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Skin Support Plus

pawTree’s Skin Support Plus is a wonderful formula, a spray that helps to soothe the skin at its surface. It contains tea tree oil,
chamomile, and aloe—which are well known to sooth the skin, especially from irritations from over itching, irritation from excoriations, from contact, any time there is a skin abrasion, the pawTree spray is a wonderful way to heal the skin. With the Skin Support Plus another great part about it is that it’s natural, it’s safe to use on Gracie and so that makes us feel really good. Nowadays my clients are looking for a more natural and holistic way to treat their problems. Skin Support Plus is just that. It’s an easy to apply spray that calms
down the inflammation in our pet’s skin, making them much more comfortable.

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  1. Your dog likes to be outside, long walks in the park or a swim in the creek. Unfortunately, this sometimes can lead to itchy or irritated skin for your furry friend. pawTree's Skin Support Plus provides gentle, natural and immediate relief! This soothing blend can even ease the discomfort of environmental allergies, abrasions, cuts and other skin problems in dogs! Learn more here:

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