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Transforming Health in 2019 | Integrative Nutrition Live!

– Health is the thing that
drives our capacity the most. If you wake up every day
full of energy and excitement and enthusiasm and go-getting, you’re gonna go out and
do some amazing stuff. – It needs to go through
your filter, your stories, your experiences,
your journey, your what-you’re-ready-
to-show-up-with, where, when, how, what,
through you. You are the meter for
all of this information. – Human beings are not
just physical bodies; we are also mental, emotional beings, we’re spiritual entities,
community members. Those other dimensions of
human life have to be taken into account in understanding
health and illness. – IIN is one of the
tools that has helped me change my life, it has
changed my family’s life. – One thing that we’re mindful
of is not imposing our ways. – So we listen, and this
is the power of coaching. – Sometimes going back to the
ancient, the tried-and-trued, the things that are often the most simple, but that can’t be right – are
exactly where the secrets lie. – It started with the community,
but now I’m teaching people on, you know, video conference
in Toronto, in New York. I live in Miami, and I’m teaching
them one person at a time. – These are methods that
treat mind, body, spirit, soul in a complete and integrated way. – Your presence in the
life of another matters. Your ripples matter, and they create
all kinds of change. – I kept getting mothers
coming up to me and asking me, “What did I do?”
“How do I do this?” And then I realized that
I wanted to help others, and that’s where IIN
really came into play. – I don’t think that all of
our health heroes wear capes or white coats. I think that Health Coaches
are gonna save the world.

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