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This Korean Skin Treatment Will Change Your Skin | Seoul Guide Medical

Hi everyone, this is Maryanne, and yes, I am back But today I’m here for a new video and I am going to talk about some guide medical I contacted them because I noticed that my skin was so much drier than before and I think it’s just because I am living in LA and you know LA and Korea has very very different weather and I contacted my friend Tony Medina, who is the CEO of soul guide medical so guide medical if you didn’t know is a company that Helps you finding the best Hospital the best clinics for the Thing that you want in Korea, for example, if you want to get I don’t know surgery some plastic surgery They will help you to find the best Doctors for you, and they will take care of you like from A to Z They will take your reservation Everything so you don’t have to worry about anything. They will do all The work for you. So this time I went to a Mowatt clinic which is a clinic situated in Gangnam and it’s in the center of Kangnam is so easy to find if you take the subway is just right in front of The exit so it’s very very easy to find I prefer to do something non-invasive so, of course, I’m one clinic they listen to me and they give me a perfect package for My skin and for my skin problem and what I wanted and the one day Beauty care package is basically to care in one package it is the aqua pill and the TV age self care and Let me tell you Before my skin was very dull. Very I mean very very Dry and everything and after the care I was glowing and so I am very very happy because you have always Somebody with you that speak English They I am in Tongan I am going to do some skincare and that’s why I don’t have any makeup on The clinic that I am going to is called Mo it is situated here in Calm down yes exit number six you go straight and it’s gonna be on the So I am going there and they are gonna analyze my skin and give me some treatment for You know the concerns that I have Which is which are I think? some acne and A little bit of aging here and there, you know stagnant and Yeah, I’m very excited we’ll see what they’re gonna propose but I’m very very excited and right now the opposite number six is behind me and I’m fasting within SM Entertainment’s Cafe slash store Slash building I guess so this is it and I think it’s gonna be just right there So very excited to see what are they gonna do for my face and They’re gonna make me beautiful So as I told you before I did the one-day beauty care package and the first Step to that is the aqua peel it is a process treatment that cleans out all the pores and exfoliates with a water-based and suction device and so it literally pulls out all the gunk all the impurities in your skin now, I know that I’m probably gonna turn like red Before we continue checkout soul guide medical calm after watching this video for more information You will see that you know, the legal battle is Clear before and then after it’s gonna be a little bit yellowish They told me that I’m not that bad because you know I clean my face every day and I do care about my skin so the liquid was not that yellow but sometimes they say that the liquid is going to be very dirty because Of you know the pollution and all the gunk and all the bad stuff in your skin so I was turning red like Because of the suction, but I know that it’s just me Um, I have like that if you know if you put suction on my face I am going to be very red And so it will disappear probably like 10 minutes after that. So yeah, don’t be afraid to do that It’s nothing bad for the skin. It’s just my skin that reacts very very quickly they told me also that the Aqua peel is very good for people like me that has Very sensitive skin because again, it’s not an abrasive Treatment doesn’t damage your skin. So after the aqua peel, I felt like my skin was Smoother was glowing and I had more toned skin After that, they started to do the cell therapy t-d a actually for a long time only Invasive methods were able to penetrate down the cell level of the skin With all the development and all the research about this procedure It is possible for the active enriched substance to go into the skin on a cellular level via air so basically they reuse machine you Spray onto your skin and it’s very like it’s very bird Sensation it’s like blowing air onto your skin. So basically it doesn’t feel bad You know, it doesn’t hurt. Actually. I think it feels good And I really liked when she was doing that on my face. I felt it very relaxing So after that treatment I was feeling so good about my skin my skin was more Plump more firm my skin was like regenerated and It felt very good And he was glowing I was glowing like from miles away really really saw the difference before and after and you will see on my face that I was so happy and very very Pleased with the results. All right, I’m done. Oh my God, look at my yes. I look like I’m glowing. I look younger the person reason I look even slimmer Everybody at the clinic was so nice to me Joy and She was so good and everything she was very gentle on my skin, which I’m appreciating because again going Crazy so she was very gentle and I get very Much like her doing my skin. So yes that is it for today I hope you enjoyed my video. If you have any question, let me know down below. I’ll see you in my next one Seoul is the capital of plastic surgery skin dental vision correction and other medical treatments soil guide medical is here to find you the best Doctors the best procedures and take care of you from start to finish Contact us at consult at Seoul guide medical comm for a free consultation with our specialists Let us take care of everything and create a customized treatment plan that is right for you. We help you with Airport pick-up Accommodations in clinic translations aftercare and hold your hand every step of the way Visit our website at sole guide medical calm for more information sole guide medical. Happy patients always

24 thoughts on “This Korean Skin Treatment Will Change Your Skin | Seoul Guide Medical

  1. The cleaning process is really interesting, and good thing is that there is no downtime! I'd love to try this 🙂

  2. She looks so pretty without her make-up!! I'm curios to try the cell therapy. She said it's like a wind blowing in your face. Must be nice!

  3. Can I go to AMOA with a friend? My friend also has a skin problem like mine. Can we book at the same date and time?

  4. Can I go on a consultation first before deciding on any treatment? I want to make sure that I really understand the treatments. Can the dermatologist recommend other treatment in case this doesn't suit me?

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