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Skin Education | Vitamin A Benefits For Skin

in today’s training I’m going to be
teaching you everything you need to know about Vitamin A and how it actually
works in the skin so make sure you guys stay tuned for this video hey guys it’s
Storm Watson founder of the skin educator and every single week I bring you
skin education that’s going to help you grow your skin knowledge and help you
educate your clients so make sure to subscribe and hit the bell to be
notified when I upload. As a skin therapist it is actually your job to
recommend home care to your clients and help them heal their skin conditions at
home. so understanding how different ingredients work on the skin is actually
going to help you educate your clients with confidence. By the end of this video
you will understand how vitamin A works in the skin and how it can benefit so
many skin conditions. Vitamin A is a targeted night treatment to help with
skin renewal and it can create DNA change in the cells which is why it’s
amazing for so many different skin conditions. Vitamin A can actually
correct any damage occurring in the cells, what happens is it actually
penetrates into the cell and it creates change in the cell corrects the damage
and then that cell can keep going up the epidermis and be nice and healthy. So
when you start to first use Vitamin A it actually works on the top layer of
the epidermis first, so the stratum corneum and what it does that it helps
exfoliate that area removes any dead skin cells that aren’t meant to be there
so it is completely normal for your skin to get quite dry or you might get a
purge of breakouts so once vitamin a goes through this process on the stratum
corneum it can work a lot deeper into the skin so your skin is going to reveal
softer smoother skin and it lets your vitamin A penetrate deeper into the
alive cells. Vitamin A then travels down the epidermis and interacts with
our melanocytes which create pigment in the skin so when our melanocytes are
actually damaged in the skin they’re release too much pigment which gives us
hyperpigmentation age spots for example so what Vitamin a
will do is will actually go into the cell and correct any damage
happening in the melanocytes so that way we’re not releasing too much pigment.
your comment down below with helpful if this video is making sense and you guys
are understanding how vitamin A works so far in the skin. Vitamin A interacts with
our stem cells which are found in our deepest layer of the epidermis the basal
layer. so stem cells are responsible for creating all our new cells in the
epidermis so it works at copying the information in the nucleus of the cell
and splitting it into a new cell. If the nucleus is damaged that was copied the
stem cells will continue to recreate and reproduce damaged cells in the skin so
Vitamin a will correct this damage and the skin will start looking really
healthy and vibrant Vitamin A actually works in the dermis as well it has the
ability to interact with our fibroblasts which helped create collagen elastin and
hyaluronic acid in the skin. vitamin A is going to help the fibroblast start
functioning correctly so we also will be on create really strong collagen in the
skin now you guys learn how to educate your
clients but if you need extra help make sure to download my workbook down below
this is going to help you educate your clients on different skin conditions and
how to explain vitamin an you to them it is a must do for any skin or beauty
therapist so make sure you guys download that one down below if you guys enjoyed
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sure to share with your friends thank you guys so much for watching and I will
see you guys next week bye you

6 thoughts on “Skin Education | Vitamin A Benefits For Skin

  1. Thankyou guys so much for watching! Was this helpful? What was your biggest takeaway from this training? let me know in the comments xx

  2. Wow, such great info! My biggest takeaway is how vitamin a can help with age spots and pigmentation!! Awesome!

  3. Thankyou for this! i was taking notes as I was watching! I have a question is this Vitamin A in a serum or can i recommend a cream with vitamin A what form of it should the client be using?

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