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Shoulder Pain From Impingement: Top Exercises To Fix It

AJ here with Stronglife Physiotherapy. In this video I’m going to show you how you can resolve pain from shoulder impingement by doing a few simple exercises you can do on your own Shoulder impingement occurs when the head of the humerus elevates too much when lifting your arm pinching the soft tissue structures above it. This causes shoulder pain, especially with overhead movements Often times the reason the humerus elevates too much is that the rotator cuff isn’t doing its job right When the rotator cuff is functioning properly it keeps the head of the humerus down and stable so no impingement occurs There are other factors as well such as anatomical causes of shoulder impingement and poor posture Shoulder impingement often starts after a repetitive shoulder activity especially if it involves overhead motions A few simple tests can help you know if your shoulder pain is from impingement Put you hand on your opposite shoulder and lift your elbow as high as you can if this causes your shoulder pain then its a positive sign you have shoulder impingement You can also have a friend lift your arm up close to your ear while you keep your arm relaxed If this causes your pain its another positive sign of impingement You also may find that you have a, what they call, a painful arc of motion Which is pain in this range of shoulder movement Now that you know what shoulder impingement is and how to tell if you have it Let’s get on with the exercises to get it better The first exercise can be very effective in reducing pain from shoulder impingement To perform it, put your hand on the back of a chair, or on a table or counter top Now push down with your hand and maintain that downward pressure as you back away and lean forward Perform 10-20 repetitions, repeat 3 to 4 times a day or more if you find it gives you relief Next, using a 1 to 5 pound weight lift your arm in a 45 degree angle to shoulder height or a little higher Perform 3 sets of 10 to 20 repetitions, keeping it in a pain free range Next is shoulder internal rotation using a resistance band Tying a knot in one end of the band and closing the band in a door is a great way to anchor it Pull the band inward while keeping your elbow at your side, do NOT let your elbow move across your body Perform 2-3 sets of 10-20 repetitions Your shoulder should feel some fatigue at the end of each set so choose a band with enough resistance to challenge you This can also be performed with a dumbbell while lying on your side Now we’re going to do external rotation Pull the band outward while keeping your elbow by your side Do NOT allow your elbow to move away from the body Perform 2 to 3 sets of 10 to 20 repetitions This can also be performed with a dumbbell lying on your side. External rotation is more difficult than internal rotation and is often more painful Keep pain to a minimum while trying to challenge these muscles the best you can. With shoulder exercises sometimes you need to limit the range of motion if you’re getting pain at the end range Keep it within a pain free range until you build more strength which will allow you to do the full motion Do these exercises 1 to 2 times a day gradually progressing into more sets repetitions and resistance as your able to handle it. The shoulder is a complex joint and there’s lots more that could be done but this is a good place to start and should help most people get through their pain If you need more help come on in to Stronglife or see a physical therapist in your area Thank you for watching, make sure to subscribe! Have a great day, and stay strong!

64 thoughts on “Shoulder Pain From Impingement: Top Exercises To Fix It

  1. I don't feel pain when I do any of those 3 tests. I only feel pain in my shoulder when I do push up and bench press motions. Any idea what it could be? It has been really hurting my benchpress and I would like to know what I can do to heal it

  2. Would it cause more damage to perform the full range of motion with pain or would it more quickly strengthen the rotator cuff? I’m a pitcher and want a quicker recovery but don’t want to worsen the problem.

  3. Do you recommend still engaging in weight training through recovery period, avoiding any exercise that causes pain, or would you recommend stopping training altogether?, thanks!

  4. Thank GOD! I actually woke up about a week ago with this pain in my arm and no reason why it happened. Exactly what you're describing is the kind of pain I'm experiencing. Gonna try these exercises first before I see a doctor though. Thanks 👍

  5. Note of thanks..I did a lot of heavy weight lifting and other athletic endeavors when I was younger. Now trying to get some fitness again and was having alot of shoulder pain on press movements. That chair exercise has worked wonders.

  6. Thank you. I'll give these a try. I've had an impinged shoulder since January. In my shoulder's defense, I've been terrible at keeping up the exercises. I like how you have light weight exercises as I cant get a band in the doorway!

  7. my physio thinks i have impingement but i test negative for fucking everything. i have pain after doing overhead stuff tho

  8. Excellent advice AJ , been suffering for about 2 months, lifting but avoiding the pain. These therapy exercises are working, I also added direct pressure massage at the lower base of the deltoids.

  9. Adding direct massage to the deltoid above the side of the bicep allows me to lift with no pain for the duration of the set but the pain returns.
    Will the specified exercises eventually allow me to pain free?

