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Rose Dieback Disease Causes and Treatment | Garden Tips

Hello Friends! In todays episode we will look into What is
Rose dieback disease, what are the causes for this rose plant dieback problem and the
best methods for prevention and treatment of rose dieback disease. Coming up. Before we start, please make sure you have
subscribed to my channel with the bell notification clicked. Let begin! What is Rose dieback disease? Rose dieback is a condition commonly affecting
rose plants where there is browning or blackening of the tip of the rose stem or a branch which
then travels down toward the graft and may engulf the whole plant causing death. It can either be a Branch die back or the
main stem dieback towards the graft. It is infact a commonly encountered problem
by every gardener and can sometimes be too bad causing death of the plant if no intervention
is done. What are the causes of Rose dieback problem? Any factor that contributes to stress on the
rose plant can result in dieback. The actual agent that causes this die back
is the fungus which start multiplying and engulfing the entire plant. They gain entry from any form of physical
injury to the plant and this can be even from a simple scratch to bad pruning techniques. Not taking enough aseptic precaution specially
not cleaning the cutter, not cutting at 45 degree cutting angle and things like that. You can watch my detailed video on all pruning
techniques and how to safely perform plant pruning from an endscreen link at the end
of this video. Now the other factors that are believed to
cause this rose dieback problem are: 1.Both overwatering and underwatering can
cause this problem. 2.Another cause is poor soil quality with
no proper nutrients. 3.Poor absorption due to soil ph problems. Rose plant needs a PH of around 6.5. I have discussed about soil ph and ways to
check and rectify this, in my previous episodes. Please check description links to watch related
videos after this episode. 4.Dieback can also be physiological � meaning
a normal process that can occur on a branch that has already flowered and if no further
buds or yield is expected in that branch. This is a natural response to conserve energy
for the rest of the plant, So dieback process can happen by itself. The Treatment of Rose dieback problem: Non-Chemical Methods and preventive steps: 1.Soil Preparation: When you plant a rose,
the initial soil is very important to prevent rose dieback. Ensure there are enough nutrients including
micro and macro nutrients for the plant to gain that strength to combat any infections. You can check some good soil preparation recipes
from a link at top right corner or from description. 2.Check soil drainage hole if grown in containers:
There should not be water logging. Also always use a well draining soil mixtures
for roses or any plant for that matter. Avoid using clayey soils. You can watch few good soil recipes from my
video title Universal Potting Mix recipes, I have linked all related videos in description
below. Now the most important step to treat rose
dieback problem. 3.Pruning: This is a very important step for
treatment as well as prevention of rose dieback disease. First of all for beginners in gardening, when
you start to perform pruning, do not take it lightly. You have to follow the protocols. Some people due to laziness or whatever reason,
just take their cutting tools and start snipping their plants. This is not done! Please always Clean or wipe the cutter with
a disinfectant like rubbing alcohol or 6 percent hydrogen peroxide or alteast the home antiseptic
solution from your first aid box. Optionally better to Wipe the pruning tool
after every cut. Regarding how to make the cuts and the exact
procedure for pruning, please check out my important video on Pruning techniques from
a link at the end screen or from top right card links. The main treatment of Dieback disease is pruning
the involved stem or branch. With aseptic precautions, cut off the involved
stem including an inch of the normal stem and dispose it away from other rose plants. That�s it. The Chemical Treatment:
Nothing much, this is usually applied or sprayed after pruning that is cutting the involved
branches. You can use any broad spectrum antifungal
powder like the SAAF powder which is a combination of Carbendazim and Mancozeb. If you prefer to be completely organic, direct
Neem oil application at the cut end will also help. If you do not have anything, atleast try to
apply some turmeric powder to the cut end. This way you can stop further progression
of this problem. Rose dieback and black spot rose disease are
two most common problems affecting rose plants. Also please watch my episodes on the Black
spot rose disease and Correct Pruning Techniques circled right here. Please like, share and comment below with
your feedback. Consider subscribing if you are new to this
channel. Happy Gardening!

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