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The Real Reason Trump’s Skin Is So Orange

Much has been made of President Donald Trump’s
curiously carrot-like skin tone, which has reportedly been matched with the Pantone shade
“Gold Flame.” Let’s examine the real reason Trump’s orange
skin has become such a thoroughly investigated and heavily maligned topic of conversation. Tanning mogul buddy Is Donald Trump’s skin tone the result of
his friendship with self-tanning executives? Mother Jones reports that Trump is close pals
with tanning mogul Steve Hilbert, who became CEO of New Sunshine, a line of tanning products
including lotions and bronzers endorsed by the Kardashians. Trump’s friendship with Hilbert reportedly
began around 2006, which is close to the time the world started to notice his perpetually
tawny glow. Their friendship extended to business deals:
Trump promoted two of Hilbert’s New Sunshine products on Celebrity Apprentice in 2011 and
in 2013. Also in 2011, Melania Trump became the face
of New Sunshine’s caviar-based skincare line for a reported $1 million, plus unspecified
perks. Hair and makeup It takes work to get what we’ve come to appreciate
as the POTUS’ signature glow — and reports suggest that he does that work himself. Kriss Blevens was a makeup artist for every
presidential candidate in the 2016 New Hampshire primaries, except Donald Trump. She told Racked that she never saw Trump with
a makeup artist or hair stylist. She added, “Donald Trump does his own hair and makeup. […] Maybe a little blotting powder. He’s got his hair down to a science. He has a signature look he carries with him
that is his look, and that’s far better than changing it up all the time.” In January 2018, Politico reported that Trump
did have a makeup artist on the federal payroll, but that artist never spruced him up, instead
focusing on members of his cabinet, including Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Kellyanne Conway. Republican National Convention makeup artist
Jason Kelly told Harper’s Bazaar that he believes ever since the campaign, Trump is using tanning
beds and/or spray tans, alleging Trump, quote, “wears the goggles and you can see the hyper-pigmentation
around his eyes.” Makeup artist Perhaps part of the reason why President Donald
Trump’s skin is orange has to do with the fact that he got sued by a makeup artist,
making him reluctant to use professionals — and perhaps making them reluctant to work
with him. According to the New York Daily News, makeup
artist Jill Harth sued Trump in 1997, alleging that he sexually harassed her for years. Harth accused Trump of groping her, kissing
her, and attempting to undress and force himself on her at his Mar-a-Lago estate in one specific
1993 incident. Trump denied all the claims and called Harth’s
lawsuit “meritless.” Reverse raccoon Many have noticed that President Trump’s copper
skin tone isn’t evenly distributed throughout his face, pointing out that he has light circles
around his eyes — a look that’s been referred to as “reverse raccoon” eyes. Airbrush tanning expert Dante Fitzpatrick
told the New York Daily News, “You have to be very skilled when adding makeup
on top of self-tanning […] and if you do it wrong, it looks really wrong — especially
in high definition.” Regardless, it’s possible that Trump is perfectly
satisfied with his personal style. “I’m an extraordinarily handsome person, I
have a beautiful head of hair.” Presidential rosacea Perhaps Donald Trump has altered his natural
skin tone because he actually has troublesome skin underneath all of that colored coating. The president’s longtime physician, Dr. Harold
N. Bornstein, claims Trump uses antibiotics to treat rosacea, as The New York Times reported. Rosacea is a fairly common skin condition
whose symptoms include redness of the skin, eye problems, large pores, broken capillaries,
dry patches, and a stinging or burning sensation. If Trump’s skin is red and irritated from
rosacea, it’s possible that cosmetics used to conceal it have the wrong undertone. It may look flawless upon application but
turn “orange-y and unnatural” as the day goes on, according to Marie Claire. “I know all these things, I mean, I’m not
a baby, I know all these things.” Old-fashioned sun The mystery of Donald Trump’s orange skin
could perhaps be solved by the most basic explanation of all: sunshine. Makeup artist Jason Kelly told Marie Claire
that Trump may be absorbing UVA/UVB rays by soaking up sun on the golf course. He said in 2017, “What I’m seeing now, truthfully, is not so
much tanning bed, but maybe the sun that he’s getting whenever he goes golfing — and that’s
been pretty frequently. I think he might be getting a lot of that
tan at Mar-a-Lago.” Whatever the case may be, stories about Trump’s
skin just won’t quit. In February 2019, The New York Times actually
published a piece titled “In the Pale of Winter, Trump’s Tan Remains a State Secret.” As for his administration’s response? Officials have allegedly credited “good genes”
for that year-round glow.

100 thoughts on “The Real Reason Trump’s Skin Is So Orange

  1. He's orange because he's possessed by the Devi, Father of Lies his soul is burning in hell, he Sold his Soul to the Devil!

