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Top 5 Ways to Relieve Peripheral Neuropathy Foot Pain & Other Foot Ailments – Ask Doctor Jo

Hey everybody it’s Doctor Jo, and today
I’m going to show you the top five ways to relieve pain for peripheral
neuropathy and other foot ailments. So let’s get started. One, calf stretches. For the calf stretch,
you can use a strap, a stretching strap, you can use a belt, if you have dog you
can use a dog leash, or just a big towel, but I like the ones that have the loops
in them because you want to just place it it kind of around the ball of your
foot. With a calf stretch, you want your leg to be straight so bent like this
isn’t going to quite stretch the calf, so if you want to do it sitting down you
can. I have a whole bunch of different ways to stretch it, and you can check
that video out, but just sitting in a chair bring your leg up so it’s straight,
and pull with the strap. So you want your foot to be relaxed, and then just pull
until you feel a stretch through that calf area. You’re going to hold that
stretch for about 30 seconds and then relax it. Take just a little quick
10-second break, and then stretch again. So you’re going to do that a total of
three times for 30 seconds. Number two. Far infrared heat. Ohh! The folks at
thermotex partnered up with us, and they sent us their platinum thermotex,
and this far infrared heat is super cool because what it does is it goes deeper.
It penetrates deeper into the body. So usually with a normal heating pad, it
only goes may be 0.25 centimeters this one goes all the way up to 6 centimeters
or 2.36 inches. So it goes down deeper in there,
it doesn’t dry out the skin, it doesn’t dehydrate you, and it uses light instead
of heat so this is really really cool. And I like the Platinum a lot because
this one is very versatile, you can use it kind of for any part of your body. It
has the three heat plates here, so it really molds around everything. And I
like it for the foot, and especially for peripheral neuropathy, diabetic
neuropathy, but you can also use it for plantar fasciitis, hammer toes, fallen
arches, just arthritis in general, or even sprains and strains
down here. So you put your foot on the middle footplate there, and then you can
just bring this up almost like a “C” around the foot. It doesn’t necessarily
have to be super tight because it penetrates so deeply that you can just
put it loosely around your foot, and so the Platinum you can see here has a lot
of ways you can use it. If you’re interested in finding out more about the
Platinum, you can check out my full review of the platinum by clicking the
Box in the top right hand corner, or you can check it out in the description
below, there will be a link down there as well. Also if you want to be more
specific with the foot, they have a little foot covering here which is
really nice, and I like this because not only is it cute, but you can stick your
feet in like this and it kind of encases the feet, so you can do them both at the
same time. And again you can just have it and be working on something or watching
TV, and it is cool because if you have peripheral neuropathy, or some kind of
other nerve issue where you don’t really have sensation in your feet, there’s a
pad in here that you can add in so it doesn’t get that heat quite directly on
there since you can’t feel it. So you can use it all the time in there if you want
to, but if you want a little bit more heat that you can feel, you can take this
out while you’re using it. And I have some circulation issues in my feet where
my feet are cold all the time, and so I like this just to have on my feet to
keep that circulation going especially when it’s cold outside it makes it
really nice, and if you’re interested in purchasing the product you can go to or click in the link below in the description.
Number three. Ankle pumps. For ankle pumps, you just want to put your foot out. If
you want to prop it up on something you can, but make sure that your heel is free
moving so it’s not actually on the thing that’s propped up, or you can just stick
your foot out like me, and then you’re just going to pull up and push down, so
just pumping that ankle helps increase that circulation to the area and works
those muscles, so just start off with about 10 of
these and you can work your way up to 20 to 25 really pushing down as far as you
can and pulling up. Number four. Heel toe raises. For seated heel toe raises, just
place your feet flat on the ground, and then come up on your toes, come down and,
then pull your toes up. So pushing up this way, and then pulling up this way.
Again just starting off with about ten to fifteen of these, and then working
your way up to twenty to twenty-five. If they become easy, then you can do them
standing up. Number five. Balance exercises. For balancing, make sure when
you start off you have something sturdy like a countertop or a sturdy chair. Hold
on and then just stand on one foot. Start off like I said making sure that you’re
holding on the whole time. Just go ten to fifteen seconds. Once you can work your
way up to thirty Seconds to a minute and that’s easy, then just try holding on
with a finger on each side, and then if that becomes easy, then just one finger,
and then eventually just trying to balance on one foot. Make sure you’re
switching sides back and forth so you’re getting both sides. So there you have it,
those were the top five ways to relieve peripheral neuropathy or other foot
ailments. If you’re interested in purchasing the thermotex, click up here,
and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel by clicking down here. And
remember, be safe, have fun, and I hope you feel better soon.

18 thoughts on “Top 5 Ways to Relieve Peripheral Neuropathy Foot Pain & Other Foot Ailments – Ask Doctor Jo

  1. Hey Doc! Awesome video as usual! Does these also apply for anterior ankle impingement? My Taluses in both ankles moved forward…. so can these 5 steps help ?

  2. Is there something I can do, like sleeping positions or exercises, to ease the discomfort in my feet from neuropathy before I go to bed? It seems to be at its worst when I'm laying down. Actually I have trouble staying asleep sometimes bc of the physical aggravation I feel in my feet, and sometimes my legs😒. Why is it worse when you're laying down? I'm grateful for the hard work you put in to your videos giving us valuable information and ideas that we can use! You are appreciated, thank you!

  3. Dr. Jo – I love your videos – you're really cool and informative… I wonder if there might be a promotional code to get a little off the price of the Thermotex Foot heating pad and / or the Thermotex Plantinum models? Thank you for all that you do.. 🙂

  4. Want to purchase the Thermotex Platinum or Foot Unit featured in the video? Here's a special discount code with my affiliate links!
    Use code DOCTORJOX to get $30.50 OFF the Thermotex Platinum + FREE shipping here:
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  5. I don't have diabetes, but I have a sharp pain in one of my toes that exacerbates when using very soft shoes or hard floors or very hard boots that dig into the toe as they bend while walking. It hurts when pressure is applied as if I had a small pebble, pice of broken glass or thorn. Should I get an ex ray? Stop driving a manual car (though it doesn't hurt while driving as long as I don't push the clutch with my foot)? take pain killers for the pain?

  6. little question I have peroneal mononeuropathy and it doesnt have any symptom such as loss of sensitivity or burning or tingling or anything, also its demylinating type and no degeneration.. I can run and sprint and do activity no loss of activity! doctors said It will be cured but I wanted to make sure of that from an expert such as you, do you think this get cured or not? thanks in advance.

  7. Wonder if you have any videos for fixing a supinated foot? Because of my injuries to my SI joint, hip, and hamstring, over a couple of years I've sort of "curled up" my left foot, instinctively, to try to protect the rest of my injuries. Wonder if I just need to release my calf and quads..

  8. Hey doctress. I never heard if you before but i love this. I just got this doggone neuropathy in my feet these past 5 weeks. I found out my friends had this over 6 years !!!! I cant do another week of this, and i SHO dont want it in my hands!!! I make my $$ with my hands. Its also a part of anemia. Tho the doctor has me in a few things i can do what you're doing too. I know that nerve damage takes time to heal smh. Will doing this really help where i dint have to return to the doctor?

  9. Hi Jo! Great video! I have been diagnosed with "drop foot" after a minor back injury 5 months ago. I am hoping the damaged nerves will heal over time rather than resorting to surgery.
    The Nerve Conduction study I had said " There is damage to motor axons, especially to the nerves innervating tibialis anterior muscle……there is no evidence of generalised neuropathy"
    Do you think the thermotex product may help me?

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