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Spectro® | We Need to Talk: Sensitive Skin

Lets get one thing straight. Sensitive skin is not a type of skin. Your skin is the largest organ on your body. So naturally it’s going to be affected by
the world around it. What affects your skin can be divided into
two groups. Internal and external factors. Everyone’s skin is exposed to these factors,
but in varying amounts. So sensitive skin isn’t really a skin type. But just your skins reaction to these factors. Let’s talk internal, these are things that
occur within your body. Internal factors are nearly impossible to
control. Aside from being mindful of points of stress
in your life, The rest is kind of up to your body. Be nice to it, and hopefully it will be nice
to you. Next up, external factors. These ones, you have a little more control
of. Maybe not the weather, but you can definitely
be proactive, If you know your skin is going to be putting
up with a lot of wind or chilly temperatures. Of course different skin types will react
differently to all of these factors. Want to learn more? Scroll down and give us
your epidermis details. The end.

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