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The Difference Between Pain and Suffering

Today I wanted to share with you the difference
between pain and suffering. Those two words sound very similar and could
mean the same thing for you. But I want to explain to you a very subtle
difference in these two words. Pain is an actual physical response to a painful
stimuli. So let’s say for example: I’m walking around
the house and I stub my toe up against a corner. Ouch! That’s gonna cause pain. Now, several hours later, I can think about
that moment and get really angry at myself: “Oh my god, why did I stub my toe?!” or “Who
put that corner there??” and be really frustrated about it. And, maybe I’ll even tell myself these terrible
stories about myself: “Hey, I am so clumsy. Oh my god, this is so unfair.” And a lot of these judgments and interpretations
and meanings that I create about the event — that is suffering. Suffering is optional when we have an actual
painful experience. So, you have pain, and you have suffering. Life can be painful, but suffering can be
optional. What do you think about this? If you have any questions about this, leave
me a message or comment below.

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