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Soft Glam Makeup Tutorial For Dark Skin Ladies | Women Of Color #holidaysmakeup

HI everyone welcome back to my channel I am Kethyca, Kethyca Emera. for those who dont know me
and today we’re going to have this beautiful look which is giving me holiday top of
look where we gonna be extra but not too extra. Pretty but on a budget
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because we’re about to get our face beat Sa Kap Fet! as you guys can see my
Eyebrows are already done now I’ll be using the Fenty beauty soft matte primer I
really love this primer because I have combination skin so my skin tends
to be so oily this primer is perfect it’s not too dry or too oily so I really
recommend it and for foundation I will be using the makeup revolution define
and conceal and number f-14 when I said full coverage this foundation give you
full coverage because as you guys can see my skin is not perfect so I’m gonna
hide those dark spots and I’ll be using my Real Techniques
brush to blend it out so when it comes to bring out your foundation I always
say to take your time don’t rush in this process because you don’t want your face
to look too cakey so take your time and as a matter of fact I always recommend
to listen to music or you know do something that’s gonna keep you
entertained and relaxed when you’re doing your makeup take your time so you
can turn out nice when it comes to blending
don’t forget to blend your ears in your neck as you guys can see in the video my
neck is way lighter than my face and I’m gonna go like with the concealer all
over my neck in my ears my hands its my ears are darker than the restof my body something
really weird is going on alright look at me like the finished product is nice I’m
dancing to some Naija songs now I’ll be going in with the fancy beauty concealer
in F:430 when I tell you guys about this concealer this concealer is one of the
best out there it’s creamy and blendable but I have to let you guys know to not put too much on your face because like it’s gonna it can be overwhelming
if you put too much okay so take your time we’re gonna highlight our face but
wherever the light is hitting your face that’s where we need to highlight which
is your forehead your cheeks and your chin your nose and the upper level of your
lips okay so now I’m gonna use my prime Mac
concealer to contour my face use whatever you have that’s what I’m liking
lately so I’m gonna be using this and you know take your time you know follow
the shape of your face usually we contour because we wanna make our face
look smaller longer I’m still using the same contour shade for my nose some
people use a lot lighter the better concealer but I don’t all right I’m sure
you guys the contouring and the highlight I’ll be using my Real
Techniques setting brush huh when I talk about this watch this
watch make me forget about beauty blender i don’t use billy bender anymore
those Real Techniques blush y’all need to get onit okay they are the truth
okay I’m blending this outer on all over my face take your time when it when it
comes to blending your concealer take your time
as a beginner we tend to do a lot of mistake at this point and I don’t want us
to do this we’re leaving all of those ,mistake in
2019 okay we’re not doing this anymore all right take your time to control your
nose all over your mouth go all over it because I have like fine lines there I
need to make sure that I highlight it all right I’m gonna do my forehead now
I’ll usually leave my nose last because most and I will say like the most
important things in your face all right now I’m bill I’ll be contouring my cheek
when you can turn your cheek you’re gonna have to go upwards to wipe the
highlighted part so you can have like a nice definition there because it’s gonna
create illusion that shows like that you have high cheekbones okay so now we’re
gonna blend this toward our neck you know towards our neck going down it down
okay take your time when you do this don’t rush while contouring and highlight
do not do that don’t rush okay so and makeup you always have
to go back to the brushes as you see me doing I’m going back with my setting
brush and the foundation brush and when when you’re blending the fault is like
when you’re blending your hairline make sure you go towards your hair okay as
you see how we doing it in this video so I’m doing the same thing on this side
like the other side take your time to blend it so it can turn out nice and
smooth with no harsh line because we don’t want this harsh line okay because
when you take pictures you don’t want to be like oh that’s me oh no I don’t want
this picture so we want to beat and pretty out there know we’re
leaving those ugly-ass pictures in 2019 so when it comes to my nose I usually do
it all right for my nose contouring I
always always use the setting Bush to blend everything out then I’m gonna go
over it with the contouring force because I don’t want to look too harsh
and for setting powder we’ll be using the fancy Beauty by Rihanna and cashew
one of the best out there oh my god if you’re my complexion cashew is the
perfect shade for you even if you’re darker than me use cashews why not I’m
setting my face as you see I’m going very light handed with it I’m not
putting so much because I don’t want to flash back when I take pictures so when
you set your face go light-handed there when you’re baking then we’re gonna go
heavy-handed with it because I’m gonna be using some eye shadow I wanted to
catch my fall out so that’s what I’m gonna go heavy-handed and I still want
the right under-eye but you know not so bright the perfect one so yes so we’re
doing this I use the same setting boards that I used to blend the concealer I
don’t know if you guys can tell we’re gonna we’re gonna bake where we put the
highlight so now I’m using the most underrated palette by Morphe which is
morphe 35 Boss Mood palette I don’t know if you guys have it but definitely go
get one it’s really good all right so I’m gonna be using the color dirty talk because we are doing like a soft glam so
we don’t want to put too much in our eyes because our lashes is already
dramatic so we’re gonna keep it cute as for contouring we’ll be using
the BH Cosmetics pro pallet the two darker shades will be setting wherever we
contour using the concealer with the powder all right let me know in the
comment if you use the same technique as me when it comes to contouring where I
begged before I contour my face I feel like it gave me a better finish and my
face like look most nuts when I do that let me know in the comment now I’m using
my BH Cosmetics will be dusting away all of the powder while I’m blending
everything together now I’m popping those lashes are so dramatic and extra
pudding lashes it’s very difficult for beginner RS as you see guys I put the
glue on my lash line did not pop the lashes on it I wear glasses it’s the
only method that make my like my eyes less watery while I’m wearing makeup so
that’s one bring this Nam put on um some bling I’m blending everything all
together now I’m using the old lame East coming Thank You Jackie
Anna I love spraying my face twice when I’m doing my makeup because it make it
look like skin so now I’ll be I underlined my lips with a brown pencil
that you can find at any video supply or $0.99 I live in New York okay this is my
New York a to brown lip pencil before I do that before I apply any lipstick
because I want my mom I want the color to really show so I’m using the lip
liner to make it like you know more pact because this this is would be rule by
Mac this color will show this red lipstick oh my god is doing something to
me look at me I’m starting to feel it oh Lord oh Lord I wouldn’t love this photo
I’m not only love like red lipstick but this one I love it look at me I’m sorry
to failing myself you are we all have been there you know the makeup looks
starting to get to come together alright I’ll be using the colour-pop pressed
highlighter in the color portion I would love this highlighter it’s not so much
but you see it because as you can see my lashes is already popping in my lips
it’s very bold and I don’t want to give it away by
putting too much highlighter if you love highlighter you can’t go heavy on this
work yes look at me I’m showing it like okay and this part I’ll spray my space
with the morphe continue setting miss as my final setting spray but I didn’t film
it in this video and for mascara I use colorful black mascara for my bottom
lashes I really love this mascara now I’m gonna use the same color pop
consider to go underneath my balls and my teardrop in my cupid bow you know to
make my face of it this is the final look it’s really pretty and nice in skin
like which I like thank you for watching don’t forget to Like comment subscribe
if you haven’t and Happy Holidays spikes your the next one

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