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Depression and Heart Disease

Sickness in the Mind, David Hoffmeister, ACIM, Belgium, 2013

The sickness is in the mind. The sickness is fragmented perception. It’s like looking through a dark lens of error. And the healing is in seeing the world in a new way. So, sickness is completely psychological. Sickness does not have a physical component. It would be like you were looking into a kaleidoscope, and turning the kaleidoscope, and seeing many different shapes and sizes and colors. And then going, “Ooo, that purple sliver is sick.” Or “Oh, the yellow sliver is… oh, that one’s sick, too.” Calling certain colors or certain shapes as sick is like calling the body sick. So Jesus says, all illness is mental illness. And health is inner peace. You see how he’s lifted the definition all the way up to mind. And taken it off the body entirely. It is a wrong-minded thought to think that bodies can be sick. And, equally, it’s a wrong-minded thought to think that bodies can die. Because, actually, this is a dream. So, it would be like going to see a movie in the theater. And you watch a movie in which one of the characters dies. We’ll say the actor is Jack Nicholson; and, in the movie, he dies. So you watch the movie, and you come home and you talk to your wife, and you say, “Jack Nicholson died today.” And she’s a Jack Nicholson fan, so she goes, “Aaaaa! Oooooo!” So, then she goes to check on the news and the newspaper to read all about Jack Nicholson’s death. And then she comes back to you and she says, “Why did you tell me that Jack Nicholson died?” Well, I saw it in the movie today, that I saw this morning. But we have to realize that the dream characters can’t really die. Because they’re dream characters. It would be like saying Cinderella died. It’s like, “Oh, alright, alright.” Robin Hood died! It’s like these are fictitious characters in a dream. We know that they weren’t really born and they don’t really die, because they’re characters. They’re dream characters. Another way to look at it is that the body is just an image among many images. So, let’s say I come to visit you in your house. And I notice on your kitchen table you have a pencil. And I go over to your pencil, and I say, “Your pencil does not look good at all.” “It’s in terrible condition. Why don’t you have this in the hospital?” “It looks like it’s at the very end of its life.” “Oh! I told you! Now, it’s dead!” “You should have had it at the hospital. You’ve neglected this pencil. You just let it die; you let it get sick and die.” Now we would say, that’s a ridiculous skit, because pencils don’t get sick and pencils don’t die. But this is just as ridiculous to the Holy Spirit about saying that bodies get sick and die. Because the Holy Spirit knows that the sickness is in the mind. The fragmented perception of the ego is the sickness. And forgiveness shows us the unified world, the unified perception. So, the first thing you do when you work with The Course, is allow your definitions to be given over to the Holy Spirit. And when you come to this healing, enlightened mind, you will never have a question like, “Why did this woman die?” Because you know that that’s impossible. So, that’s it…. now, it’s definitely time!

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