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Depression and Heart Disease

Roleplaying vs Mental Illness [CC]

hey guys -first I just wanted to give a
massive thank you to everyone who commented on my last video or otherwise
reached out to me. It really ,really really meant a lot -you have no idea!
I’ve also gotten a lot of praise from people saying that they were really
thankful that I was so open and honest about my depression ,so if you guys would
like I’m thinking of making that into a series with my other mental illnesses so
anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder .If that is something you are
interested in please let me know in the comments or message me .I would really
love to hear it .Anyway ,in a sort of similar vein this week I would like to
talk about how role-playing games and role-playing in general (so I’m also
including LARPing in this live-action role-playing )are good for people with
mental illnesses or as sort of coping mechanisms the amazing Cheyenne at LARP
house has made a sort of similar video on how LARPing can be good for people
with anxiety and PTSD. I will link that down below and I definitely recommend
that you watch it.However ,I would like to talk about my personal experiences
with both LARPing and Dungeons & Dragons as tools to kind of work through some of
my “issues” So the thing that’s interesting and pretty obvious about
role-playing is that you aren’t yourself so you’re playing a character right and
unlike traditional theatre it’s all improvised. You are creating the line so
you’re creating the dialogues you can put your own emotions into it and you
can kind of control the situations based on what kind of game you’re playing
Because of that ,I would say it’s a very useful tool to get out any sort of
emotional issues you might be working with.It’s also very useful just to sort
of up your confidence really because if you’re playing as someone else then you
can do things that you might not be comfortable doing.Not in a weird way but
let’s say you’re very quiet and shy but you’ve created a character who’s very
bold and assertive that you can play as them and maybe from that sort of take
those traits into your daily life and become more assertive yourself .A sort of
what would my character to be situation you know?
Now LARPing ,as I said ,live-action role-playing takes this to an even
greater extreme because unlike in Dungeons & Dragons or other tabletop
role-playing games you are well, you’re role-playing in live-action so you’re
not just talking and rolling dice.You’re actually sort of using your whole body
and you’re interacting with people more that sort of thing and so that kind of
adds a whole nother element to the role-playing experience as well as how
you can use it to work through things. You may have seen a past video of mine
which is linked in the LarpLife playlist where I talked about doing a
play test of a Glamorous Night. For those who didn’t see it it was basically a
game that involved no talking or almost no talking and almost entirely body
movements to communicate things and touching.So this game focused a lot on
the themes of control so you could basically yeah mind control people I
suppose and make them do things. Obviously, they could back out at any
time but in the mechanics of the game you
were controlling them and you could make them do things . Um, and to initiate that you
had to touch them. You also used dance to get all of your feelings across which
again involves a lot of touching. If you are familiar with me in real life and I
will touch on this more in the PTSD video that I may or may not make ,you
will know that I am very bad at with being touched by people that I do not
know .So this was a very difficult game for me and I went into it very worried.
There were also a lot of men playing which is something that’s a little more
difficult for me being touched by men specifically, so I was very apprehensive
but the game actually helped me realize that I could do it. So I could allow
people to touch me in a safe environment and it wasn’t any
sort of like inappropriate touching nothing like that um. It was mostly just
hand-to-hand contact or hand to shoulder things like that but even that for me is
a lot .So being in an environment that was completely safe or you could at any
time say,”Nope ,we’re stopping .I’m not comfortable with this. I’m changing my
boundaries to this.You’re only allowed to touch me here or you’re not allowed
to touch me at all.” was a very nice experience and it was a way for me to
sort of work through why I’m so apprehensive about that and how to make it
better .I hope that makes sense Role-playing is also a great way to get
out of your head as a stress reducer so if you’re having a really bad day or
week or whatever and you go to some sort of role-playing session, you can kind of
get out of that negative mindset that you might be in where you’re upset and
get into your character’s mindset .And your character hasn’t been experiencing
any of the problems that you have .They might be experiencing worse problems .For
example one of my D n D characters is trying to get her kidnapped daughter
back, but it’s not something that’s real so you can play through those emotions
for the sense of detachment and you’re also just playing so you get out of your
own head you get out of your own emotions and by the time you’re done
playing then it’s you’re out of that headspace.
It’s harder to get back into it so you feel better
or at least I do.This has just been a quick overview of why I think
role-playing is great for different mental issues, as well as just a nice
pick-me-up.If you’d like me to elaborate on it ,please let me know in the comments
below. I ,as you may or may not have noticed ,love talking about LARPing and
D&D It’s something I really enjoy. It’s
something that’s becoming a great hobby of mine and so I would love to keep
making videos about it. Anyway ,I hope you guys are having a
great day, week ,month ,whatever and I will see you next Sunday. Bye

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