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The Innuendos of Pain

Pain is a subjective high that is verbose
enough to make its presence felt in the most fascinating of ways. This article explores the interactive zone
between thespian pain induced by emotional highs, the delightful pain of carnal pursuits and
the corporeal pain experienced due to physical lesion. Pain is essentially an inbuilt feedback mechanism
that kicks in as soon as you feel overwhelmed in any way. But pain isn’t the red gash overflowing on
your arm or even the wanton apathy you feel after a heartbreak. Its not an auditory or olfactory impulse. You feel it all right, but every affected
nerve receptor feeds sensory messages into your Cerebral cortex making your brain the only thing that actually
‘feels pain.’ It’s not hard to induce pain. The genesis of this sensation provides a deeper
understanding of the human subconscious. Pain, in essence, is unruly and wild. You can feel pain even while dreaming deep
in sleep. You have no control over it. Clinical terminology has classified pain into
various biosocio categories like chronic, abdominal, psychogenic, nerve, joint,
trigeminal… Woah, wait, tri-ge-what? Pain seems important, dude. Spoiler alert, it sure damn is. Pain is an evolutionary by-product of blistering
our fingers while toasting raw bear over wild fires for millennia. Its so important that without it, you’ll probably
be dead on your next morning stroll through the park. Hold up, seriously? Yup. Just ask CIPA patients. People suffering from Congenital insensitivity
to pain with anhidrosis(CIPA) can’t feel heat or temperature and don’t even sweat. In short, they don’t know pain. The concept doesn’t exist in their immune
system. Now before you go siphoning off about how
lucky they are, here’s a crunchy fact for you: Most of the people affected by CIPA don’t
make it past adolescence, in fact, the majority succumb while they are just toddlers. You see, Pain has much better stuff to do
than making you scream in agony or get hysterical, it has the um, job of keeping you alive. It is the mechanism that tells your brain
that Thanos just snapped his fingers and something very bad has happened. It serves a very real purpose in making our
senses aware that immediate assistance is required. Without it, even a small cut on your head
could be lethal as it will go unnoticed. Not so sorry that your great-great-great-great
granddad roasted bear pies on sticks, eh? But moving on from physical lesion, thespian
and carnal pain provides an impetus to learn, improve and grow stronger. It provides clarity and wisdom and is a refreshing
slap in the face that we need help. Thanos might have insanely balanced the Universe,
but Pain provides you with an inner balance of your yin and yang. In the end, Pain provides a necessary dichotomy
of Order and Chaos and brings us closer to understanding the
inner sanctum of our souls and the world. To Infinity and beyond, cheers Ashgon

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