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The Dairy Scientist Saving Cows From Pain

(dreamy music) This is Bertie. He might look like any other cow, but there’s one little thing about him that sets him apart from his breed. Bertie has never grown a pair of horns. And that wasn’t a fluke of nature. Parts of his DNA were
rewritten by this man. Using new tools in gene editing, scientists like him are
gaining unprecedented control over the fate of all living things. As technology replaces old jobs, it’s also creating new ones. I’m Aki Ito, and I’m here to show you the jobs of the future. (upbeat music) My name is Dan Carlson
and I’m a gene editor. Buckle up. The field is changing almost by the day, so new innovations, new techniques,
gene-editing technology, it’s just gonna improve our
lives in a number of ways. Dan works for a biotech
startup called Recombinetics here in St. Paul, Minnesota. So this is the embryology lab. He’s tackling a problem that’s plagued farmers for generations. Most dairy cattle are born with horns, which they can use to hurt each other and their human handlers. Because of that, worldwide,
farmers remove horns from millions of dairy calves each year. It’s a painful and distressing
process for the animals. Dan wants cows to be born hornless and hopes to eliminate the
practice of dehorning altogether. What we can do on this
microscope here is take the cells that we’ve engineered and
create embryos out of those. (playful music) You might think of Dan as some kind of mad scientist, but he’s really the most
wholesome guy you could imagine. He’s an excellent maker of hamburgers. Which one do you want, Ethan? I want the tastiest one. He’s a husband to this lovely woman. You have to eat some of your pizza, bud. And a dad to three adorable kids. Lilly, do you know what your
dad does at work every day? He works. He works? Do you know what he does? He kills pigs? I do what? To be clear, one of Dan’s other projects involves editing the genes of pigs. In case you were wondering. (tranquil guitar music) Dan’s passion for farm animals stems from his childhood
growing up on this farm. It’s run by his dad, who
has a very fitting name. This farm here is where my
dad started out farming. I never dreamt that Dan
would be a scientist. In high school, it was the time where the genetically modified crops were beginning to be planted. And my dad was one of the early adopters. You could see the difference
in the crops immediately. They were taller. They didn’t have any problems standing up. And from that moment on, I was like this technology is for real. It can really make a difference. Gene editing themselves is
kind of science fiction to me, but I’m very proud of
the work that Dan does. I think they were hungry. For Darwin, dehorning
cattle has always been his least favorite part of the job. When they get their horns cut
off, they holler like crazy, so you know that it
ain’t a comfortable thing that’s happening to them. There are cows that
naturally never grow horns, but they’re usually used for beef. They can’t produce enough
milk for dairy farmers. So six years ago, Dan started working on developing hornless dairy cattle. I was interested in trying to solve some of the problems that my dad encountered. Using a gene-editing tool that was discovered
less than a decade ago, Dan’s team took a dairy cow’s cell, cut out the genetic segment
that makes the animal grow horns and then swapped in a sequence found in some beef cattle that
makes them hornless. Next, his team created an
embryo from the edited cell and inserted it into a surrogate mother. Then, they waited for
nine nerve-racking months. You’re expecting it to
come out without any horns or horn buds but you just don’t know. Bertie, the world’s first
cow to be gene edited for hornlessness was born in 2015 in Iowa. Shortly after, he was transferred here to the University of California at Davis. He’s incredibly strong. I can see why it would be
dangerous to have horns on him. No, that’s right. They kind of use their
head as their defense. It’s natural for them to do that, and obviously when you
have a 1,500 pound animal moving his head around like that, it doesn’t take much to do
some pretty significant damage. Bertie became a dad to
six calves in the fall. All of them inherited their
father’s lack of horns, and one of them happens to be female. In a few years, she’s gonna
be old enough to produce milk, which scientists are planning to examine. Nolan, do you like cows? I love them. I love their babies the most. Who likes yogurt? Who likes milk shakes? Me. Would you let your kids drink the milk of a gene-edited cow? Of course.
Yeah? Yeah.
You wouldn’t be– I would purposely buy it
if it was on the market. Biologists are now pouring into the field of gene editing, coming out with new
applications at dizzying speeds. If it all goes according to plan, much of it will change
our lives for the better. But will there be unintended consequences? And how much tinkering
with nature is too much? Oh, you’re getting some kisses. Our answers will shape the future of Dan’s profession. Whether this strain of animals takes off, it’s really up to the government
and public acceptance. I can’t go a lot about those things. I just gotta do my job.

