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The Importance of Early Treatment for Peyronie’s Disease

Peyronie’s disease most commonly presents
with either curvature, pain or feeling a nodule within the penis. If patients were to identify or see any of
these, they should come in and see their doctor or see me. And we can evaluate this with a combination
of history, a proper physical. Um I’ll examine the penis and, you know, try
to identify any plaque or scar tissue within the penis. Then I will do a curvature assessment, penile
duplex ultrasound. With the curvature assessment, we’ll do an
injection in the penis to create an erection. With the penis fully erect, I’m able to measure
all of the angles, all of the deformities um to get a real good sense about what exactly
is going on, how bad the disease is and how best to go about treating it. A this in conjunction with the penile ultrasound,
a I check the blood flow going into the penis to make sure that there’s proper blood flow
and I also scan over the areas of scar tissue to see if there’s any signs of calcification,
which may impact my treatment decisions. If a patient were to identify any signs or
symptoms of Peyronie’s disease – the plaque, the curvature or deformity or pain a it’s
better to get seen early um so that we can try to impact the disease before it has a
significant effect. A patients commonly um have penile shortening
or other kinds of instability within the penis a that once it’s set in, a we really don’t
have perfect way to reverse it.

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