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Sickness spreading in schools

AN ALERT FOR PARENTS TONIGHT. A CENTRAL KENTUCKY SCHOOL DISTRICT SAYS THE FLU AND OTHER ILLNESSES ARE GOING AROUND THE SCHOOLS. THIS COMES AS THE KENTUCKY DEPARTMENT FOR PUBLIC HEALTH…. INCREASED FLU ACTIVITY FROM ‘REGIONAL’ TO ‘WIDESPREAD.’ ONE SCHOOL SAYS TODAY IT WAS MISSING ABOUT TEN PERCENT OF ITS STUDENTS…. AND AS W-K-Y-T’S MARK BARBER TELLS US….SCHOOL OFFICIALS ARE ASKING PARENTS TO KEEP CHILDREN HOME… IF THEY ARE SICK. IT’S OUR TOP STORY AT 5-30. “We did see a little more sickness than we normally have.” Greg Hollon says the school hit the hardest in Clark County, Willis Justice Elementary, is missing about 10% of their students today. Hollon is the director of pupil personnel student support services. He tells us between 60 to 70 students at the elementary school are sick. We’re told most of the children have flu like symptoms. Hollon says illnesses have spread through several schools, leaving the district with the lowest attendance they’ve seen in a year and a half. Sickness is also sweeping through schools in Mercer and Bourbon County. Paris school officials say 20% of the students at Paris Elementary are out sick today. The Mercer County school district is sending letters like this one to parents, asking them to leave children who appear to be sick at home. Hollon says it’s not that serious yet in Clark County. He tells us they won’t take any action until the health department says it’s necessary. Until then, Hollon believes their best defense is good parenting. “If your child is exhibiting symptoms. They’re nauseous, they’re coughing, they have a high fever, any of those symptoms, symptoms that would warrant taking them to the doctor. We always would encourage parents to exercise good judgement.” In Winchester, Mark Barber, WKYT. HOLLON SAYS MORE STUDENTS HAVE GOTTEN SICK IN THE PAST FEW WEEKS THAN ANY OTHER TIME THIS YEAR. AND TONIGHT WE’RE

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