  10. I’ve been having this problem for 6 years now,I messed it up in 5th grade(I thought I dislocated it but when they x-rayed it they said there were no problems). I’ve been playing football since 7th grade so I’ve had to play with my arm hurt for whole games sometimes. I just got fed up today when my coach asked me why I swing my arm out so wide when I shuffle(of course jokingly).So I looked up why my shoulder hurt so much when I try to lift it and I found this video. I just thought I somehow dislocated it but not fully.Thanks for the video I hope this fixes my problems!

  11. Thanks, man. I particularly like that you advised to keep our ROM within the pain free range. I had tried some recommended exercises but never knew if I should push through the pain or not. Now I know!

  12. Hi,
    For the first exercice, do you maintain the downward pressure with the hand on the table/chair when you come back toward the table/chair or it'is only during the first part of the exercice (when you walk away from the table/chair) ? Cordially

  13. No wonder it's always been hard to relax my left arm. I tried the opposite over hand shoulder and my left hand doesn't lift no where near as my right shoulder. I hear a pop as well every day. Should I see a chiropractor?

  14. the 1st test is spot on. my chiro had me do that and it wont move at all. I can passivliy move it with no pain but I cant use my own muscle. it hurts like crazy. I had calcium deposits in the rotator tendon. had surgery and am still recovering

  15. The first excercise you showed. In that, if I hear the cracking noise from my shoulder. What can that be ? Please let me know.

  16. Appreciate the video post.. problem is, I jave severe pain and cannot lift my arm straight out in front at all. I fell on some ice in my driveway and landed on my forearm extended in a side plank motion.. went to hospital and they told me it was muscle related. I'm in the dark on where I stand with possibly doing more harm to my shoulder! Advice? Thanks very much

  17. I have a dull aching in my left shoulder AFTER swimming freestyle,surfing or doing bench press or pec dec…does this sound like impingement as there is no pain during the excersize…thank you

  18. Thanks for all your videos, has helped me a lot and many others that I know in my gym. My case: I'm unable to figure out the problem as all the known tests for impingement seen to be negative. But when I do the second exercise you prescribe, the one raising the light dumbbell in the scapular plane(?) I feel something catching in the underside of the arm where the arm meets back only on the way down, never on the way up. That send a tingle pain to the lower part of the lateral delt. What might be the prob and the fix? Is it common enough for you to make a video on it so that it might benefits others like me with this unique problem?

  19. These moves help! 👍🏿👍🏿😎👍🏿👍🏿

    02:10 My man gonna hit his head on that door jamb. I bet you played b-ball in college! His nickname: Shorty.

    Peace out.

  20. Internal rotation??? Dude, everyone has enough internal rotation, why even give patients internal rotations you're just trying to get people into your office for money.

  21. I’m going through so much pain with the impingement in my shoulder. Never felt anything this excruciating before in my life (apart from giving birth) thank you for this video I’m yet to complete a few of these exercises, but I feel like my shoulder is on the way to recovery 🙏

  22. In addition to this, I have found great benefits from dip lockouts. Get in the dip position and push your scapula down as far as you can. Hold this for up to a minute. This will strengthen your scapular stabilizers. I don't advocate doing the whole range of motion for the dip, as this can irritate the shoulder joint. In particular, the full range dip can irritate the bicep/anterior delt tie in, and the acromioclavicular joint can get irritated from full range dips.

  23. could u explain me why would people have to do int. rotation exercises when the 90 % of patients with this snydrome have a huge sholder protraction wich couses them to have arm in internal rotation all the time wich makes it even worse for impingement? Sorry if im wrong.

  24. My MRI said I had a type 2 acriom shoulder impingement but I passed all of your tests in the beginning of the video.

    Still in a lot of pain everyday

  25. Hey man. These exercises are very helpful however I wanted to ask you about the sequence.

    Should I do 3 sets of downward pressure, then 1 set outward and directly with no rest 1 set of inward?

    Because both muscles are entirely different.

    I would really appreciate your input here

  26. I have neck issues as well, along with Shoulder Impingement. Can I do these exercises? Or are they going to hurt the neck?

  27. Thank you for the video. I’ve had bad shoulder pain to where it’s affecting my neck. Do you recommend any resistance bands? There’s so many to choose from on Amazon.

  28. You never do internal rotation exercises, since almost everybody is rotated with the shoulders forward, and thus need to strengthen external rotation to balance it up.

  29. Why would I do the internal exercises if you're saying my shoulders have problems from too many internal muscles pulling in? Wouldn't strengthening them more make it worse? If my chest was too strong I wouldn't do more chest exercises to strengthen my back to counter it, for example.

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