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Skin Education | Vitamin C Benefits for Skin!

We all know how amazing vitamin C is to the
skin. We know it’s brightening, we know it’s anti-ageing. We know it helps with pigmentation and it
boosts collagen. But do you actually know as a beauty therapist
how it actually works in the skin? Well, in this video I’m gonna be sharing with
you some skin education on vitamin C so you can understand how to educate your clients
confidently, so don’t go anywhere. Hey, guys, it’s Storm Watson, Founder of The
Skin Educator, and this is the last video in my vitamin series. So if you haven’t already … I do have a
video on vitamin A and vitamin B3, and I will leave a link in the description below of that
playlist but I’ll also pop it up in the card somewhere, so go watch that video after this
video so that way you’re all up-to-date with your vitamins. In today’s video I’m going to be sharing with
you how vitamin C actually works in the skin so you can educate your clients confidently
and get the best results for their skin. Now vitamin C is best to be used during the
day because of its actions. It’s actually an antioxidant, which is going
to help shield against free radical damage. If you’re not familiar with free radicals,
free radicals cause cellular damage to the skin, which means the skin’s not gonna be
functioning the way it should be. It’s also going to speed up the ageing process. Vitamin C is also a tyrosinase inhibitor,
which means that it’s going to make sure our melanocytes are not overproducing pigment
when we’re going out into the sun. So using this topically on the skin during
the day is really important because that’s when we’re going out and doing our daily activities. Even if your clients are wearing sun screen,
if they’re not using a tyrosinase inhibitor or a pigment blocker they are still prone
to getting excess pigment in their skin when they go out into the sun. Now I want you guys to comment down below
if you are currently using vitamin C or you are recommending vitamin C to your clients. I would love to know. And I want to know what results you are getting. So moving alongside to the dermis, vitamin
C interacts with our fibroblasts to make sure that the collagen is nice and strong. It’s also, alongside with vitamin A, can reverse
the signs of aging. Now I also love how vitamin C works with our
capillaries and oxygen in the skin. It actually helps to strengthen the capillary
walls in a sensitive skin, or a skin that is getting capillary damage. Capillaries are really good at constricting
but they’re not so great at restricting if the capillaries are quite weak, so vitamin
C, if you use it topically, it’s going to help strengthen the capillary walls so that
way they are able to restrict. When it comes to recommending vitamin C for
a client it’s really important to understand how strong that vitamin C is. There are so many on the market today, so
what I do suggest is talk to your rep—whatever your brand your salon uses—check how strong
the vitamin C is because if it’s not that strong it’s not going to give the clients
the results that I’m talking about here. Now it’s also really important for you guys
to know that vitamin C is quite a strong vitamin and it’s really important that the client’s
skin’s barrier is intact. What can happen if it’s not, it can be a bit
too stimulating for the skin and cause a bit of a reaction. So using vitamin C, maybe incorporating it
in once they are in a good routine, you can start off by a few times a week and then they
can start incorporating it every day once their skin can handle it. It will really depend client to client so
you need to make sure you’re doing a proper consultation and skin analysis. Now you guys know how vitamin C works in the
skin so that way you can educate your clients with confidence. If you would like more help make sure to download
my workbook down below. All you need to do is enter your email address
and your name and I will send it straight over to you. I hope you guys enjoy this video. Please make sure to give it a like, and subscribe
to my channel if you are new here, and I will see you in my next one. Bye!

5 thoughts on “Skin Education | Vitamin C Benefits for Skin!

  1. Can taking vitamin c supplements help with boosting the natural collagen and elastin production in the skin overtime??? My dietician said that I'm very deficient in collagen due to my lips being severely dry, scaly, cracked, and rough and not reverting back to being soft, smooth, firm, and supple. I'm 21 but I wanted to know if taking vitamin c supplements could aid in the good effects for my lips and overall facial skin.

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