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Stepping Into a new Skin Care System

Hello, this is Patricia Licensed Esthetician
with Kyäni. I really wanted to take some time today to go over something really
important and it’s when you get a very a brand new skin care line into your
regimen, and what do you do with it. If you’re like me, you’re excited. It’s
like Christmas every time you get skin care in your hands, but my advice is
going to be not to jump in with both feet. Less is more when it comes to skin;
it is our largest organ after all, and it does need to get acclimated, especially
when you’re dealing with a line like Fleuresse, which has highly potent, active
ingredients and superfoods in a scientifically formulated compounded
formula. So I’m going to walk through with you how to do the line the best way,
and to get your skin acclimated for the best results, so you can enjoy your
beautiful, glowing skin. So we’re gonna start. Here is our full-size skin
care set. This is what you would get when you buy the full skin care system, so
we’re going to start with our Cleanser. You’re gonna do that every day morning
and night for one full week before you’re introducing the next product with
the Cleanser. It’s very important to get it fully rinsed off of the skin, so make
sure you use ample water and splash and wash that Cleanser off.
I like to use either a washcloth, or if you’re using 4×4 soft cottons, you want
to remove that fully and completely. A bonus professional tip on this Cleanser
is that it has some gentle alpha hydroxy acids from maple, so you want to make
sure, if you want extra exfoliation, to leave it on the skin for a couple
minutes a few times a week. That will give those active ingredients time to
digest those dead skin cells, to give you a fresher, brighter skin that will be
better prepared for the next products to come. So after you’ve used the Cleanser
for a full week, we’re gonna move on to our Serum. This is our super star hero
product and very active, so for sensitive skins, I recommend using once a day or
once at night for that first week to make sure your skin gets acclimated and
used to those active potent ingredients. If it’s not sensitive, you can go
ahead and use morning and night. And that is the thin Serum, so that’s going to go
second after your cleansing. After that week is up, we’re gonna move on to the
Eye Crème. This is for me, hands-down, one of the most important parts of a
skin care regimen. The area around the eyes is the one that
really shows that aging faster and sooner for most of us, but that’s okay. We
have products for that, and in the Eye Crème, it is sold separately, it doesn’t
come in the skin care system, but I highly recommend you have this in your regimen.
So with the Eye Crème, we have a retinol palmitate in here and that’s a
form of vitamin A, so think of what this does is it creates a plumped up mattress
if you will, if your skin is a mattress and we’re wanting to plump up those
cells and thicken them and keep them nice and full. That’ll help slow that
look of aging around the eyes and the appearance of dark circles and things. So
the Fleuresse Eye Crème. you only use about a half a pump. A little bit goes a
long way, under the eyebrow bone and underneath the eye area here, patting
very gently. Okay, so we’re gonna start off using that either
morning or night because of that retinol palmitate. Let your skin get used to it
then after it gets used to it, you can go to morning and night and then after a
week of that, or two weeks, if you’ve bumped up your your usage to morning and
night, we’re going to move on to our Day Crème. So this is really amazing because
it has nicer brighteners in this formula so it’s perfect for daytime. Using that
for a full week. Always make sure during the day that you’re using a sunblock.
When we use sun protection, we’re slowing down that process of aging as well, so
it’s also protecting and enhancing everything we’re doing with our skincare
system to protect the skin from the elements that are aging it so quickly.
Then if it’s at night, we’re going to go through the same regimen: cleanse,
Serum, Eye Crème, then we’re going to go with the Night Crème. We don’t have
to layer a sunblock on top of that because of course it’s at night for
extremely dry skin. If you wanted to layer the day and night cream morning
and night, you could very well do that, or if it’s winter time, and you want to get
extra hydration, that is something that all of us can always do, and adapt for
that weather and changes that go on. So I hope that this all made sense for you. If
you have any questions, please leave your comments and questions below, and thank
the person that sent you to this video, and enjoy your Fleuresse skin care
system and Eye Crème. I look forward to seeing you next time!

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