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Depression and Heart Disease

Thriving With Mental Illness Pt. 2 | WBFO’s Mental Health Initiative

(music) I wouldn’t want to believe that I had a mental illness for like the longest. I think it comes down to that stigma of feeling there’s something wrong with you. No one wants to be deemed crazy Uncle Joe. A lot of people feel that they’re going to just flip out for no reason or attempt suicide. I think the biggest misconception people have about others with mental illness is that they’re scary or they’re violent. The misconception is believing that person can never get well. And that’s why I stayed high for two decades. It’s, it’s in my neighborhood, especially in the late 60s and the early 70s, it’s better to be the neighborhood drunk or drug addict than to be that person who has a mental illness. If there was less stigma it would be easier, um, for people to, you know, go to the doctor right when they start feeling a little wrong in their head and go and get the help they needed. I take 19 psychiatric medications for everything, like for anxiety, for depression, for bi-polar, for uh delusions, for obsessive compulsive, um some I don’t even know why I’m taking them. Like for you know and, uh, it’s like I can’t believe I’m taking 19 medications. I take no medication, I haven’t taken any medication in the last 17 years and I use all my supports and all my coping skills to keep me going. It’s my choice, the alternative is insanity and I don’t want to be there again. The medication made me feel I was a zombie. I couldn’t- I couldn’t think. I couldn’t focus. I’ll do whatever it takes, you know, not to be crazy and if that means taking another pill, making it 20 medications, you know, it- it- that’s what I do.

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