4h per night everry night untill my opperation at my 30 where my 2 glands where taken awey + at my 25 i dicovert my extra ennergy 3,4 tree point four more than a normal human ,i did so allmost everry day 4h fitness my most was 3000 sit ups in 3 time that day my most in 10 days was 40 h , my heartbeat in rest at the opperation was at 32 beats per minut , now sinds the opperation i lost my energy that i hade but now i m gainning muscles what i couldn t do before the opperation ,i want to be the most muscular before i dy lol and now i sleep max 6 h everry day and i am 39 now and i playd almost everry day 4 h basketball from my 11 untill my 20 and i could score 7 a 8 times out of 10 the 2 and 3 points

  2. Super memory doesn't technicly make you to "know" everything… It just makes you to remember everything. I know… I'm nitpicking, but It's still true. Bad word choise is what I call it.

  3. i have alot of these :I
    but im more of a superhuman instead of a person with a disease

    also how i react to being cold: shiver a little bit for the first few seconds and then be fine

    my strength: i could lift my mom a few inches off of the ground at 5 and flip over and entire power wheel car at 6

    my k n o w l a g e level: play a game, dont do the tutorial, 2 minutes, know more than people who have been here longer than me also i am the 2nd smartest person in my class.. 1st is the teacher

    memory span: dont remember things that happened more than 2 seconds ago but i do remember useless things that happened 7 or 9 years ago, i even remember when i accidentally broke my
    moms phone when i was 2 or 3 :I i also accidentally kissed someone when i was 3 in a daycare and now i feel weird and will never forget that

    sleeping: i can sleep for 2 ENTIRE DAYS (which has happened before) AND STILL BE TIRED, but one day i got only 2 HOURS AND 15 MINUTES OF SLEEP and i was fully energized

    extra/bonus: i am slowly turning into a cat and i can communicate and understand other animals like cats and do- cats and lions :I

    please help im confused: my nails keep changing from white to purple to blue and im confused and worried

    c h e e s e

  4. I mean being deaf is pretty cool.

    You could be like “Oh yeah, I can cope with really REALLY loud noises and be A-Okay!

  5. My super power is being blakk and being a frog that talks to children about how they can't do what they dream they can do.

  6. I would hate not feeling pain. What if you have a severe infection and can't feel it? You get stung by a bee, you're allergic, and boom, you're dead. It would absolutely suck.
    Plus, if you're born without the ability to feel pain, you might start scratching your eyes and peeling your nails without knowing it was bad.

  7. I have a friend that has savant syndrome with autism, he can literally remember all the cities in Tasmania in a first glance

  8. Oh welp
    I have #1
    I get at least 2 hours of sleep every night and feel like I had 15 when I wake up, let me note, this would be 5-6am to 7 or 8am. (How much I sleep at least)
    I dunno why but I used to be a heavy sleeper
    But now it changed and when I wake up I'm happy and everything!
    ;-; I need serious help-

  9. I’d love to be awake and not need sleep. I have narcolepsy and it robs me of so much of my life! I hate falling “asleep” all the time! I would also love learning and retaining all the info and having a good memory. Due to narcolepsy and lack of actual sleep I am very forgetful. Even though I “sleep” my brain doesn’t actually sleep. In an 8hr sleep span my brain wakes 600 times!! I never reach REM or dream sleep. I could literally sleep for 24 hours and wake up and feel like I never slept at all. I’m always tired and have low energy.

  10. Mom: You have diseases.
    Kid: I dont want diseases. 🙁
    *kid watches this video*
    Kid: Mom! I want more diseases!!!
    Mom: ._.

  11. Not being able to feel pain is bad because pain is like a warning system when your body is getting damaged.

  12. I think our Prime Minister Modi might have hDEC2 mutation… He has never taken a leave (not even weekends) since 20+ years of being in politics and sleeps only four hours a day.

  13. If uve ever seen the Brit show "Humans" there's a modified human on the show that remembers everything he's always emotional lol i wouldn't want to have a memory like that seems like it would be so overwhelming.

  14. I knew a kid in school who bit off 2 of his fingers cos he didn't feel the pain….he began self mutilation and went on to open a counseling group for other people with the condition.

  15. I have 6 fingers on both of my feet..i was dyslexic …i am color blind …but my aim is sharp.. i meditate a lot..i do breathing exercises a lot.. and i can hold my breath for 12 minutes underwater..

  16. My superpower is existing.

    (my real superpower is me somehow knowing about mostly every country in the world by looking at the shape, flag, or the capital city. good part about it: i can outsmart my teachers (ive done it. our social studies book spelled colombia (the country) “columbia”. corrected. my teacher said russia is still communist. corrected)

  17. My memory is so good that its almost considered hyperthymesia by some of the doctors that tested me and I can agree that it sure is a living hell because I've dealt with so much shit that I just wish I could forget about those moments.

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