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Depression and Heart Disease

SEND SICKNESS OUT!!! | Prayer With TB Joshua

Viewers, there is no other name – it’s the devil, the destroyer, killer. You killer, you destroyer, leave my people, in the name of Jesus! That is it, there is no other name. We know you as a destroyer, killer. Leave my people in the name of Jesus! Pray Along With Prophet T.B. Joshua
Touch Your Screen By Faith In Jesus’ Name Destroyer, killer! You destroyer, you killer, leave my people. You affect their career, business, home, health. Everything that means pain is associated to you. Everything that means sickness is associated to you. Everything that means desease is associated to you. Leave my people! Pray Along With Prophet T.B. Joshua
Touch Your Screen By Faith In Jesus’ Name Open your lips right now! Everything that means pain, trouble, disappointment, setback, shortcoming, limitation, everything that means affliction are associated with the devil. You devil, leave my people! Pray Along With Prophet T.B. Joshua
Touch Your Screen By Faith In Jesus’ Name Viewers all over the world, begin to send that sickness out of your system. I can see them leaving; affliction is leaving right now. I can see disease, sickness in your blood, fluids, tendons, liver, kidneys – they are leaving right now. Open your lips and begin to send them out! By the name of Jesus – power, glory – send them out! In the name of Jesus, send them out! Your body is the temple of Holy Ghost. Holy Ghost! Send them out! Viewers, I can see them leaving! Disease, affliction, sickness in your blood, fluids, tendons, kidneys, liver, bones – I see them leaving. In the name of Jesus! They shall never return! TT: Monica
RV: Pavel Tatyana Zheleznyakov 25/10/2019

100 thoughts on “SEND SICKNESS OUT!!! | Prayer With TB Joshua

  1. I pray in the name of Jesus for every disease or sickness that touched my womb, I feel pain sometimes and idnt give or get a pregnant ,in Jesus name pray for me

  2. my mum is sick she can't walk pliz pray for her.
    Sister to my boss is paralyzed can't walk may she be healed in the name of Jesus christ.

  3. Holy Prophet TB Joshua, by the Mighty name of Jesus, send Holy Ghost to fire n burn any evil manifestation against my life ,family,career n promotion in Jesus Christ mighty name,Amen.lord immune my soul from the evil eye.let the evil court case against me be blown out like chaff before the wind psalm 35.Lord anoint the school n Son ,St Maurice with the precious blood of Jesus Christ,Amen

  4. Good nice pasta pray for my uncle koos Goagoseb for sickness he get tomorrow operations pls pray for him helling in Jesus name Amen.

  5. i send the spirit of sickness out of my life, family,friends and the human society as well…man of God pray for my sister she has been battling AIDS for ten years now….+250784621866..reach us pleaaaaaaaaaase in prayer.

  6. Please prophet t.b joshua help and pray for me for my family my husband and my children and my living, in sickness the situation of my son's living together them with their family I can't have handle my children problem please please man of god help me!now I'm here to Saudi Arabia as domestic helper something happen here of booming?man of god pray for me?

  7. be careful when they tell you to send things or the new water in the morning, they want to cheat, cheat. The SCOAN does not send anything to any part of the world, it must go to Lagos directly; THEREFORE, THESE MAILS AND NOTICES ARE SCAM, DECEIT. for information write to the original email [email protected] there they will confirm that they do not send anything, avoid being cheated.

  8. Greetings Man of God,have been watching you day and night on Youtube and I do see how God has been using you to deliver many soul all over the world. Please Prophet pray for me for deliverance in all aspect of my Life.I do have slots of nightmares every day.I'm from Akwa Ibom State but living in Switzerland.Thanks Armstrong Ikpeme

  9. l watch plenty prayer I feel free n also programs were so good the anointing water to india church was too good God is so great his so good amen

  10. Thank you Jesus I am heal from chest pain which I don't know the reason but m happy through the prayer of tb josua m heal now praise the Lord, amen hallelujah

  11. Amen profet, OUT You demon of family division, unlimitation, ignorance mind of our youth of today. Thank you Jesus Christ

  12. My son has a skin problem heal him and my daughter has irregular period heal her in the name of jesus christ!amen!

  13. Please Man of God I need healing, I have been having chronic headache daily. I believe am healed. Thank you Man of God for healing me. Thank you Jesus. Am free in Jesus name.Amen


  15. Amen Halleluyah i recieve and bilieve and agree with this prayer in the mighty name of JESUS CHRIST of nazareth our Lord and savior for my Children and for my father and for my stepmother and for myself too Amen Halleluyah.🌿🕊

  16. I have been diagnosed with Angina pectoris and in a state of stress…I pray that God intervenes in my life,my health,Career,Academic,Relationship and my family including everything that has to do with me🙏

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