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Depression and Heart Disease

The lady in the psychiatric hospital, playing Pipa

Today I went to hospital to visit a friend
who is troubled by severe depression. It’s the first time I went into such a 24 hours-closed
psychiatric ward. Most people there seem as normal person or tried so hard to be looked like normal, but in fact they are all trapped by some kind of mental diseases. In this video a elderly lady is playing Pipa,a classical Chinese musical instrument If I hadn’t met her in the hospital or the patient’s dress she was wearing,I couldn’t tell if she was ill. I felt sorry for them, they are ill, but not like other diseases which we can find out easily, we can’t notice those diseases until it’s too bad. And they can hardly get the support which is very helpful and important for them from the very beginning.Take depression for example, we can hardly distinguish it from unhappy, and sometimes they seem even happier than normal people. The depression comes out when they are alone. They can’t sleep, can’t stop thinking to die…… Even worse, sometimes we say: cheer up! Don’t be so down! It sounds like we are blaming them. In fact they want to cheer up badly,
they desperately want to do that, but only they can’t. So those words are not helpfulat all. I am not professional about this, I can’t
distinguish depression too. But at least what we can do is to give our company and love to those who are suffering those mental diseases.

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