  2. His style icon is Roger Stone. They're both trying to reclaim their youth. In reality, they both look like an old baseball glove. Bad, saggy, old skin. 😂😂 Plus, it's been reported he has a tanning bed at the WH.

  3. If that (make up artist) worked on Sarah Huckabee and Kelly anne conway….he or she should remove the "artist" part of the title. Huckabee has a face that could stop a clock, and kelly anne…well…when she was in a traffic stop the state trooper did not even ask for ID, he just phoned in, "I've got the crip keeper for speeding."

  4. Fact is,,he lays in a tanning bed AND he uses self tanning facial bronzers which stain the skin and can come out orange on pale skin. His eyes are always white because he uses tanning goggles and the eye area is also the first place the bronzer will wear off. His hair color is that way because he actually colors his own hair. Instead of sitting in a chair for 1 hour and having the best do it ,,he just cant sit still that long. He uses color that only stains the hair. It doesn't penetrate it. White and fine hair is extremely resistant so leaving the cheap color he uses on for only half the time will only process it half way where in you get that day glo yellow/orange result. And the haircut it atrocious. I've heard Melania cuts it because it sure as hell isnt done by a professional. A mess all the way around. It just adds to his insanity.

  5. If this isn't a racist slam on Trump , what is it ? Why is Barack Obama's skin the same color as a shit I took yesterday ? Why is Michelles skin the same color as my shit if I eat alot of chocolate cake ?

  6. Why, oh why, do his eyes and mouth look less like what they are and entirely like three extra buttholes on his face? Omfg especially when he squints and purses his lips, just like puckered b-holes. I guess it's fitting for such a gargantuan ass of a person.

  7. At home spray-on tan. They make everyone who uses them look stupid. In Trump's case, we'll just say the spray on tan doesn't hide it. LOL.

  8. Some of these comments crack me up. Good to start my daughter called round..she said what tickled your fancy Mam? hahah 😄😃😜💃🙋

  9. I think even he knows he would look even worse without all that makeup, but he needs a real artist to do the job.

  10. It is his horrible diet and the lack of vitamin E. His general look is from his youth when he had thick hair and 2 or 3 brain more cells. The combover hides the baldness and the giant suit hides the 382 lbs with 40% cholesterol 500 mg/dl.

  11. The reason why Trump is orange is because he paints himself
    with Gold, its ancient Tech, conductivity, Just like Shiva painted himself with Silver, its all about your Aura and conductivity..
    Just like Egyptian priests..

  12. The reason his skin is so orange is because every time he is a doofus or makes an idiotic decision it just gets more orange

  13. His “good genes” causes the whitehouse maids to scrub the paint off the bathroom fixtures daily. Melania gets mad when they miss any spots. And he makes them clean his shirts verses buying new ones.
    Any truth to this?

  14. He wears foundation powder to because he doesnt like pale skin. There is not another man in the world that disgusts me more than him. Ugh.

  15. Donald Trump: I'm an extraordinarily handsome person. I have a head of beautiful hair.

    Me: Who told you that? You should put them in jail and throw away the ket, because they lied.

  16. He's so orange from lying. His nose don't grow he just gets more orange. When he turns red he needs locked up.

  17. Donna T., with those small hands, womanly hair, double chin, and lack of facial hair, is a seeming ftm transvestite. She wears orange makeup to mask the testerone pills and the skin discoloration. Donna T. should reside with the Muensters on that freak tv show.


  19. Donald Trump and Pac Man are both orange with their mouths open because they represent Osiris. Osiris is the sun (orange) and his missing piece is the pyramid (on the dollar bill) which is his penis. That's why Trump and Pac Man always have their orange mouth open. When Osiris gets his penis back, he will become Horus (the antichrist) and the orange circle of Trump and Pac Man will close their mouths to become the full sun (resurrected Osiris/Horus/ antichrist)

  20. When I was front row at his Chattanooga rally last year, he wasn’t that orange. I think it’s the makeup they put on him.

  21. Like everything else with him, it's all a lie. A blatant in your face lie. We know he's pale as a ghost under there. He knows he's pale as a ghost. Rather than revel the truth, he is happier to coat his face in an artificial orange that everyone can see is fake, and act as if it's completely normal. A physical representation of his covering the truth. Very fitting I say.

  22. Hee, hee they showed Dumpy B.S. Trump on tv with use of facial tanning cream. He must have put it on himself as he didn't do the back of his ears, hairline or neck, even side of his temples lol. One side of his face is more orange then the other. I bet he was fuming when he saw that on tv. Bet he don't tweet about that lololol NO wonder his skin looked like a carrot lately. He is back to dying his hair and plugs of hair as the white side burns is not showing again. Looks like he was trying to tone down the orange tanning cream some with women's foundation too.

  23. Here's the real answer and it's plain and simple he paints his face so we can't see all the blood rush to it as he lies profusely day after day the end

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