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Uganics: Fighting malaria with their organic mosquito repellent soap

Hello my name is Joan from Uganics. When I was a little girl, I was a victim of malaria to the extent that I could get malaria almost every week. I missed school a lot, I was bullied and most of my schoolmates thought I had HIV- because of my size and my sickly life day. Luckily in 2016 when I joined the Social Innovation Academy, through coaching and mentoring- I was able to found Uganics. A project that aims at creating a malaria free world. I founded this project through my passion of wanting to save other people from what I went through. And from my painful experiences when I was a little girl. For example, according to the World Health Organization. There is an estimation of more than- 500,000 malaria deaths among children below the age of five, per year worldwide. In Uganda, according to the ministry of health- 90% of the 100 000 malaria deaths recorded, are children below the age of five. Uganics big idea is to utilize the existing habits to create a solution that can truly create impact. By providing an organic long lasting affordable mosquito repellent soap- to the mothers with children below five years in rural communities. My names are Nankya Florence, I live in Bukibira. My kids used to get sick three times in a month depending on the season. During rainy season, the mosquitoes bite them and they get sick. However, during sunny season they rarely get malaria. We produce our product with purely organic essential oils- that were proven to be mosquito repellent, like citronella oil. We empower and train women on how to grow the herbs we use- and extract oils from so that we get it at a cheaper price and they earn a living as well. It took time without it working for us, because we never used it well. But when I continued to use it as instructed, it worked. Now my kids have gone more than three months without getting malaria. To increase awareness and impact- We also facilitate malaria prevention outreaches and trainings to mothers in their trusted hospitals. Distributing our products to the mothers with children below five years- we realized that they cannot afford the product according to our production cost- because they earn below $1 a day. and we use purely organic essential oils which are expensive to get. So we have a secondary market which are the tourists and resorts- who are looking for a natural way of preventing mosquito bites. By providing them with a soap that has a social benefit. So selling our products to the tourists and the resorts at a high margin- we can cross finance our sales for the mothers with children below five years in rural communities. And provide them with an effective affordable solution at the same cost as the regular soap they are using. Hello, my name is Sofia and I’m from Germany. Currently I’m in Uganda- and this is where I met Joan and got to know about her amazing project. The fear of getting malaria or any mosquitoe transmitted diseases- has always been a huge concern to me when I was preparing my trip and also here in Uganda. And the preventive medication can cause really terrible side effects- and since i’m staying for a one year, it has never been an option for me, to take it long term. So I bought some mosquito repellent in Europe- and it was really expensive. And when I read through it it contains some chemicals. So I really don’t feel… comfortable of applying it to my skin. This is why I was so happy to hear about Uganics soap. Because it has a nice smell, and it is completely natural And it helps to keep me safe. Also I’d love to support by buying this soap of this amazing project and it’s great vision. I really think that Joan and her team- are going to create a positive impact for communities in Uganda.

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