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Use The PAIN As Motivation! – Motivation To Study

you will come into obstacles you
probably already have whether it’s procrastination friendship problems
family problems money problems whatever it is it’s not going to be easy a pain
is just a byproduct if you haven’t experienced pain then you will not have
the motivation to become the best version of yourself the pain is what
will fuel you the most successful people on the planet have had to overcome
catastrophic obstacles and they came out on the other side stronger and wiser
Bill Gates’s first business failed miserable Albert Einstein didn’t speak
until he was four years old Oprah Winfrey gave birth at 14 years old
to a baby boy who died shortly afterwards Thomas Edison failed 1,000
times before creating the light bulb Franklin Roosevelt became partially
paralyzed at the age of 39 for the rest of his life he went on to lead the
United States as one of the most respected presidents in history so it’s
not only you that is facing obstacles it happens to everyone but how do you deal
with them is what will set you apart from everyone else and as they say after
the rain comes the rainbow there are two sides of pain that a lot of people don’t
really understand there’s a side of pain than most people can relate to the
difficult side the uncomfortable side you always remember what that feels like
but then there’s the other side of pain it’s called effort it’s called winning
it’s called if you can push through the suffering there’s some great things
waiting for you on the other side but you don’t get to see them if you give up
right now and that’s why a lot of people don’t get to see this side of pain
because they give up before they get there it’s not easy to continue studying
when every part of your body is telling you to give up it’s so easy to give up
but it’s at this point you need to give it everything you’ve got
it’s about pushing yourself to the point where you feel out of your comfort zone
because it’s outside your comfort zone where the growth happens no one has
become successful while staying within their comfort zone absolutely no one the
first three seconds that you start studying that’s the hardest part but if
you can push through that if you can push through the first few seconds of
studying it gets a lot easier you realize it was the thought of studying
that you were more bothered about than the actual studying itself it’s never as
bad as you thought it would be you’ve got to stop complaining you’ve
got to stop the negativity complaining has zero benefits
it doesn’t help anything it just pulls others down with you you’ve got to take
action in your life what are you doing about it you’ve got to find a solution
to your problem don’t be the problem I see it so many
times where someone is getting bad grades but they blame everyone else but
themselves believe me that person is going nowhere nothing’s going to happen
in their life and if that’s you if you’re the person that is blaming
everyone else for the situation they’re in and not taking action for their own
responsibilities then this is for you take action take control if you keep
studying at your full potential and if you keep reading and keep learning and
keep asking questions you’ll see the results for yourself you’ll see your
grades increase significantly you

29 thoughts on “Use The PAIN As Motivation! – Motivation To Study

  1. Oh my god when ever I look up for motivation u r always there for me !!!this really a great job guys🥰

  2. Just awesome…. it is really motivating….. the words and the sentences are really affective… well done💙💙👏👏

  3. Thanking you a million times… Ur really the best motivator, speak the truth and energise us from deepest cores of heart. Lov this channel… Thanks

  4. How did you know I was going through a difficult time and gave up on myself? I seriously needed this during this depressive time… thank you.

  5. Much needed video for me. I am facing problems in my home and my mind and body is just giving up and there is only negativity inside me due to which I am not able to study and I don't really feel like talking to anyone these days

  6. My problem is that i know i can it. I can get the highest scores, I've got the IQ. But i don't study that much. I study and get 90% marks when i know i can get more. How do i stop this

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