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24 thoughts on “Shortage Of IV Fluids Amid Flu Outbreak | NBC Nightly News

  1. Why are medical products should be made in the continental US. A lot of our stuff is made in China, 8,000 miles away.

  2. What a scam…what did your body do before the flu shot?
    It healed itself and you got well.
    Americans are becoming so stupid allowing the media to tell them whats best.

  3. There are places such as that will come to your house and give you IV fluids… Not sure if there are places like this outside of Arizona..

  4. the flu really every year same time an has nothing to do with cold climate. people in America are so fukin dumb…….wonder why other parts of the world don't have this issue cause its fake news

  5. Screw that I just had the flu got over it without a flu shot have never had one in my life first time I had the flu got over it with apricot seeds and orange juice in 6 days

  6. How can there be an out break? Isn't everyone being forced to get the government mandated injections of who knows what? No injection, no job. No injection, lose kids. No injection,no school.

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