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Depression and Heart Disease


this isn’t some video where I tell you how many pounds I’ve lost and I don’t have any fancy pictures to document my health journey thus far so I’m going to illustrate it for you guys a poor illustration because I can’t really draw but nonetheless, here goes nothing it all started in 2005, my 9th grade year of high school I was on crutches for like 3 weeks? 4 weeks? honestly, I don’t remember but what I do remember was toward the end of my time on the crutches I started experiencing this strange pain under my right arm it was like this hard burning mass that was really deep under the skin, but still extremely painful my mom and I suspected that maybe I’d been holding the crutches wrong and bruised myself regardless, I went to the dermatologist who immediately, diagnosed me with a condition called Hidradenitis Suppurativa Also known as, “HS” yeah, it took me like two years to learn how to pronounce that name apparently, its a pretty common condition, that affects millions all over the globe the dermatologist told me that HS is a noncontagious infection of the hair follicles and sweat glands she also said there’s absolutely no cure for it, but they usually treat it with long term antibiotics and in severe cases surgery thankfully, my symptoms were considered mild however, don’t get me wrong that doesn’t make it any more fun for years I was experimenting with different antibiotics overtime, the breakouts became more frequent and spread to both arms I started to gain weight I stopped being able to wear sleeveless shirts I was miserable and this was pretty much my life for years that is, until one day I just said, “Forget it. I just want to have the surgery.” after months of recovery I felt better than ever for the first time in years, I was able to wear short sleeves live without pain without antibiotics I was ecstatic that happiness didn’t last very long because about a year later, I started feeling that same pain but I was absolutely tired of the same song and dance that I’d gone through prior to the surgery and clearly, it wasn’t working anyway so I needed to try something new one day I was on my computer doing some research on weight loss and healthy eating when I came across this article the article was promoting some diet plan I don’t remember what the plan was but the point is the article was talking about how poor the American diet is and how we have to make a better effort to avoid certain foods to be healthy there’s nothing new about that however, one of the first comments at the bottom of the article was from a guy who was talking about how he strongly agrees that the American diet is harmful and that his wife has a condition that causes an infection of the sweat glands and how after they left the US for like a year, her symptoms drastically improved mind you, this was not a website talking about Hidradenitis this was literally just one of the millions of articles on the web meant to advertise some special diet plan I honestly, was blown away there’s no proof to say that the condition that husband was talking about his wife had was Hidradenitis but it was still worth the research I hadn’t really thought about, up until that point the impact my diet had on the condition and it really got me thinking, for the first time maybe, just maybe, my diet was the problem so, I started doing so research on Hidradenitis and diet I found all kind of articles on how certain foods cause inflammation in the body and also how, although it hasn’t been diagnosed as such, Hidradenitis is similar to an autoimmune condition fueled by inflammation I was just like why the heck haven’t I heard this from my doctors I have my suspicions regardless, I started learning more about this new method of dealing with the condition and started to make changes to my diet and the funny thing is my symptoms drastically improved but here’s the thing first of all there’s a lot of experimentation involved so I didn’t really know for sure if certain foods caused me a problem until I’d tried them secondly I’ll be honest, I’ve had my weak moments and because of these factors I’ve been going through periods of feeling great but then, eat a food just one time, that doesn’t agree with me and break out all over again which is what happened recently, actually right now as I speak to you struggling to draw these illustrations I’m going through a break out I want to be totally free of Hidradenitis I’ve just let other things in life distract me from really accomplishing that goal so, I’m starting a journey to really take it seriously and make it, again one of my main priorities I don’t want to make this video too long but just expect to see more videos regarding my health journey and the things I’ve learned along the way and if there’s anybody else out there, who like me, has some health goals that they want to accomplish or goals in general I hope that you’re inspired by my journey but until next time I hope that you enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up subscribe to my channel and in the comments below tell me if there are any health goals that you’re trying to achieve if so, what are they and until next time guys bye


  1. Hey girl! I have been suffering with HS since high school as well, since around 2005-6. I am so happy I came across your channel! I recently started the Elimination Diet about a month and it has worked wonders for my condition. I learned that I am egg intolerant and they cause my HS to flare up. I would love to stay in contact with you to share our trials and victories throughout our recovery of HS. Plus I was happy to see a black girl sharing her story too!

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