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Depression and Heart Disease

Rotary Fights Disease

A single act of good can go a long way. It can cross oceans, cure disease and create equality. As members of Rotary, we are people of action and our actions have the power to speak loud and clear. We’re changing lives through our vision and unwavering commitment to fighting disease and bringing hope to those who need it most. Rotary’s progress in polio eradication is an enduring example of our success building a global infrastructure and
activating a network of volunteers capable of connecting the right people
and inspiring action leveraging that success and the power of partnership. Our global grants provide access to equipment, training, education and vaccinations to ensure safe births and keeping kids healthy. Rotary Club members unite to create a world where our disease prevention and treatment
programs aren’t just changing lives… they’re saving lives providing surgeries and health assessments through practical and compassionate treatment We’re educating families and mobilizing communities to treat illnesses and prevent disease engage in local health workers and working with partners with expertise in cancer, heart disease and diabetes care. Your contribution to the Rotary Foundation keeps families connected to a world of good Every gift is an action that speaks volumes, across clinics and communities and continents Learn how you can support the cause that
means the most to you.

One thought on “Rotary Fights Disease

  1. 病気の予防と治療は、ロータリーの6つの重点分野の1つです。 このビデオは、アウトブレイクやヘルスケアへのアクセスに苦労している貧困層のコミュニティに一時的な診療所、献血センター、訓練施設を設置するための世界的なロータリーの取り組みを示しています。 私たちは、医師、患者、および政府が協力することができる基盤を構築しています。 私たちのメンバーは、マラリア、HIV /エイズ、アルツハイマー病、多発性硬化症、糖尿病、ポリオなどの疾病と戦っています。

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