100 thoughts on “The Dairy Scientist Saving Cows From Pain

  1. This research will be pointles until you can make a cow with at least half of green house gas emission (comparing to nowadays cattle)

  2. This is flat out wrong and I can’t believe what I’m hearing. Genetically modifying a cow to not have horns so we don’t have to cut them off in the name of ethics is like genetically altering people to not have hands because they might rebel or hurt others… it’s insane how deeply people will go to try and rationalise their destructive behaviour

  3. She sounded sarcastic when she asked " would you give your children GMO milk?" with a smiling face . But as a biotechnologist I strongly believe GMOs are the way forward. It would help achieve 'zero hunger world' . Also humans can attain certain features which otherwise they get through plastic surgery.

  4. I like how one of the reasonings to him being wholesome is bc he has a family….so did most nazis lol like that doesnt mean anything

  5. I always think its funny when people say, playing God. There is no such thing as God and its people like that who hold us back as a species.


  7. … yea I've never heard of "gene editor" as a job… we just have Lead Scientist, Lab techs, and Lab safety manager…. some folks even have undergraduate assistants aka "free low-skill labor"

  8. In United States 95% of row crops are GMO. Corn gmo United States 92% and Canada 81% Brazil 96%. Canola gmo Canada 95% and United States 94%. Cotton gmo United States 94% Brazil 78% India 96%. Papaya gmo United States 77%. Soy United States 94% Canada 62% Brazil 96%. Sugar Beets gmo United States 98.5% and Canada 96%.

  9. Cows are supposed to have horns to better suit your needs is being more than selfish. They are already most of them locked up and aren't grass fed

  10. Hopefully down the road he can use his tools, knowledge and expertise to help with the age reversal process

  11. In the coming years, decades of science illiteracy among the citizens will begin to show it's perilous results. As people fear the things they don't understand, they will resist the progress of science on the basis of their ignorance and will actively try to oppose the discoveries and use of methods which have improved the human life on this planet for decades. I hope scientist like him continue to do great work for the benefit of humanity and other species that we share this world with.

  12. Strange that she refers to the bull as a cow. A heifer is a female that has not yet had a calf; she becomes a cow after her first calf is born. A bull is a male that is able to breed.

  13. This is an insane innovation imagine humans with no imperfections no disease no mental illness and accelarated development this is a huge deal

  14. just sick!!

    it modifies the human genes in the long run, consuming dairy kills humans, cows, calves and the planet… einfach krank

  15. Then just like monsanto patents its seeds, all the hornless cows are patented and owned by corporations and not by farmers.

  16. Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether they could, they didn't stop to think if they should. -Ian Malcolm

  17. When you see the dumpster shit code humans produce in TI, you know rewriting anything a lot more complicated than that is a really bad thing

  18. Stop fucking with nature idiot, these people are a danger to humanity and nature, genetic engineering is fucking idiotic nature gave us more than we could ever need

  19. Fuck this man, we don't need all this artificial bullshit. They get rich and people get sick or die and only realize it much later.

  20. Do cows normally act like that? He seems really agitated? Do you think it could affect the animals well being? I know this way they don't have to go through a traumatic procedure – after birth, but what if they can't reconcile what they are with what they are made into? At least if they are born with horns they live through them being removed. what if its like being born without your arms when you expect them to be there?
    How do you think any animal would react to parts of it being missing that it instinctively expects to be there?

  21. It'd be nice if she referred to the animals properly. A Cow is a female that's had at least one calf, if it hasn't calved it's a heifer. A male of the Bovines Species is a Bull, or neutered, a steer.

  22. Maybe the solution lies in keeping fewer animals together. Cows outside the US keep their horns and its never ever been a problem…maybe they should edit the genes of US farmers so they are less greedy and stop screwing around with nature.

