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Depression and Heart Disease

TOP 15 countries by shortest life expectancy (male)

Countries that offer the lowest quality of life tend to have the shortest-living citizens. In the world we live longer, and with better health, but at the same time no more progress has been made for deaths on the road, childhood overweight, the incidence of malaria, the consumption of alcohol and safe drinking water. Progress has also been recorded in the vaccination coverage rate, while the incidence of infectious diseases, tobacco smoke and premature mortality from non-contagious diseases have decreased. However, there are still disparities between rich and poor countries. Life expectancy at birth, for example, is 18.1 years lower in low-income countries, a third of children have a low growth rate due to nutritional deficiencies and one in 15 children dies before the age of 5. The highest rate of “wasting” is found in the countries of Southeast Asia and the Eastern Mediterranean, suicides in Europe and murders in the American continent. In 2019 the life expectancy is 75 years among the poorest, compared to 85 years among the richest.

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