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Unboxing NEW NINTENDO 3DS XL GALAXY + Skin for 3Ds XL + SNES / GBA Emulator

Hello Guys! So, I just got my NEW Nintendo 3DS XL Galaxy The product was launched at the end of August and began to be sold on 1st September. Mine arrived today! The charger is not included. It does not come in the box, it must be purchased separately. So, lets take a look… first, the box. The thing about the charger, is because this console accepts the old chargers the ones from old 3Ds, NEW 3Ds and old 3Ds XL. The content of the box is not a surprise. it is like the old 3Ds there are only the AR Cards and it’s manual. … Voilà! Wow! This is really gorgeous! It has a metallic color. I really loved the color inside, let me check this color live :3 The buttons are now colored.
* SNES controls Tribute * The Start / Select buttons are now on the side. Before they were together with the HOME button (middle). The game cartridges are now placed on the front part of the console. The pen is also placed in the front now. It features a built-in microphone, next to the power button. There is also an input for headphones. In addition, there is also a Skin for the NEW 3DS XL. I can use that in the whole console if I want
or just in a few parts of the console. There are many other skins you can choose.
Just Google for that. I got this one because I love it’s color
(matches with my console color). Especially because of the outside, which is purple. There is also the case for the NEW 3Ds XL,
to protect the console with it’s charger and cartridges. There are two elastic ribbons to hold the console. It is like a hard shell. Here stays the charger… It looks like that. Well protected, secure. The space for the cartridges. The skin can cover the outside and the inside.
Depends on your will. In my case, I will cover just the outside. Because I LOVE It’s color, so I won’t cover it.
😀 I will cover just this part here. I will show you later
how it looks like. 15 Minutes later So, there it is. Let me close the console. Looks like that now. 5 Minutes later I decided to cover it all to see how it would look like.
xD I love it !!!!! *—*
Looks amazing! And the color really matches, as you can
see on the parts that are outside. Right? Looks really good. Now I will show you the games on it. I won’t open the games. I will show you a bit of what you can have inside your NEW Nintendo 3Ds XL. Here for example I’ve installed some
SNES Emulator. There are more than 700 games for SNES
that you can play. Check this out. I will choose Super Nintendo.
It will open the games list. So, I am going to pick Super Mario World,
that I was playing this night (nonstop!). Well, since this a Nintendo’s console,
feels really good using this console for this. Because the buttons are the
very same as the old SNES control. Feels really good. I feel like I’m back to
my childhood with this. 😀 I would like to tell you again that, this 3Ds
was unlocked with a special third-party program. here were installed such emulators
like the SNES one and games from the old GameBoy Advanced
(2 folders). There are many games too. I Will show you now the 3Ds games I have here. And when I feel like downloading new games,
I can use this: FreeShop! *secret* The Freeshop is like the Nintendo’s e-Shop,
but there you can download games for Free 😀 ! That’s it ! Showing a bit of the gameplay from Super Mario World in this console – because everyone loves it.

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  1. I was surprised to see a new video from you in my subscription box after years of silence, hope you're doing okay. But why is the language set to french? 😀 Oh and that "Freeshop" seems legit 😛

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