  23. Even a monkey with a right Cas9 vector and single guided RNA can edit a gene of any given organism. It boils down to the ethics of such an endeavour. Would it stop from anyone editing a gene to knock in a height gene to have kids who are 8 feet and grab NBA contracts? Nature needs to be left alone and not meddled with. There is a reason why regulations on cloning are strictly adhered to. This work is not something to be proud about, but needs to be an example of what humans are capable of, only to serve means to an end. You are not alleviating pain of removing the horns in these cows by generating new strains of cows. Its almost akin to saying to decrease the crime rate among human beings, we will create new gene edited version of humans who are not predisposed to criminal behaviour. Leave mother nature alone.

  24. this is stupid the change horns this is fking senseless stop killing nature. why dont you make cows give more milk more meat

  25. It's easier, more sustainable, and likely costs less to go plant-based. They should've explored plant-based related job creation of the future instead.

  26. Soon, humans will realise we don’t need dairy as much as we do? For example I don’t drink milk anymore. But I do eat cheese and yogurts now and again…

  27. The narrator got it right on the money with “Mad Scientists “. You’re raising cows just to kill them and now you’re destroying their DNA. On top of All of that, when asked if you would you let your kids drink the milk of the gene edited cow you stated “I would purposely buy it if it were on the market”. REALLY?? With no test, research or anything to ensure you kids safety, you are willing to throw them under the bus. Wow!
    The apple didn’t fall far from the tree. The dad was one of the “earlier” sell outs who sold out to Monsanto because “they (crops) were taller, they didn’t have any problems standing up”. Thanks to people like you and your dad, scientist now predict that by the year 2030 over 70% of the world (in middle and low income areas) will have cancer. You are part of a futuristic genocide but I am sure the money helps you to look past that.

  28. I want a cat, but with attack helicopter capabilities that has autofire heat-seeking missiles programmed for gender neutral, safe space Millennials.

  29. "This is Bertie. He might look like any other cow" He? HE?…Cows are females, if referring to the species its called a Bovine. Jeez

  30. This was great, been searching for "advice column jobs" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of – Jeyeyton Riyria Process – (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my co-worker got cool results with it.

  31. Sounds like it's going to take a long time before this will be widespread, in the meantime let's put some hard rubberized substance spanning over boath horns to keep from having to drill the horns off their f**** heads. I know we treat them like s*** until we eat them but let's go ahead and give him less pain and a better life till then.

  32. This is just so wrong on so many levels I don't even know where to begin… Please stop buying into such demonic BS and stop torturing all beings all together! Trust me, a dairy cow has much bigger problems than horns. Maybe even often would rather have her suffering ended with that horn. Nor would they hurt each other if we didn't over-bred them and cram them into impossibly small spaces to feed our greedy, sick and disillusioned guts. Stuff like this makes me seriously worried about (our) humanity.

  33. We need to apply this gene editing to the elephants in Africa. Remove their tusks so that poachers have no reason to kill them.

  34. This Scientist is saving dairy cows from pain, OK LETS PUT A HUGE FUCKING RING THROUGH HIS NOSE, That wouldnt hurt 😀

  35. I fuckin hate all Daniels they are serpents, anyone who puts animals under stress does not deserve to live. Until u bastards realise this simple fact how can u ever learn. Messing with God's book, shame

  36. I can't agree with dairy farming(if you don't know why look below) in a whole but this is incredible

    I don't agree with dairy farming because a baby cow needs milk and the mother will only create what it's baby needs to survive. This means that the farmers have an option, they can make an alternative food for the cow, eating into profits or they can kill the baby cow the moment that it is born and sell the meat as dog food.
    Alot of people for some reason think that cows just make milk, they are the same as every other mammal, they need a baby first

  37. this sounds so wrong. the cows use their horns to protect themselves from predators, those are the most precious part of their bodies that keep them survive throughout centuries. its the product of natural selection. human beings r now trying to take that part away from them, trying to mess with nature…. idk, its just unethical. living animals are different from plants, seems far less ok to do this on animals.

  38. Cows do not only have horns to defend themselfs but also to clarify the hierarchy inside their herd. If the horns have been removed the cows suffer higher psychological stress, because they aren't able to figure out their herd hierarchy anymore. Therefore cows without horns are likely to be more often ill, produce lower quality milk and meat and ironically have a more aggressive character.
    I wonder if this cows have the same struggle…

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